freakin love this man


Hello everyone this is Lux he would like to say hello

Here’s the QR for shiny Slyveon if anyone wanted it!!

Also his Pokedex entry in moon is really creepy like??

What a monster plz calm down Lux


“local man befriends asshole…”

I ship the sweet cinnamon roll with the salty sinnamon roll and boy do I have feelings.

I swear I’m so here for Drake and Taylor being on each other’s team!! Like FUCK yes. I’m so sick of it not being cool to admit you freakin love Taylor Swift! Finally someone’s manning up!


Thank you.

tifa week
 ↳day four // favorite relationship

[Video] Seijou Band! AU



The dawn of a new era will bring about all manner of dissembling villains hidden within the light and shadows.

  • Eddie Vedder: As you might know, I'm anti-war. If you're anti-war it doesn't mean that you're pro one side or the other in a conflit. However it makes you pro many things ...
  • Crowd: [*holds thousands of cards saying things like "peace"; "eddie for president"; "pro love"; "anti war"; "love", etc.*]
  • Eddie Vedder: Oh, you came prepared. Nice! I'm not alone! So, anti-war makes you pro many things...Pro peace, makes you pro human, makes you pro evolution, makes you pro comunication, pro diplomacy, pro love, pro undertstanding, pro forgiveness and also people don't understand... it makes you pro solider. If you're anti war, you're pro solider because you don't want the solider to be put in a arms way to hurt himself. I have a lot of friends in the army. Incredible people and...and...they understand this and I'm not sure why...but sometimes you speak out and people will misunderstanding and take things for a certain way or another, but if you don't speak out, you don't know. It has to be some kind of meaning otherwise is bullshit.

1x20, Dead Man’s Blood

(Because without hardly saying a word, Jensen conveys so much during this scene from his place in the back. Just my thoughts on Dean’s POV.)

Like being in a goddamn trap.

Every single time this happens — and believe me, it happens plenty — that’s exactly what it feels like.

I keep an eye on our surroundings, scouring the woods flanking us on both sides.

I’d like to say I’m being the responsible one, keeping our defenses up.

The fucked up truth is that I’m actually praying for that pack of fanged nightmares to come tearing out of the darkness. I’d rather deal with them trying to chew out my throat than continue listening to Sam and Dad chew out each other.

But hell. When do prayers ever get answered?

I force myself to snap back to attention, front and center in the combat zone.

The usual words are thrown back and forth between them. I know them better than my favorite song lyrics.

Sammy — the one who’s supposed to be the mellow kid, level-headed smart guy, ignites like a firebomb once you set him off. And then there’s Dad, burning like dry ice.

I can’t put out this kind of fire. I know, because I try every time. All I can ever do is stand back and try not to choke on the ashes.