Dating Gerald Would Include -

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  • forehead Kisses
  • neck Kisses
  • hickies 
  • those hugs where he wraps his arms around your neck and he pulls you in really close
  • sex
  • and a lot of it
  • “babygirl” 
  • getting to go on tour with him 
  • cuddles 
  • cause he’s so tall he’s always be the bigger spoon
  • hanging out with his mom
  • singing all his songs together
  • singing in the car
  • singing pretty much everywhere
  • getting to meet all his friends
  • probably becoming best friends with Bebe
  • getting to be his date at award shows and shizz
  • getting spoiled
  • moving in together 
  • getting jealous of almost every girl
  • G reminding you that you’re the only girl he’ll ever want
  • his smiling like a freakin idiot when you’re brought up in an interview
  • him dedicating songs to you
  • calling/texting all the time when he’s away
  • Skyping every chance you got 
  • being his rock 

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So, my cold-ridden/concussed brain came up with this idea if anyone is interested in adopting it, or me expanding on the idea.

ABO universe, PA!Rhys (Omega)

Jack drags Rhys down to Pandora to observe a weapon testing that promised to change the war against bandits or some shit. The weapon rips a hole in the fabric of space time and a huge mech falls through the hole in the midst of fighting an equally huge monster.
The mech wins the battle, and its pilot jumps out to get their bearings. Jack approaches them, fearless jackass that he is.
Pilot is uninterested in speaking with him, and defers to Rhys as their leader.
“Yeah no, that’s not how this works buddy. You talk to me, not my freaking PA.”
“PA? What kinda twisted hell did I land myself in? You’re saying Alpha’s are leaders here?”
“Uh, duh, ya freakin idiot! Now who the heck are you?”
The pilot removes his helmet and reveals a familiar face.
“My name’s Jack Lawrence, captain of the Hyperion Mech force. Guessing that’s not what you do, Huh other me?”

EDIT: I posted the first chapter, god help me: Idk how to make a link on my phone Enjoy, hopefully I can write more soon!

WARM and cold

I wanted to improve on my style and be a bit more detailed. I tend to rush things, especially my drawings, so this serves as a good practice ^w^

Also I’ve noticed how Pap and Sans’s colors reflect their personality. Like how Pap has warm colors that symbolizes his bright and friendly persona while the cool colors mirrors Sans’ secretive, mysterious and cold demeanor.

I guess you could say he’s giving us the COLD SHOULDER >u• AYYYEEEEE

(I swear I’m funny)


“don’t forget” comics will be delayed because of things in life I need to sort out. Also special thanks to broken Wi-Fi and unstable right brain for helping me out.

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He always bails on her? Yeah, GET THE FREAKIN' HINT IDIOT. If someone is constantly bailing on plans, they don't want to be there with you. Take the hint.


sometimes i get unreasonably pissy at my dad

i havent been in ages but tonight hes been drinking and is fascinated in everything and his happiness is pissing me off haha. only cos its duuuuuuh happiness over dumb things

but then he found the name jack black in the tv guide…

and he had a giggle over it (he likes things that rhyme)

then i cracked up because when he first discovered jack black he loved the name so much i would come home and on my desk would be all these photos of jack black cut out of the paper with ‘naras husband’ written on the top of them

So, I was doing some research for my next chapter of BLURRED LINES and I had to look up some things. I knew this existed, I mean what kind of self-respecting Richonne trash would I be if I didn’t know about this, but it still makes me smile like an idiot EVERY FREAKIN’ TIME I SEE IT! The only thing better than this will be when it reads Husband/Wife! 😍😍😍