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one subtle, yet also stark difference between gmw and andi mack is… the kids are dressed like KIDS! take andi’s chill overall shorts and sneakers outfit, for example! riley and maya were legit wearing 6 inch chunky heels to school!!! they had the funkiest clothes and perfectly styled hair, etc. granted, lizzie mcguire had cool outfits and wacky hairstyles, but it still felt “young.” i’m 23 and I’d watch gmw and look at their outfits and think “oh wow… is this how middle schoolers are dressing these days?! am i THAT out of touch? because this doesn’t seem normal/relatable…” I think Disney got amber’s look on point though. it’s very basic 2k17 instagram-obsessed freshman in comparison to andi and her friends, lol.

Yves Saint Laurent model, Harry Styles, meets Adidas model, Louis Tomlinson. 

They need to socialize in order to make a shoot that will join both marks in one line only. However, the fancy, posh Harry doesn’t really like Louis in the first place with all his sporty look and manners and things might get pretty heated, especially when harry feels like he’s losing his heart to Louis.

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Hi from France ! I loooove your writings so much ! In my head it becomes canon if you write it ahah ! So I was wondering what would be the boy's reaction if Candy was offered to become a model ?

Nathaniel: Not too enthused by the idea, since his mother is/was a model and he would worry Candy would become self conscious and superficial.

Castiel: Would love the fact that his girlfriend was a model and would revel in it.

Lysander: Would mention how she always looked like a model to him, especially when she wore something created by Leigh and/or Rosa.

Kentin: Would be somewhat surprised and happy for her, but would not like the possibility of the idea that others might see Candy in a swim suit or lingerie.

Armin: His girlfriend is a freakin’ model, he will forever feel like he won at life. Bragging rights have been earned.


Sister Julienne, Call The Midwife

Once upon a time I thought I knew what God had in mind for me, but I didn’t. I thought I knew what love was, but I didn’t. Certainty is fleeting. That is why we must have faith.

Are You Fucking Kidding Me? - Bucky x Reader (3/?)

Request from @bxckytrxsh : Hey :) I have a request for you! I think a fic where the reader is Steve’s sister so she is at the tower and develops a crush on Bucky could be cool, especially if you wrote it! Could be protective Steve and flirty Bucky idk? PS I love all of your stories

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Word Count - 1.4K

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Warnings - swearing, Insecure!Reader, grinding, dancing, crying.

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Being Mingyu’s girlfriend means
  • you two are domestic king and queen like you’re the type that’s always up in the kitchen cooking together or cleaning up the dorm together with music blasting
  • you watching tv and hanging out and he’s like “let me play with your hair” and you’re like yeah whatever
  • then twenty minutes later you’ve got some crazy elaborate updo and you’re like “hoW diD YOU Do THaT???”
  • couple selcas where he manages to look good in every one while you have two really good ones and the rest you’re in the middle of sneezing or blinking
  • but he still thinks you look beautiful
  • and to prove it to you he takes candids of you later on in the day and you look like a freakin model and you’re convinced that he just must be magic
  • you two walking down the street and talking about whatever and you could be caught up in the middle of a story not even looking at him
  • and then you look over and he’s disappeared and you’re like wtf
  • and you see him in the distance
  • petting a dog
  • and when you walk over he’s like “babe can you get a picture of me and this dog?”
  • and you’re like “i was in the middle of a story”
  • and he’d be like “yeah and i remember exactly where you stopped so you can keep going but first can you take a picture of me and this dog?”
  • building a fort in his room out of pillows and blankets and whatever else you can find to watch movies in
  • and him having to bend his whole body down just to fit and he gets up to stretch ONCE and knocks the whole thing down
  • but you help him clean it up and then you decide to just lay in his bed instead
  • going out and people being like “oh you’re boyfriend’s so handsome you must feel so lucky”
  • and him stepping in immediately and being like “actually i’m the lucky one because my girlfriend is honestly the most beautiful girl on the planet so”

This is basically a long-ass post on everything I found that was inconsistent/shady about the exposing post that exposingsmg did on Fifth Harmony the other day.

If you want to read some bad fanfiction their post, here it is :

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Since this is long, the rest is under the cut.

Disclaimer : you may disagree, but please do so respectfully.

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Becommissar date night and they run into one of kommissars ex-girlfriends and Beca gets jelly.

“No. Vay.” Luisa gasped lightly, looking over Beca’s shoulder with wide eyes. Beca stopped mid sentence, looking behind her to see a tall, light haired woman lock eyes with Luisa, a smile on her face. “Johanna?” The DSM leader was still in quite some shock, standing up to greet the other woman. 

Beca watched as Luisa strode over to the woman, who she could’ve swore looked like Karlie Kloss at first glance, and the pair wrapped their arms around each other. She wasn’t sure why, but a feeling of uneasiness settled in the pit of Beca’s stomach as the hug lingered, as if the two had known each other in the past. 

And then they were walking back towards their table, a man following the stranger close by, holding her hand. “Beca, zhis is Johanna, an old…friend, of mine.” Luisa introduced the girls, knowing perfectly well that if she’d introduced Johanna as who she actually was, Beca just might have a mental breakdown. Not because she was the extremely jealous type, but because, yes, Johanna was irrevocably and undeniably, gorgeous. 

“Nice to meet you…” Beca smiled warily, extending her hand out for the girl to shake. Johanna gave her a warm smile and took her hand in hers, and damn it, why did German’s have such nice skin, or else Beca would’ve been more inclined to pull her hand away and have this woman, who couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off of Luisa, walk away. 

“And zhis is her fiancee, Felix.” The Kommissar added, noticing her gilfriends tense nature and hoping it would ease her suspicions. Thankfully, Beca was able to pull her eyes away from the blonde beauty and instead rest them on the blonde man beside her. He must’ve gotten the short end of the gene pool, because while his face was nice and sculpted, he stood at about a foot and half shorter than Johanna. 

Beca gave the couple a smile once more, before the air turned tense. Wrapping it up, Luisa and Johanna rambled on in German for a few minutes before Johanna and Felix made their way to their own table. “So, old friend?” Beca mumbled, picking up her fork and playing around with the food on her plate. 

Luisa sat down and sighed, looking at Beca with apologetic eyes. “Okay, so ve dated for a little vhile vhen ve vere traveling together in Europe.” She admitted, placing her hand over Beca’s on the table. “See? I didn’t tell you because I didn’t vant you to get upset.”

“Upset? Why would I be upset? I’m not upset.” Beca cut in defensively, shaking her head as she took a piece of bread from the bread basket and began to tear it apart and stick it in her mouth. “I mean, I didn’t even notice that she was six foot two and looked like a freakin’ Victoria’s Secret model.” She added fiercely knowing she was being unfair but not being able to help it.

Luisa raised an eyebrow in curiosity, leaning forward in her seat slightly. “Feisty maus, are you jealous?” She asked incredulously, a smirk playing at her lips. 

“Well what is she even doing here, huh? There are plenty of other restaurants in Berlin.” Beca grumbled, ignoring her girlfriends question, which already had an obvious answer. 

“Zhis is one of zhe best restaurants in zhe country, Beca. Zhat’s vhy ve are here, as vell.” The blonde pointed out with a chuckle, shaking her head. Beca huffed, looking over at the table where Johanna and Felix sat, only to find Johanna looking at Luisa, and quickly turn her head away at the sight of the brunette’s eyes burning into her own. Beca looked back at Luisa with a helpless look on her face, pouting as she got up from the table and made her way to the bathroom. “Beca!” Luisa called after her, not sure if she should follow her or give her a moment.

In the bathroom, Beca leaned against the sink counter with her arms folded across her chest, looking down at her feet. Honest to God, she never got jealous. Plenty of people looked at Luisa, even flirted with her right in front of Beca, and it didn’t bother her ever, because she knew Luisa was hers and she was Luisa’s. But Johanna had also been hers at one point. And Johanna was beautiful, she was stunning, breathtaking…everything Beca felt she lacked. She was barely an average height for a woman of her age. Her hair was…well, mousy, and plain, and didn’t do much. Her skin didn’t glow and her eyes didn’t shine, and she wasn’t perfect. And that was probably what was driving her crazy, because Luisa was perfect, and she deserved nothing less than. And that wasn’t Beca. How was she supposed to compete with that?

“Beca, are you in here?” Luisa’s voice rang out through the bathroom as she entered, and Beca refused to looked up as the clicking of familiar heels filled her line of hearing. “Little maus.” Luisa tsked, her voice gentle and soft as she neared her girlfriend. Suddenly Beca felt strong hands on her biceps, rubbing them gently in comfort. And then Luisa placed a finger underneath the brunette’s chin and lifted it so their eyes met. “I am sorry. I did not know she vould be here. I did not zhink you vould get so upset.” Luisa apologized, kissing Beca’s forehead tenderly.

“I’m not upset, I just-I’m not her.” Beca whined, her voice getting quiet. Luisa furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

“Of course you are not her. You are you.” The blonde shook her head, confused.

“No, I…she’s perfect.” Beca sighed in surrender, not wanting to meet those icy blue eyes that had always made her melt. Realizing what her girlfriend was saying, Kommissar cupped the woman’s face gently and pressed their lips together for a moment. 

“Sure. So she is perfect. Perhaps in her own vay; in her legs and in her smile. But you,” she smiled cheekily, rubbing her nose against Beca’s in admiration. “You are zhe perfect one. In everyzhing. Your legs. Your smile. Your brain; your laugh, your voice, your kisses…” She giggled as she trailed off, pressing Beca against the counter with her hips and kissing her once more. “I vant you.” She confirmed, before her hands trailed down the Bella’s body, one resting on her thigh, teasing the hem of her dress, and the other at her neck. 

The German’s lips moved from Beca’s, down her jaw line and eventually to her neck where she would nip occasionally, leaving dark bruises in her path. Beca threw her head back in pleasure, clawing at the back of Luisa’s dress, wishing her own dress was a bit loser so that she could spread her legs a bit more as Luisa’s thigh pressed up right in between them. “Fuck…” The smaller woman breathed, her eyes fluttering shut at the sensation of Luisa’s tongue prodding at the newly formed love bites. 

“Oops.” The new voice sent a shock to both the women, Luisa jumping and looking up, while Beca’s eyes snapped open towards the door where Johanna stood. “I’m sorry. I’ll…um…” The blonde breathed, a bit flustered at the whole scene as she turned on her heel and scurried out. Beca smirked in triumph, while the Kommissar held back a laugh. 

“Talk about perfect timing…” Beca grinned, pulling Luisa in for one last kiss before they fixed themselves up in the mirror and made their way back to their table.