freaking hate the quality

My first fanart submitted! Sorry if the quality is bad, my phone freaking hates me.
So, angsty Sela and Cass a.k.a Integrity and Perseverance. Quotes if you can’t see them.
Sela: “I just can’t do anything right!”
Cass: “Drawing is just a waste of time!”
Sorry about the inaccurate colors. I only have a 12 color pencils set so not a lot of colors so that’s why Sela’s purple stripes are darker than normal.
Enjoy the angst! And expect two more fanarts from me! And keep up with those comics, I have been following this blog ever since before Chara’s story even came!
Holy crud quality’s so bad


Aaaahh!! This is gorgeous! Poor angsty kids! It’s okay to have a few colours! It still looks fantastic! The shading looks really nice! I love how you’ve drawn Sela’s hair! This is really cool! Thanks for the fanart!

* Tem!Frisk serves up some ice cream, but the final dollop ends up on your head! Hang on, that’s not ice cream, that’s love!