Having a disagreement...
  • Boy:You're just mad cuz you're on your period.
  • Me:Excuse me, when is the last time YOU bled profusely from one of your organs and were forced to go about your life as if nothing were wrong while your muscles are cramping and you are under constant anxiety that you will accidentally get blood all over yourself and everything you sit on?
  • Boy:
  • Me:
  • Boy:
  • Me:
  • Boy:Wow.
  • Me:Thank you.


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Ohhhhh dear lord! Look at how Josh is looking at her tights first, probably thinking “Damn! I want to touch her so bad. Should I just to do it? Should I wait? Oh GOD. WHAT THE HELL. I’M JUST GOING TO TOUCH HER.”

And then when HE IS touching her, look at how happy and relieved they both are!!! Jen’s so relaxed in that moment!!! She’s like “OH GOD. FINALLY JOSHY. THANK YOU. WE’LL CONTINUE WITH THAT LATER.”

Excuse me while I…

I’ve never been more convinced that Cas is Dean’s Colette I’m freaking out they’ve just confirmed that Sam is Abel and killing Cas would hurt something awful and it’d be in the exact order and they’re the only two people Dean really cares about just like Abel and Colette were for Cain aND THEY’RE BASICALLY SAYING IT OUT LOUD I SUSPECT THAT WOULD HURT SOMETHING AWFUL DEAN IS LIVING CAIN’S LIFE CAS IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE COLETTE I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS I CAN’T BELIEVE