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The Ferret of Wall Street
  • My mom: You should write a Drarry story where they're American Muggles, and Harry is participating in Occupy Wall Street with Hermione and Ron. And Draco, who's a successful stockbroker, comes out to threaten the protesters. But he runs into Harry and they can't stop staring at each other and soon begin a secret affair.
  • Me: I- what?! Where did that come from?
  • My mom: I was thinking about it when I watched The Wolf of Wall Street last night. Draco would look good in a suit.
  • Me:
  • My mom: Oh, and throw Blaise in there too. He'd be perfect on Wall Street.

On Sunday, November 1st, I achieved my biggest fitness goal to date. I ran a freakin marathon!!!

The New York City Marathon, to be exact. I got to run through all five boroughs of my city, and even after living here for two years, and after repeatedly reading how the NYC marathon is one of the most spectacular in the world… I still wasn’t prepared for how beautiful it was. To be out there alongside 50,000 other runners sharing a common goal, to run down streets lined with over one million cheering New Yorkers, to see my city from an entirely new viewpoint - it was an experience I can’t really describe.

But what I can describe is the sense of accomplishment I feel. The pride. The disbelief, honestly. Those of you who have followed me from the beginning know that I have not always been a runner. It’s not something that comes naturally to me. For most of my life I could not even run a mile. This is something I’ve worked my ass off for, for years. And I finally get to cross a marathon off my bucket list. I have about 10 million feelings right now.

When they handed me my medal after I crossed the finish line, I started to cry.

Was training brutal? Yes. Was the marathon tough? Absolutely. Did I feel like I was going to die, literally keel over, in the last several miles? Yep. Was I so sore afterwards I could barely walk for two days? Sure. Will I ever do a marathon again? Probably not.

But it was worth it. So, so worth it. To know that I can do this. To know that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to. And so can you. Trust me, if I can do something like this, so can you.

My goal was to finish in 4:25:00 or less, because I read that was the average time for a first-timer of my age. I finished in 4:21:42. Not only that, but it turns out I finished in the top 1/3 of my age division.

Let me repeat that: my very first marathon, and I finished top 1/3 of my age division. I’m stunned, I’m thrilled, I’m more motivated than I’ve ever been.

Friends, your only limits in this world are those you impose upon yourself. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, you’re sure to be right. But if you can train your mind to believe - really believe - in yourself, you’ll see yourself do things you never thought possible. 

THANK YOU, all of you, for the support, the encouragement, the little notes, the messages, the “good luck” and “congratulations.” It means more than you will ever know. This blog, and my amazing followers, are a greater source of motivation to me than I’m sure any of you realize.

Thank you. I love you.

Oh, and in case I wasn’t clear: YOU GUYS, I RAN A MARATHON.