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Memoir (Part I)

“Whoever invented heels must’ve had some sort of unhealthy obsession with pain cuz I seriously can’t even stand up right now. They’re probably the same jerks who made it a tradition to wear heels at weddings too. So messed up.” Taking a quick peek at your surroundings, you sneakily chuck off your heels under the covering of the table cloth, letting out a sigh of blissful relief because you seriouslycan’t stand another second in those death contraptions.

“Come on, Y/N, those don’t even look like they hurt that much.”

You openly scowl at the male next to you, “Shut up, Tae, you don’t even know the half of it.” 

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I’ve had some time to think about it, and I’m going to go through with the decision to place a deposit for pick-of-the-litter on one of these pups. The mother is an upper mid to high content wolfdog - an F1 Arctic to Arctic wolfdog cross. The father is claimed to be a low-content husky mix, but I see a lot of GSD in him. I will know more about that when I go to meet the breeder and his dogs in person this coming week.

The resulting pups will be F2 mid-content. Mother is shy, but super sweet and submissive. Father is obedience trained, easily-socialized, and very outgoing. Neither have issues with prey drive, food aggression, or separation anxiety, though the pup will, naturally, require proper containment, including dig guards. Socialization will be a full-time job. 

The breeder has invited me to help bottle feed the pups from 10 days old, so when the time comes, they get to know me, and I get to know them. I will be looking for a companion animal that will be held to the standard of a wolfdog ambassador, and while I do plan to wait until at least a year before getting a spay or neuter, I do not intended to breed this pup. I will be signing a contract with the breeder stating so. 

The ethics of breeding wolfdogs has long been a topic of turmoil in the rescue community, but I have noted a positive shift in the direction of actually supporting responsible, ethical breeders. 

People will want wolfdogs no matter what. We already know that. Banning them won’t work (and hasn’t in the past), and will likely result in more undue death and suffering than anything else. By demonizing the good breeders, people are more likely to seek out the bad ones, and we end up with a slue of misrepresented, poorly-bred dogs, contributing to further issues with misrepresentation; or, worse, breeders who sell actual wolfdogs to people without the proper knowledge, containment, or understanding to provide adequate care for said animals. 

Supporting good breeders, it turns out, reduces the number of unwanted wolfdogs in shelters, because ethical breeders do thorough screenings and background checks on potential buyers, and establish take-back contracts with them. This eliminates the risk of uneducated buyers getting an animal that they cannot handle, and means that if the new owner cannot, for ANY reason, care for the pup they have purchased, the breeder will take the animal back into their care so that it doesn’t end up in a shelter. 

Good breeders fill a niche which bad breeders are incapable of competing with, especially in communities as tight-knit as the Wolfdog Community, where bad breeders are publicly called-out and sometimes even forced out of business for poor practice by their peers.

The pup I get will be an amazing educational experience which I plan to document on a separate blog. Cabal and Jude will play a huge role in the new pups’ life, and will act as mentors during the socialization and training processes. All three will be my constant companions. 

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I’m stoked!


Things I’m really freakin stoked to see in the anime adaptation of Akagami no Shirayukihime:

  • the dorkiness that is prince zen
  • the stunning locations
  • Kiki and Mitsuhide also being cute dorks and everyone teasing zen
  • little ryuu doing what he does best: being an incredibly smart and talented young pharmacist
  • obi in his assassin outfit cause hot damn but also in every other outfit
  • badass shirayuki getting things done ye
  • obi
  • Izana being crowned
  • zen x shirayuki kisses
  • seriously though the outfits in this series are absolutely gorgeous i can’t wait to see them animated
  • everything

NL West Showdown – The Los Angeles Dodgers head to AT&T Park for a three game series agains their division rivals, the San Francisco Giants. With the regular season quickly coming to a close, the Dodgers currently lead the division while the Giants are trailing close behind. Both teams are putting up their best pitchers this weekend: Madison Bumgarner against Hyun-jin Ryu on Friday, Tim Hudson against Zack Greinke on Saturday, and Yusmeiro Petit against Clayton Kershaw on Sunday.

well, i got some pretty fantastic news today.

i was accepted to serve as a missionary for a year starting in august! freakin’ stoked doesn’t even begin to explain how i’m feeling…! praise Jesus!