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Overstimulation with iKON (Pt. 1)

Part 2

| Requested by Anonymous |

Fandom: iKON

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Multiple orgasms; slight overstimulation; cunnilingus; sex toys

Author’s Note: Idk if the ikonics are ready for this tbh. I’m sorry for all of the filth. First time writing for iKon! I hope you like it. ~

Junhoe: It would start out the way it usually did: your making out getting heavier and heavier until you were kneeling on the bed in front of him, your completely bare back pressing against his still clothed chest, his hands sneaking around to your front before entering you to work their magic. You would not really mind the fact that he was not undressed yet, not when he curled his digits with expertise, making your eyes flutter shut as the pleasure coursed through you. “I’m ready now“, you would moan, when the familiar sensation in your lower belly started to build; the glide of Junghoe’s fingers in and out of your core almost made too easy by your obvious arousal. When he did not stop his ministrations at your words, you would open your eyes in surprise. “Babe“, you would choke out. “I– I know you don’t like me cumming without you being in – ah fuck – inside of me. So please– oh, please take me now before I do.“ Junhoe would not say anything, though, only speeding up his movements; and this was the moment you realized he had planned on not prepping you for his cock, but fingering you to orgasm right from the start. “I though we’d try something new today“, he would whisper into your ear, his usually gruff voice even deeper from his arousal flinging you straight over the edge and into your first high; Junhoe’s long fingers still prodding and pushing inside of you as he guided you through it. His movements got slower when you came down from your orgasm, your walls rhythmically clenching around his digits from the aftershocks as you sighed contently, leaning back to rest your head on his shoulder. But to your surprise, his touch would not leave your body. Not only by speeding up the thrusts of his fingers once more, but also by pushing his thumb against your clit – starting off with rubbing soft circles that quickly gained intensity – Junhoe would catch you completely off guard with the onslaugh of stimulation, your body falling forward as you surrendered to the pleasure; only to have his unoccupied arm wrap around your middle to pull you into and upright position again. The following minutes would be filled with him altering between sensual circles of his fingertips and hard flicks of his wrist; his sinful mouth trailing over the soft skin on the back of your neck, catching your bottom lip inbetween his, basically licking the breathless mewls out your mouth and whispering erotic things into your ear, making you cum over and over again until you were shaking uncontrollably, slumping against him entirely as he guided you through your last high and pressed on final kiss to your head, telling you how good you had been.

B.I: He would “want to take care of you after neglecting you by working in the sudio for so long“ as he would put it, and you were never one to object. Hanbin would not even tease you a lot that day, but you would not suspect anything out of the ordinary when he settled in between your legs, a sigh of content leaving your lips as he licked up your slit slowly; the unusually tentative movement of his tongue not bothering you in the slightest when he reached your clit, circling in on your sensitive nub before dipping down to probe your entrance again until he had made sure you were wet enough for him to slip in his first finger. Pushing the digit in as far as it would go, Hanbin would let his mouth trail over your hips and lower belly, his eyes trained on your expression as he slowly pumped the finger in and out of your wet core, watching your face contort in pleasure as he pushed a second finger in. You would not even try to stop the low moans leaving your mouth as the pleasure built quickly, your body responding to every thrust of his fingers after being denied of his touch for so long. Your hands would grip his hair when he latched onto your clit again; this time sucking against the bundle of nerves in time with his deep thrusts, your hips moving up to grind against his face as you tried to get more out of the pleasure. Hanbin would sense you were close – he always did – but opposed to usually, he would not slow down his movements and make you beg for him to let you cum. Quite the contrary: His fingers would speed up even more, finding just the right angle to abuse your g-spot with ever sharp thrust, his tongue simultaniously rolling against your clit until you cried out your release, hips rising once more then falling down limply onto the mattress as the pleasure overtook all of your senses for a moment. Instead of pulling his fingers out of you, Hanbin would start moving them again, not even letting your hypersensitive nerve ends calm down as he scissored you open for a third finger to join the first two inside your heat. “You can take another“, he would groan, like you were the one pleasuring him and not the other way round. “Please tell me you want me to make you cum again.“ You would barely manage a nod before the three digits sharply curled against your inner walls, making sparks of pleasure explode inside of you again. “Fuck, Hanbin, you planned this“, you would whine, when the rough pad of his thumb replaced his tongue on your clit, rubbing it with an intensity that would have been more than a litte painful, but the pleasure coming with it almost had you begging him to go faster. Hanbin would nod at your little outburst, pressing another kiss to your hip before mumbling “Honestly, I’ve always kinda wanted to try this, but I was unsure whether you wanted it too“ against your skin. You would want to tell him how much you loved it, how you needed him to keep going and how thankful you were he gave it a try, but the words were stuck in your throat when your second orgasm overwhelmed you, clouding all of your senses as you came harder than you ever had before. And still, Hanbin would ask you if you could take another. Your answer of “yes“ would barely be whimper and then he was at it again; warm lips encasing your clit as he sent you spiralling into bliss again and again for the rest of the night.

Donghyuk: You would be kind of surprised when he showed you the vibrator he had brought home with him. Even though your sex life was far from boring, you had talked about spicing it up a little several days before; but you still had not expected Donghyuk to suggest a sex toy, since he had never used one on you before. Your curiosity getting the best of you, you would ask him to try it right now. A proud grin spreading on his face because of you liking his idea, Donghyuk would tell you to lay back and spread your legs, wasting no time to get between them and pulling your pants down your legs, leaving you clad in your panties and shirt. After running his hands up and down your thighs and maybe sucking some marks into your soft skin, making your hips shift underneath the palms of his hands holding them down, he would turn the device on, choosing the lowest setting and slowly running it up and down your still clothed folds. You would not expect it yourself, that soft gasp leaving your lips after mere seconds of Donghyuk teasing you, the soft vibrations of the toy sending jolts of pure pleasure through your body, making your jerk under the ministrations. The whole new sensation would make you near your orgasm quickly, the high rippling through you in waves of satisfaction that felt a little different than any others you had experienced before; the foreign feeling addictive already. Donghyuk would pull the vibrator away from your trembling core to give you a break, biting his lip to mask his groan when he saw the wet spot that had formed due to your arousal seeping through your panties. Motioning for you to lift your hips, he would pull the soaked garment off of you. And then the vibrator was on you again, the higher setting and the contact of the cold toy against your bare skin almost to much for your oversensitive nerves as he pushed it into your entrance slightly, his gaze transfixed on your muscles clenching around it in your body’s attempt to pull the toy deeper within your core, before slowly running it over you clit, sending your body into a frenzy as the sensitive nub was assaulted by pleasure so shortly after you orgasming for the first time. It would not take a lot of coaxing for you to reach your peak again, eyes pressed shut and his name on your lips, your release even more intense than the one before, white dots dancing infront of your eyes briefly as Donghyuk prolonged your orgasm with the toy in his hand. You could not stop yourself from whining pathetically as he did not pull back when you expected him to, not even when you started shaking, tears threatening to well up as the now painful, but oh so pleasurable vibrations pushed you straight to another edge again; your body practically convulsing as Donghyuk made you cum one last time before turning the vibrator off and pulling your shivering form into his arms to take care of you; both of you making a mental note of trying again soon.

  • me @ the first puzzle:Oh man I'm rockin' this game
  • me @ the first math puzzle:I'm a math genius I mean look at me. This is the face of a god
  • me @ the first hard puzzle:as a god, I will
  • me @ the first hard math puzzle:only other gods can understand how lonely I really am
  • me @ the first sliding puzzle:I think the not ready for me . . . but u won't understand . . .

Ohhhhh dear lord! Look at how Josh is looking at her tights first, probably thinking “Damn! I want to touch her so bad. Should I just to do it? Should I wait? Oh GOD. WHAT THE HELL. I’M JUST GOING TO TOUCH HER.”

And then when HE IS touching her, look at how happy and relieved they both are!!! Jen’s so relaxed in that moment!!! She’s like “OH GOD. FINALLY JOSHY. THANK YOU. WE’LL CONTINUE WITH THAT LATER.”

Excuse me while I…