freaking bucket list

Organizing the sugar

I’m kinda of a freak for bucket lists, planners, calendars and everything that includes writing stuff down. I believe that writing makes everything more clear in my mind, as I have to think and catalogue what I’m writing. And looking at goals and stuff I’ll have to do all the time makes me remember it better, and hardly I’ll forget something or ignore it. This is my method for studying at college and it only gave me straight As, so I started applying in every aspect of my life (internship, finances, future goals, beauty regime) and so far has worked perfectly.

And now I decided to apply it to sugaring. It will be slightly harder since I can’t just put a board on the wall writing all of this stuff, cause I live with people whom I don’t want to find out about it and I’m kinda of in a “in between houses” so I don’t even have a wall to put it. Then I remembered this app called Evernote which allows you to create tons of notes including places dates bucket list photos basically everything you may need to organize your life (the best part is that you can connect it between your computer, tablet and phone, either it is iOS or Android).

So, here it is a list of things that I plan to write in it:

- List of POT with names, nicknames, characteristics, what is he looking for, etc. Anything that will be good to know about them.

- List of SD with names, contacts, allowance and everything else that might be important.

- List of goals of how I want my body and mind to be (ironically the perfect sb is how I always wanted to be like even before i knew about this).

- List of things I want my SDs to get me. A separate for each thing: clothes, make up, shoes, bags, home decor, hobbies and courses.

- Monthly planner where I’ll put the dates that will happen.

- Weekly planner about my beauty regime. Including exercises, hair maintenance, nails maintenance, skin maintenance and food.

- Weekly planner about “mind stuff” with books, movies, currently subjects, skills, languages that would be good/I’m interested in learning.

I will slowly put each one of those down, as they are not easy to write but I’m sure then I’ll know better about how this is going and how I want this to go.

Learning how to organize and how to follow the things you planned demand, as everything, practice, but once you get the hold of it things get easier and clearer. And of course, this works for me but may not work for everyone, you should always adapt it for you and found out what works and what not.

If you have any doubts about this or want to learn how to organize something I would gladly help you.