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what if cybertronian was so complex that when its translated to more simple earth languages the most the new language can express is the barest, most basic translation of what the cybertronian in question is trying to convey?

MistyMountainHop’s That ‘70s Show Fanfic that Never Was: #9

A few years ago, I wrote a partial draft and outline of a One Difference story, but other stories stole my creative attention. I’d held off from sharing this one here because I thought I might finish it someday, but that seems highly doubtful now (I’m working on several other stories I very much hope to post).

Remember, first drafts are just that: first drafts. I revise a story a lot before I post it on FFNet and AO3 (which is one reason why I take longer to put out new stories than other people). Beware clunky sentences and other strange, first drafty things (*lol*).

And now, without further discussion, I present…

aka One Difference: Hyde Doesn’t Pass Out (at the Beer Warehouse)

August 18, 1979
Point Place, Wisconsin
The Pinciottis’ Living Room

Jackie and Donna finished off their joint. The smoke hadn’t made Jackie feel better about Steven’s absence, and being surrounded by the tacky décor of Donna’s living room didn’t help matters either. Aqua and silver belonged at the bottom of the ocean together, as a rusting hull of a ship and the water surrounding it. They didn’t belong in a house.

Donna was going on about starting a rock band called the Sandy Sandals, but sand reminded Jackie of dirt, and dirt reminded her of Steven. She’d given him an ultimatum, either he proposes or she leaves for Chicago to start a life without him. He had until noon tomorrow, seventeen hours from now, but as each minute ticked by, her heart sank lower and lower in her body, like that silver ship. Rusting and rotting at the bottom of the sandy ocean. And now she was back to Steven.

“You know,” she said, “I thought if I really put myself out there he’d see how much I love him and say yes right away. And then when he didn’t, I thought, ‘Okay, well, maybe he’ll take a couple hours and then say yes.'” She frowned, even though it would give her frown lines. “But now I think he’s only taking so long ‘cause he’s gonna say no.” Her heart plummeted to her knees. “Donna, what if he says no?”

“Jackie, if Hyde says no, then you and I get a van,” Donna said, smiling, “and the Sandy Sandals tour America.” A thick candle was lit on the coffee table behind the couch. She took it and gazed into the flame, but she replaced it on the table when hot wax dripped on her hand. “Anyway, men are stupid. Eric knows who I work with at the radio station. There’s no Kevin. He should’ve realized I was trying to make a point by saying I had a date tonight. But at least I hurt him a little, like he hurt me a lot by deciding to go to Africa without even talking to me about it.”

“Men are stupid,” Jackie said. “Steven has the most beautiful, talented woman on the planet wanting to spend the rest of her life with him, and all he can do is say, 'I don’t know’? Idiot.”

“Well, helloooo, toots!” Eric said. He was at the hallway door, and he stumbled down the one step to the recessed living room. “Back from your date so soon, huh? Used to be you had to buy a girl dinner if you’d want her to …” he gestured at Donna, “slide all over you, moaning like a ghost.”

Jackie and Donna share a disgusted look. Then Steven stumbles down the step and bumps into Eric. “Outta the way, Forman.”

“Steven?” Jackie jumps up from the couch.

Donna stands up behind her and says, “Okay, you know what? I didn’t have a date, but I should’ve.”

“Wait, so you lied?” Eric says, and Steven looks unsteady on his feet, like he’s about to fall over.

Jackie pushes Eric out of the way, and Eric crashes to the floor. But Jackie doesn’t care. She supports Steven, who’s swaying on his feet. “What happened?”

Donna goes to Eric’s side and helps him up. “They’re drunk-a-duck. Daffy Duck. Wascally wabbits..”

Eric says, “And you’re high.”

Donna giggles. “Yeah.”

Jackie, though, thinking about Steven then seeing Steven, has sobered up a bit. “Drunk?”

“Jackie,” Steven says, “I gotta tell you somethin’, Jackie … but first, I gotta get on the floor.”

“What?” Jackie says, but Steven’s already on his knees.

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cheerleaderjackie  asked:

When do you think Hyde started to like Jackie, and when he started to have real feelings for her? And when do you think these things happened to Jackie? :)

Jackie probably intrigues Hyde a bit by the end of “Career Day” (1x18),  but “Prom Night” (1x19) is when he first sees her as more than a disruptive presence in the basement who monopolizes Kelso’s time.

For the purposes of writing fanfic, I like to change up when Jackie and Hyde fall for each other.

But canon-wise on the show, I think Hyde’s protective feelings toward Jackie evolved into romantic ones gradually. It was a process, and I’d say the transition is complete by “Baby Fever” (3x07), but he’s in deep denial about it until Kitty points out facts he can’t help but take into consideration. That’s why he tells Jackie they’re “going on a freakin’ date,” in “Jackie Bags Hyde” (3x08). He needs to find out for sure how he feels about her.

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