freaking beard man

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D&D killed SanSan the moment they casted RMC. I find it hard to believe that he's the same age as Aiden. The neckbeard is a total cringe. Sandor is not meant to be handsome, but show Sandor was a) disproportionately aged up and b) despite his impressive size, he's in a horrible shape. D&D know that the majority of their viewers are shallow as hell. If SanSan was a thing that was meant to happen, they'd have never casted Rory. Just compare this to show Dany and Drogo.

I’ve given up on the show.  After Sansa’s rape, I was done.  I did have some hope in the first two seasons before I read the novels.  I didn’t quite get what Sansa and the Hound had going on, but there was the tender protection he offered her.  It did not play like a grand romance, but “there was something there.”  After I read the novels, I was put off completely by the show version of the Hound.

No offense to Rory, but he’s no Sandor.  He may have understood that there is a gentle and tender side to the angry man, but I don’t think he brought any great depth to the portrayal of Sandor Clegane.  He plays the Hound angry, but it’s a petty, hateful, world-weary kind of hatefulness.  In the novels, the Hound boiled with true rage, a fury that had not burned itself out. Also, he is very old for Sophie’s Sansa.  Even with her now being a boss badass after all the rape and murder (barf), he looks ANCIENT in the new promo pic.  I’m in my 40s and man, he looks too old for me!  

There are some who like the lumberjack look.  That’s fine and all, but that is not Sandor Clegane to me. I do think you may be right that D&D never had any intention of making Sansa and Sandor have a relationship anything like their book counterparts.  Didn’t Jason Momoa try out for the Hound?  He would have been so much better than Rory for the part. 

Book Sandor is badly scarred, but he simmers with rage and testosterone and very potent masculinity.  He turns Sansa on.  That’s a fact.  In the show? Sandor was nice to Sansa once or twice.  The Blackwater scene came closest to having tension, but it pales in comparison to everything it could have been.

Also, he’s gross.  Shave the freaking beard, man, or at least the neck.  Brush the teeth.  Stop saying “fuck” and “cunt” all the time.  Ugh.