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this turned out way more shippy than I was expecting it to be… well :^)


paint you wings // don’t panic // all time low


Anonymous said:can you draw Anger bein g;; romantic; with Fear? (?ahh hh

Anonymous said:maybe anger hugging/leaning against fear from trying not to fall asleep while the both of them are on dream duty? 

Get ready for the most romantic night of your life, Fear, holy moly. rrrawr
Dream Duty gets much more bearable when you have company. <3

owlsshadows  asked:

3,5,17,21 aaand there was one more I wanted to ask but I forgot so I'm just gonna ask again!^^

3. name three favorite writers

I’m going to stay within the obiyuki fandom for this one instead of going to my library shelves… *cracks knuckles* : 

@sabraeal, naturally. She is my writing buddy and I love her deeply. Plus, she knows EXACTLY how to murder my ass.

@infinitelystrangemachinex - Shares stories once in a blue moon but slays every single time I can’t even how do you do that? (pls do it some more?)

@xaphrin - Hnnnnnnggggggg, this woman. This woman destroys me ALL THE TIME with all the lovely goodness (She’s also one of my favorite readers! Because she gets SO MAD AT ME :D )

And here’s where I break the rules because AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MY BLOG I DO WHAT I WANT XD XD XD

In alphabetical order:

@akai-vampire - Putting out some of the SWEETEST stories that I feel like I need to book an appointment with the dentist. Girl is gonna give me some cavities, I swear.

@another-miracle - Has dared to put onto the screen the hurt/comfort follow up fic that we all wanted, we all craved. I have it saved in my inbox so I can have feelings about it regularly.

@azalearhoden - Writes some amazing prose of short moments glued together into something gorgeous and beautiful that I would have never thought of!

@codango​ - Freakin HOW DARE YOU WITH THIS COWBOY OBI THING THAT I DID NOT KNOW THAT I WANT BUT NOW I DO SO VERY MUCH (Also, newspaper editor Obi was v v hot :D )

@claudeng80 - Has a million ideas and puts them to paper in record time! There’s too many stories for me to wrap her up into one sentence!

@jaygirl987 - From short hot scenes to her first multi-chapter fic that is turning into something epic, I love her stuff!

@k-itsmaywriting - Freakin amazing woman who puts out the most beautiful AU’s. I love it when she can come to play and I hate to see her leave, but school is the most important, yo!

@kaedix - Writes the sweetest stories, from mama and papa Obiyuki to the Mall AU that I am still dying over almost a year later.

@krispy-kream - I don’t know how many times I have seen this one post and I have been LITERALLY TERRIFIED to click on the link because she DESTROYS ME WITH HALF A SENTENCE. (No, seriously, I still can’t get through this without tearing up)

@lalesath - Has written ONE GORGEOUS, FEELS INDUCING FIC for us, but there is more trapped away in her computer. I feelz it in my bones. Won’t you feed us? XD

@littleaverill - Puts out some amazing ficlets that have you begging for more! I wish I could write like her…

@maverae​ - Has written ONE fic to share with the class, BUT I KNOW SHE IS HIDING MORE FROM US. Give us your delicious prose! We are hungry little things!

@nebluus - Has STILL written my all time favorite Obiyuki fic, Blizzard. That story gives me all the feely feels in my little shipper heart.

@nonstopdoodle - Girl is filled with fantasy and writes the COOLEST AU’s. I love them all so much.

@obiisms - I lovelovelove her Meaning of Trust fic on AO3 you don’t even know how much. She takes hard subjects and just delivers.

@obiwannabemylover - Made a fantastic fic filled with everything that my little shipper heart could ever want. It was lovely and beautiful and WE ARE STILL HUNGRY FOR MORE :D :D :D

@onoheiwa​ - Hnnnnnnggggggggg writes some of the most amazing short stories. I die over her arranged marriage fic (Did not know this was a thing of mine, BUT I GUESS IT IS A THING)

@ruleofexception - I wanna say she is our FASTEST writer, throwing out some amazing fics within a day and cutting through ALL the BS!

@vivianwisteria - Our newest Obiyuki writer with such amazing characterization and execution of storylines, I am in awe

And I haven’t even begun to touch our amazing artists, editors, translators, scanners, and FANS. You are all so fantastic and make this fandom the beautiful thing that it is!

(I hope I didn’t miss anybody. If I missed you, tell me! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH)

5. since how long do you write?

Umm… I’ve written since I was very young, but I stopped writing fiction around 12 or 13 and only picked it back up within the last year.

17. favorite au to write

If we’re not talking about my canon-esk series on AO3, then I am a little torn. Hmmm…. Mob AU has a fantastic backstory, but so does Stumptowne. Ohhhh… I dunno? I think I really like my Bakery AU right now because it’s going to be the most challenging to write.

21. least favorite character to write

If you asked me six months ago, I would have said Zen, but I’ve spent a good amount of time writing with him now and I think I got the hang of him. Umm… I’m thinking I would probably have a hard time with Izana now, primarily because I haven’t spent so much time in his head.

lol. That was probably more than what you were looking for, but thank you for asking!


Okay fair enough. Like I said before, I know very little about the actual Walters and whatnot, but any excuse for me to draw him at least sorta coping with a small baby person is good enough.

Rajigaze Dec 30

Ruki: Okay, let’s go to the next one~

Aoi: Okay~

Ruki: Uhh-huhuh, ring-name… “I want to be the floor that Ruki walks on.”

(both giggle)

Ruki: “Ruki-san, Aoi-san –” oh shit! No! I can’t read this one, this is next month’s theme.

(Aoi giggles)

Ruki: Oh, this one! Here we go. Ehhh, ring-name, “Mai Mai.”


(both giggle at the name Mai Mai)

Ruki: “Ruki-san, Aoi-san, good evening.”

(Aoi still giggling at the name Mai Mai)

Ruki: “This is unrelated to the theme, but I have a line on my palm known as the ‘Spiritual Line’ in palm reading. Apparently people who have this line can sense spirits, but I can’t. Ruki-san, Aoi-san, can you or any of the other members sense spirits? Or, if you have any interesting stories about your palm reading, please tell us!” I see…sensing spirits. But I think people who are most scared of ghosts are the ones who can sense them!

Aoi: Hmm – idk about that…sensing spirits…that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve seen one, right?

Ruki: Yeah I think so. But if they’re scared, doesn’t that mean they can kind of feel them?

Aoi: Yeah, I think it’s just an instinct!

Ruki: Like their hairs stand up

Aoi (laughing): Yeah

Ruki: Pin! pin! pin! (that the sound of hairs standing up???)

Aoi: Yeah yeah yeah, but man u wanna talk to me about instinct…

Ruki: Oh, that’s right! You hate [ghosts n shit I guess], don’t you?

Aoi: Yeah…


Aoi: I really don’t like them.

Ruki: The fact that you still remember that, you must really hate them…

Aoi: I really do – like, sometimes when we’re shooting for videos and stuff – didn’t I tell you?

Ruki: So were you scared at that place where we shot Undying?

Aoi: YUP

(*I have no idea what going on maybe Aoi sensed a ghost lmao)

(both laughing)

Ruki: U were freakin out so much

Aoi: Yep…

Ruki: Spirits man…

Aoi: Can you watch stuff like Biohazard?

Ruki: Oh yeah totally! I can watch horror movies no problem so

Aoi: I feel like we watched it! With Uruha…

Ruki: Yeah, and I can watch cursed videos and I’m totally fine (*I think he mean stuff like that tape in the ring where u supposed to die after u watch it)

Aoi (whispering): Nooooo I can’t……….

Ruki: Nah, I think u should watch it.

Aoi (whispering): Noooo… – oh yeah! You went to go rent it!

Ruki: Yeah!

(Aoi laughing)

Ruki: Yeah…but you know what’s even scarier, living humans. I’ve come to realize they are the scariest.

samantha-girlscout  asked:

Uh... Have you checked Jack's stuff?

Yes! (Sorry that I’m late to react; I was traveling all weekend for a family thing, many car-rides, much emotion, very hotels, etc etc.) But I’ve been keeping tabs on it all, because you guys know how much I love the Antisepticeye character, and it’s been so cool to see everything go down this month. 

Jack and Robin made it so cool, and reacting to everything with you guys has been fun as hell. :D I love so much that people’ve wanted to talk to me about it and tell me stuff, heck. This community is the freakin’ best, and it’s been so fun to experience Spooptober with all of you.

The detail and interactivity of it all has been a huge part of how cool all the Antisepticeye stuff turned out. It’s been so freakin’ fun and creepy and easter-egg-hunty. Did you get spooped? Did any of you guys get spooped? >:3 

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it’s actually really fucking me up that i’m the president of an organization at my school for this upcoming year because like that’s so much responsibility and people trusted me enough to elect me as the president… i feel honored but i’m so nervous lmao if i’m a bad president i’m gonna cry. still excited tho but mad nervous

For a girl that grew up on Long Island, has been living in NJ for 7 months, and really enjoys being around trees, you’d think I’d have seen a tick before.


Today was a first time, and I thoroughly freaked out.

He was just hanging out on my passenger seat, probably since Monday when I had organized an Earth Day cleanup at a nearby park/river. Oy.

I guess I better get used to it with all the time I’ll be spending outdoors this spring in NJ!

I don’t want lyme disease, I don’t want lyme disease, I don’t want lyme disease. Nor do I want an arachnid making his new home inside of my skin, thank you.