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I feel like a lot of blogs are way too cool for me ?? do u feel this way if so any "too cool for you" blogs you follow that u can't believe followed you back (or haven't whatever) ?

do you mean every single one of my mutuals?

no but seriously I feel this way all the time. I cannot believe so many amazing blogs follow me (a lot of which I used to lurk on when I was just starting to like dnp and was low key obsessed but too scared to actually follow people from my main). 

shout out to a few of them because I love them and hope they know that: @doinganap @ratinof @danslester @danieldaily @astronautdan @fringegaps @hobbithair @donthavetobebrave @fallinghowell @cuddlesphan @cringe-attacks @snowbunnylester @dandromedas @dannyhowell @dantlers @pseudophan @writerdan *insert an endless list of etc. because I know I forgot so many people sdfghjk and I seriously do feel that way about all my mutuals*

Protector (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 2236

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

You were picked up your textbooks and notebooks, hugging them to your chest and walked briskly out of the classroom. It had been a long and terribly boring school day, as most school days were at the end of the year. The popular guys were pissing off the teachers and talking loudly, the more fashionable girls were Snap-chatting in class, and the teachers were fed up with everyone but still sane enough to give out detention slips. You balanced your binders on your knee while trying to open your locker as quickly as possible, eager to get on the bus to go home. It was Friday, and school was ending next week, much to everyone’s relief. A text from Peter just minutes before had left you in good spirits; he asked to come over like always for a Friday night movie marathon with Michelle and Ned, set with popcorn, ice cream and junk food of every kind. Stuffing things into your backpack and slamming the locker shut, you started down the hallway. The loud chatter from other students passing you gradually got more quiet as people in the very front of the school grew deadly still and began to crowd around something, blocking the entire hall. Whispers and muttering broke out, students everywhere desperate to get to the front where pushing and shoving your small form. Suddenly, a loud, collective gasp came from somewhere in front, followed by laughter and something being banged against what could only be a locker. You huffed loudly, just wanting to get to the buses until-

“Parker, Parker, Parker…” The students in the front chanted, jeering even louder now. Your eyes widened and the breath left your lungs. You shoved people aside, ignoring their grumbles and cursing to break into the inner circle. Another loud metal bang echoed, almost drowned by the loud laughter. Charging through row after row of high schoolers, you ignored the sharp jabs to your stomach from different restless kids. Maybe it isn’t him. You think, already knowing the answer. C’mon Peter, please don’t tell me it’s you out there. Reaching the inner circle, you desperately tried to squeeze between the line of tall guys that stood in front. You duck down, finding a little crack between the wall of jocks to look though. Sure enough, Peter’s beat up sneakers were just visible as he was pushed backwards against the line of lockers.

“How’s that Parker?” Flash Thompson’s voice rang out, angry and arrogant. “Wanted to taste the floor today, didn’t ya?” You hear Peter groan loudly, probably attempting to fight back.

“Hey, leave him alone!” Ned yelled, also trying to help his friend.

“Let me handle this Ned.” Michelle warned, and you calm down a bit. Michelle could help- she was very scary when needed. “Wait ‘till I get my hands on that son of a bitch.”

“What are you going to do?” One of Flash’s friends taunted. “Bore us to death with some nerd science?” Michelle snarled, losing her cool. Poor Ned had to grab both her wrists to hold her back.

“Hey Parker,” Flash announced, lifting Peter off the ground by the hem of his t-shirt. “Why are you so annoying, eh Parker?”

“A-all I did was tell you to s-shut up.” Peter retaliated, squirming. “Not my fault you have the temper of a bull with anger issues.” Flash grabbed Peter’s hair and slammed his head against the lockers. This made anger boiled in you like hot lava, making your head fill with thoughts of how to brutally murder Flash. You pushed even harder against the blockade Flash’s friends made, only managing to kick them in the heel. Fuck that. You think, absolutely enraged. The teachers just had to be in a meeting right now.

“Puny Parker,” Flash teased, cruel and unforgiving. “No wonder you hang out with the losers. D’you really think the Liz Allan would go out with you? Good thing you gave up on that, right? How does it feel to be such an epic loser that you hang around them!” He pointed to Ned restraining Michelle.

“And that other weird girl, what’s her name?” Flash asks. “Bet she only hangs around you ‘cuz she feels sorry for your ugly ass!”

“Leave them out of this! Leave her alone!” Peter yells, swinging his arms to punch Flash.

“Aww, does Puny Parker have a new crush?” Flash cooed, fake pouting. “Gonna go home and cry to your aunt and uncle? Oh wait-you can’t ‘cuz your uncle’s dead. Probably killed himself when he saw what a little bitch he had as a nephew-”

“ENOUGH!” You roared, finally forcing your way past Flash’s ogre friends. Stomping over to him, you let the backpack fall to the floor with a ‘thud’. The students became silent, watching the scene that was unraveling before them. Flash was so shocked he dropped Peter, who slumped against the lockers. You rush to him and drop to your knees, taking his face in your hands and inspecting it. Peter mumbled something about being fine, but his bleeding lip and bruised cheek said otherwise.

“You’ll be alright Peter.” You soothed, wiping the hair from his forehead. “Can you breathe okay? Not going to pass out, right?” He nodded weakly, face growing pink from embarrassment upon realizing that everyone was watching them.

“Okay-umm…” You glance at Ned and Michelle, then help Peter up, slinging his arm around your shoulder. “Y-you’re going to be okay. I’ll make it okay.”

Limping Peter over, you slip his arm off your shoulder and let Ned hold him up. “Take him to the storage closet.” You plead. “Stay there-I’ll be there in a bit.” Michelle nods solemnly and begins to shout at people to make a path. You slowly turn to Flash, a new fire in your eyes.

“What gave you the right?” You ask quietly, your voice a dangerous calm. “What gave you the right to treat him like that Flash?”

“Hey shorty, don’t start.” Flash says, smirking down at you. “Don’t even pretend you can hurt me.”

“Maybe I can’t hurt you, although rest assured that I really, really want to.” You hiss spitefully. “You envy Peter, don’t you?” Flash’s grin slips off of his face and he growls, cracking his knuckles.

You continue, not intimidated by his actions. “You envy Peter because he’s smart enough to be a damn nuclear physicist,” Your voice is rising steadily, reaching the point of near shouting. “And the only job you’ll ever get is serving food at FUCKING MCDONALDS!” Pinching the bridge of your nose, you calm down a bit, feeling about ready to physically explode.

Flash steps closer to you, his red face looking down at you menacingly. “Are you threatening me, you little-”

You cut him off almost immediately, standing on your toes to seem taller. “Am I threatening the great Flash Thompson?” You announce sarcastically. “Hell yeah I am. Don’t think I didn’t see the S.O.L. cheat paper in your backpack. Y’know how much trouble that can get you in? Forget detention, dumb-ass. That’s worth expulsion from school.” Flash paled visibly, stepping back from you.

“You wouldn’t-”

“Oh yes, I would!” You snapped, flailing your arms around wildly. “I can have you expelled faster than you can say your own name. So how about-” You walk up to him and jab an accusing finger at his chest.

“You leave Peter, Ned and Michelle alone-” You poke him a bit harder, taking another step forward. “Stop being such an asshole-” Another sharp prod to his chest.

“And if you ever hurt Peter again, I’ll make the rest of your high school years a living hell!” You shout, pushing Flash back forcefully. Then, picking up your backpack and spinning around on your heel, you stomp away, leaving the stunned highschoolers behind.

The hallways are a blur as you break into a run, sprinting to the famous storage closet that is often used as a hideout or meeting place. You skidded to a halt at the familiar grey plaque on the wall that read “Room 201: Storage”. It takes three quick knocks, a pause, and another two for Ned to open the locked door. You dart inside and take in the sight before you. Peter looked nothing short of terrible; his lip was still bleeding profusely and there was a nice sized cut on his head that made the hair stick to his forehead, staining it a dark red. It hurt you how utterly defeated he was. Remind me to kill Flash later. You think scathingly. Michelle elbows Ned in the side and stares pointedly at the door. When Ned gives her a confused look in return, she rolls her eyes and pushed him out of the storage closet, giving you a hopeful smile before shutting the door.

“Why didn’t you clean up?” You ask, keeping your voice calm.

“I was waiting for you to come.” Peter murmured faintly.

“Peter…” You trailed off, picking a roll of paper towels off a shelf.

“It’s pathetic, I know.” He said, hugging his knees to his chest. “Maybe-maybe you shouldn’t hang around me… You’ll just become another target for Flash.”

“Peter, you’re the smartest person I know…” You start, crumpling a paper towel into a ball. “-So why are you being such a dumb-ass?” Peter looks up, surprised at the change of tone.


“You heard me. Stop being stupid.” You dab gently at his forehead with the ball of paper towels, seeing him wince at every touch. “How could I ever want to stop being around you, hmm? You’re a freaking awesome guy, smarter than anyone else I know. You’re kind and funny and fucking amazing, okay? And Flash won’t even come near us any more unless he wants to be kicked out of school.”

Peter chuckled slightly. “Knowing how you get when angry he probably pissed his pants. Twice.”

“Don’t dodge the topic.” You said coolly, throwing the bloody towel away and getting a new one. “Why do you think you’re not enough? Why don’t you understand how much I-”

“Because-because I don’t know!” Peter said exasperatedly, throwing his hands up in defeat. He was trying to keep it together but the way his voice cracked when he spoke told you how he really was. “You’re you, and I’m just me! How could I possibly be enough for someone like you, huh? Spider-man is the hero, he’s the one who saves people and climbs walls! I’m Peter fucking Parker, the loser who couldn’t even save his-”

You wrap your arms around him, effectively shutting him up. Both of you stay still for a while and you refuse to let him go until his breathing evens out. After hours, or maybe just seconds, Peter sighs in content against your hair, slumping into your body and relaxing. Your hand weaves through his brown locks, gently tugging and pulling, making him whimper softly.

Before you could even think what you were doing, you pulled away for a second and brushed your lips against his jawline ever so lightly. Peter froze and his heart rate began to speed up again.

“Spider-man is great, really he is. But Spider-man’s no Peter Parker.” You say in a rushed whisper, placing his head on your shoulder. “Peter Parker is this fantastically nerdy guy with endless science jokes and big geek glasses and-and he never fails to make his friends laugh, and he may just be the dictionary definition of perfect! That’s how you are, Peter. Just a big ball of freaking adorable dorkiness and it should never be any other way.”

You could feel Peter smile against your shoulder, rubbing his nose against the fabric of your shirt.

“You’re amazing too y’know.” Came Peter’s muffled reply. He moved his head to speak clearly. “You scared Flash Thompson. That’s worth at least a Nobel Prize, being that bad-ass. And you’re better at science than me.”

“Wow Peter, no big speech for me?” You say, laughing slightly. “Fine then. We’re both pretty impressive, huh?”

Peter dug his face back into your shirt and hummed.

“D’you want to go to your place and just chill for awhile?” You ask hesitantly, scared he would freak out over the kiss and say no. Peter beamed brightly and nodded.

“Sure. Stay the night?” He replied, feeling a lot better now. The iPod in your pocket dinged and you saw a text from Michelle explaining that she and Ned were going to skip movie night just this once. You rolled your eyes at the wink emoji that she kept sending.


If anyone were to walk into the living room of the Parker residence at about 11:30 p.m., they would have seen a girl and a boy asleep soundly on the couch, the TV still playing old episodes of Teen Wolf. The two teens were, of course, a hopeless mess of tangled bodies. Both your hands were entwined in Peter’s hair and one leg was thrown over his hip while his arms were wrapped around your waist, his head against your chest, pulling you closer. At around 12:45 a.m. Peter’s hands would move lower to a less innocent place on your body and by 2:20 a.m. you had both rolled over so that you were now on top of him, your head in the crook of his neck. At 4:30 a.m. you sighed in your sleep, peaceful and happy.


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The Show

Castiel x RockSinger!Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: swearing, inappropriate/sexual thoughts, dirty talk, smut.

Author’s Note: This is dedicated to the ever so amazing @queenkaywinchester and to her absolute love of In This Moment. <3 Pics is collage are not mine. The song featured is “Adrenalize” by In This Moment. Bold italicized words are lyrics.

Castiel’s eyes widened at the impressive crowd. There were at least several thousand, possibly more, all pushing each other forward towards the stage. The first band had played for about forty-five minutes, awakening the crowd for the second band, your band.

You were stoked to be the second opener for a majorly popular rock band, one you had idolized for years as you pursued your passion for music. Sure, it was just a side gig, going on mini tours, taking a few weeks off hunting. But, when a world-popular band had asked you to open for them two states over, you couldn’t refuse, even though you were currently working a case.

A quick break never hurt anyone, right? Plus, the regular opener for the band’s tour had taken the night off to go on a local talk show.

So, this was your big break.

Dean nudged Cas, who seemed somewhat unimpressed with the first band. Castiel hadn’t been a huge fan of modern music, especially rock, despite Dean and your encouragement. But, when you asked the boys to come to your show, they couldn’t say no. Even Cas wanted to be there to support you.

The lights lowered, causing the crowd to erupt with excitement. Shouts and whistled filled the air as the stage lights flickered, drowning the outdoor arena in a red glow.

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karlheinz is a horrible person, father, character. why do you like him? because he's a daddy or is there more to him?

Ok so first of all I have to laugh because “is it because he’s a daddy?” lmao my kinks are so well known XD But ok time for the serious stuff *ahem*

Karlheinz is a horrible person: Perhaps. But we have to remember that he’s not, in fact, a person. He’s a Vampire Lord. One that has been alive for more than just a few centuries. One that is able to manipulate more than just time. Not only that but it’s been made very clear that their kinds morals do not align with those of humanity. For god sakes they require human blood to live. 

Karlheinz is a horrible father: Perhaps. But from my understanding, he does what he has to do in order to achieve the future that secures the continuation of the immortal race. Justified? Maybe, maybe not. 

Karlheinz is a horrible character: False. He’s a brilliant character. Just because someone is “bad” doesn’t make them a bad “character.” It’s the same issue people have with Cordelia, but honestly I love her as a character. She’s a great villain. Karlheinz is more of an antagonist I suppose. Really without him the story wouldn’t be pushed along I think. He’s sort of the puppet master orchestrating everything and it’s freaking awesome. I mean this guy plays chess against Socrates and he fucking wins. For like the three hundred something time too XD Also his interactions with his sons is hilarious? 

In response to the “daddy” thing, like I know I joke around a lot but there’s no denying Karlheinz is beyond suave. Like that’s the only real word I can think of to describe him. He’s positively charming. I mean for god sakes look at his wives. The fact that they’re all such distinctly different women should speak volumes. 

First we have Cordelia. And we all know the kind of woman Cordelia is. Yet she’s completely obsessed with him. To the point that she’s willing to do anything to capture his attention, be it fuck his brother or have his children. Because if you ask me I don’t think Cordelia really wanted children to begin with.

Then there’s Beatrix. Granted, maybe down the line she doesn’t seem to really care about Karlheinz since her main focus is on her own kids and making sure Shu is next-in-line material. But why would she care so much? Probably because of Karlheinz. Not to mention, she’s the second wife. And both her kids were born before Cordelia’s. So there must have been some definite passion between the two of them in the beginning. 

I don’t even wanna talk about Christa because it’s depressing. She literally is so in love she went fucking insane. 

Karlheinz is cunning, charismatic but most importantly calculating. And I don’t think enough people give him credit for that. 

So to answer your question in short, yes. There is much more to Karlheinz than him just being a “bad father.” 


I saw lots of people post “If you still love Hide, you’re a soldier”, even I did that.

But then there’s the ones who came back, you’re gladiators. You came back even after you dropped out, that’s freaking awesome of you guys. So if I have a chance to represent the people who’re still in this Hide-loving thing:

<i> “Welcome home, you mothafuckers” </i>

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How to be a writer

Weekly recap! Here are all my posts about writing (so far) in one place, for easy consultation :)

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1- Are you a writer?

2- Choosing a topic

3- Writing the first draft

4- Word counts, project length

5- Reshaping the draft


7-Point of view and tenses

8-Developing characters

9-Manuscript formatting

10-Writing dialogue

11-Manuscript editing

12-Is our book any good? Writers’ groups

13-What’s the voice and how do I get one?

14-Self publishing vs traditional

15-Writing a query letter

Reblog and happy writing ^_^

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Absolutely amazed!!!! No words can describe how happy i am right now 😆 Today i hit 10,000 followers!!!!! I am so grateful for all my fans/followers that enjoy my content and make me want to improve my blog each and every day!! I want to post more in the future and create more content for you guys to enjoy 😊 if you guys have any suggestions or questions or anything just message me and il be happy to reply. I hope in the future my blog will hit another milestone like this one but for now this is freaking awesome!!! I love you guys so much 😍
Thank you



me: “are you wearing an x-files shirt?”
him: “yes, it is from the australian x-files fan group, they gave it to me at a convention.”
me: “you can’t do that! the fourth wall man! I mean you can but it makes my brain go… ‘ping’…”