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“Ted... ever wonder why some words are funnier than others?”

Ted the Animator: “…no?”

Carl the Animator: “Like, take ‘mule deer.’ Why are mule deer funnier than most other animals?”

Ted the Animator: “Are they really, though?”

Carl the Animator: “Yes! I’ve done a lot of mule deer thinking, lately.”

Ted the Animator: “…that’s a sentence you don’t hear every day.”

Carl the Animator: “Take a look at one. Visually, at best, they’re just marginally-funnier than a regular deer… but the phrase ‘mule deer’? That puts it over the top.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m not sold. Give me an example.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, let’s say someone is advertising hot sauce. Saying it’s ‘hot enough to kill a deer?’ Not funny.”

Ted the Animator: “Nope. Not at all.”

Carl the Animator: “Now, ‘hot enough to kill a mule deer?

Ted the Animator: “…that’s kinda funny. Wait, why is that funny?”

Carl the Animator: “I KNOW, RIGHT?!”

Ted the Animator: “…after googling them, you find phrases like ‘1000+ images about mule deer on Pinterest,’ and somehow that’s so bizarre it’s definitely funny.”

Carl the Animator: “Now, try ‘2017 mule deer calendar.’”

Ted the Animator: “…it might just be because it’s really late at night… but that’s freakin’ hilarious to me right now.”

Carl the Animator: “’Mule deer’ just gets funnier the more times you say it.”

Ted the Animator: “Is it because it’s so specific? A combination of words you hear independently, but almost never together?”

Carl the Animator: “I’m still tryin’ to analyze it all. There are also inherently-funny single words, like ‘Popemobile.’”

Ted the Animator: “That’s juxtaposition, alright. Combine the pious-sounding word “Pope’ and the silly suffix ‘-mobile,’ and you get instant comedy.” 

Carl the Animator:And, it doesn’t hurt that the Popemobile always looks ridiculous, too.”

Ted the Animator: “Phrases like ‘potato juice’ use juxtaposition similarly.”

Carl the Animator: “…ewwwwwwwwwwww.”

Ted the Animator: “Gross, certainly… but that moment when your brain processes that yes, it is in fact a real thing you could theoretically acquire, triggers humor responses.”

Carl the Animator: “…of course, we are forgetting what is quite possibly the funniest phrase known to man.”

Ted the Animator: “Hold that thought, I’m on my last swig of coffee.”

Carl the Animator:…cat diaper.

Ted the Animator: *spittake*

Carl the Animator: “Sorry. I had to.”

Ted the Animator: “…you’re the worst, and cat diapers are the worst, and I’d scowl at you but my mouth hurts from smiling too much.”

Carl the Animator: “That’s the magic of mule deer and cat diapers, Ted.”


Part of Liam’s loyalty mission from PAX East! Don’t watch if you’d like to avoid spoilers, but if you don’t mind it, this is freakin hilarious.

AHH! Things about the update:

-All. Those. Flowers!
-Lardo’s death glare
-Dex is still here!
-William “soft same” Poindexter
-William “she gets it” Poindexter
-Big AND Emotional
-Ransom and Holster are done fighting??!! And I Feel?? SO SAFE NOW?
-Nursey lowkey was the one who found the new manager, which is freakin hilarious given his tactic
-“please demonstrate”
-ERB’s cuteasfuck smile when Ransom and Holster make up???

Okay, that’s all for now. Might return to scream more later.

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Since you did sams twin for the headcannons, you should do deans too

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- Always mocking each other.

- Lots of eye rolling, lots of laughs. ‘Cause you’re both freakin’ hilarious.

- No one being able to make Dean crack up like you do.

- Being very close, and being able to let down your walls and open up for real.

- Talking about your memories from your childhood, before the fire. Lawrence, Mary, baking cookies and playing in the yard.

- Always finishing each other’s sentences, to the point that Sam finds it both pretty hilarious and yet so annoying.

- “No chick-flick moments!” But then doing the exact opposite.

- Showing your love for each other without words. You don’t need it.

- Supporting each other when missing Sam while he was at Stanford.

- Being each other’s rock when the hunting gets too much. Keeping each other sane, human. 

- Arguing who’s music is the best.

- Going on road trips just for fun.

- Going to bars.

- Would instantly sacrifice anything for the other, even your life, which quickly becomes a bit of a problem.

- Okay, but, who’s car is it really? The remaining question of your lives.

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I wasn't really into KH's design before've changed me, it appeals so much more to me now, thank you for opening my eyes.

>:)))))))))))))) im so glad!

Heck, it seems that mine and friends’ enthusiasm has spread across twitter as well..!! I’m seeing SF bros pop up everywhere it’s fantastic~~~

Honestly, from what we’ve been able to see it’s a really well thought AU…. and pretty freakin hilarious too

Another little tidbit, apparently SF!Sans weapon would be a scythe made of bones in the shape of a bone
How does this work??? No one really knows so far  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ? ? ?

Let's talk about cusps!!

Cusps, or cusp signs, are these really kick ass people who are born at the very end and very beginning of their sign month. Here’s how it goes for those who don’t know. I’ll go ahead and add in my own opinion of them since I am one and that seems to be how these things go xD

Aries-Taurus: AKA the Cusp of Power- April 19th  to April 24th    Y'all are just cool beans. Seems like you got all the good traits of both Aries and Taurus. You’re loving and compassionate, but hardworking as fuck. It’s really refreshing actually.

Taurus-Gemini: AKA the Cusp of Energy- May 19th  to May 24th        I don’t know much about you guys, but I’ve only met a handful of you and I really like talking to y'all on an intellectual level. You have a tendency to be FREAKISHLY smart. Always testing the smarty pants animal on those stupid animal quizzes that they force you to take in school. Also you’re super sweet to those you know. I have one really good friend who is a Taurus/Gemini cusp and she’s the type of person who like… talks to people in line at the supermarket if she’s in the right mood since Geminis tend to be really friendly, but Taurus’ are pretty introverted so they have to be in the right mood to do it, ya know?

Gemini-Cancer: AKA the Cusp of Magic- June 19th  to June 23rd YOU!!! ARE!!!! SO!!!! CUTE!!!!! My god you’re literally the epitome of adorable and shy and creative and its just. yeah. You make the best art in the world and I’m always so excited when you get excited about something you made because its just… contagious excitement. They get over things a lot faster than Cancers do which is nice, but they’re more homebodied than Geminis which, as an Aquarius/Pisces cusp (I get along best with this sign, couldn’t you tell?) is kind of annoying at times because they wanna stay home more than not, but they’re good parents??? So it works.

Cancer-Leo: AKA the Cusp of Oscillation- July 19th  to July 24th    You know… I was always kind of confused about the definition of this cusp?? Like… oscilation…. what the fuck kind of cusp is an oscillation??? Well…. a cancer/leo cusp is a good way to explain it. Personally, I’m terrified of these cusps. My cusp and this cusp DO NOT get along very well because I’m a very shy, easily frightened person and this cusp is basically a Leo on fucking steroids. They get angry a lot, but they’re angry in like…. a prideful way???? I don’t really know how to explain it. Just. Don’t get on their bad side. From what people say though, they are really caring and extremely passionate. They make crazy good politicians and lawyers and like… powerful debating people.

Leo-Virgo: AKA the Cusp of Exposure- August 19th to August 24th Hi. This cusp confuses the ever loving shit out of me. Like.. Really a lot. They’re the most introverted extroverts I’ve ever met in my life and I never know what to do with them??? You’re all like “Let’s go out!!! And!!! Read this book in the corner because I’m tired of being out and about……” Um…. what? You love having fun, and you love expressing your feelings once you’re comfortable, but you never quite have a grasp on the exact way to do it and sometimes that really bothers you. Oh. And you REALLY. Don’t like being criticized. Like… at all. Somehow I’m friends with the most of you though so who knows.

Virgo-Libra: AKA the Cusp of Beauty- September 19th  to September 24th     I’ve only met like.. two of you, and you’re so freakin chill I never know what to do around you, but apparently you worry a lot from what I’ve read. You don’t show it though. Also, you’re actually really pretty I promise. Virgo/Libra can either be super cocky about their looks or super modest. I’m sorry this is so short Dx

Libra-Scorpio: AKA the Cusp of Drama and Criticism- October 19th  to October 24th   So I’ve never met a Libra/Scorpio cusp now that I think of it. So this is totally off of a search of things I found. Bear with me.– APPARENTLY. 1. y'all are really freakishly pretty. 2. y'all are really cool, but you don’t give up information very easily so there’s that. and 3. You really like love, but you also have a tendency to be super serious at times (not as broody as Scorpios though)

Scorpio-Sagittarius: AKA the Cusp of Revolution- November 19th  to November 24th    The epitome of the “indie hipster” cusp. They’re suuuuuuper creative. Really arty people. Tend to have a LOT of things to say about a LOT of different things which sounds like everyone, but them more than ‘normal’ I guess? I don’t really know how to explain it. These cusps are the ones that are most likely in my opinion to go into like…. journalism or like… political activism because of how wordy and creative they are. They can be really nice too if you’re on their good side but if you’re not they can destroy you from the inside out so be careful.

Sagittarius-Capricorn: AKA the Cusp of Prophecy- December 19th to December 24th    My dad is one of these!!! They’re kind of weird, but winter signs tend to get along better than the other signs so its okay xP THEY! ARE! SO! FUNNY! A lot of people don’t understand their humor though which I find really sad, but if you live with them for a while or are around them and you understand their humor and such, they’re freakin hilarious. They keep their emotions bottled, and they stay pretty happy around people they just met. They don’t like to admit to weakness either. Like…. ever. At all. They love with their entire heart, and if they aren’t feeling it, they’ll tell you if they don’t like you.

Capricorn-Aquarius: AKA the Cusp of Mystery and Imagination- January 15th  to Jan 22nd   So these people scare me. Ever had those people who just like… omit an aura of power around you? Yeah that’s a Capricorn/Aquarius. They really do scare me, but apparently they make really good actors because there’s a ton of them in Hollywood. They’re crazy good at whatever they do. Most of the time they test into the like…. flamboyant or 'party animal’ type on the aforementioned middle school animal tests.

Aquarius-Pisces: AKA the Cusp of Sensitivity- February 18th  to February 22nd    This is me!!! I am this!!! Hi!!! So we have a tendency to be freakishly creative, but really sensitive and that’s why. I don’t know if all Aquarius/Pisces cusps are like this, but I’m really really attention deficit and energetic which makes us come off as dismissive or frustrated. We do well in positions of leadership and control, but we have to do things our own way. Doing things someone else’s way is REALLY NOT OKAY with someone in this cusp. Most of the time because we’ve already thought through the most logical way to do it and saw that your way is wrong. We’re freakishly smart too, we just don’t like to show it. :P 

Pisces-Aries: AKA the Cusp of Rebirth- March 19th  to March 26th     So from what I’ve gathered, which isn't very much so bear with me…. but from what I’ve gathered you like your alone time, but you also REALLY like to party when you’re in the mood for it. Like you won’t go down without a fight if you wanna party and someone tells you no. I think that’s the Aries part? Like…. you get freakishly passionate about the things you do which comes very strongly from both sides. But then its HOW you do them that’s very much Aries-esque. Like…. I dunno how to really explain it well, but you’re very aggressive lovers, and you fight with your whole body. And yeah. There isn’t much of a better way to explain it than that. I’d say you need to chill, but I feel like if you tried to chill you'd just get really depressed and a depressed Aries is like the freakin end of the world and no one wants that. 

So yeah. Cusps are really cool. A lot of people don’t know they’re cusps. A lot of people don’t know anything about cusps. But cusps have a tendency to be about ten times stronger spiritually, but about ten times weirder when compared to the average sign. So there’s that. It’s really cool and this post is going to get super duper long if I go on about them. So I’m going to stop while I’m ahead even though this post is already like a million miles long. I hope this helps anyne who has asked me about cusps??

I edited a couple things in here so that they’d be a bit more accurate. I reread a handful after it started to gain a couple notes and realized some of the little excerpt thingies sounded like I was ragging on the cusps a little.

So quick funny story, it turns out that the guy who currently plays The Phantom is freakin’ hilarious! After the show was over and the curtain calls had finished, he told us to all sit down after applauding. Then he told us to stand up, and then to levitate while doing a pose with one leg tucked in. (he kept doing this occasionally the entire time while he was talking too.) He went on, talking about how donations would go to people with diseases likes AIDS and Breast Cancer, and talked about how much people could donate. He ended up doing the “1 million dollars!” Thing from Austin Powers, even with the pinky on his lip. With the Phantom costume on, it was even more entertaining. Finally, he was talking about the perks people would get for donating. He actually said “swag” while talking about a bag donators could get, which just about killed me. Finally, he told us about a luggage tag you could get if you donated $5, which was his favorite, because when it came out on the baggage claim at the airport, when it would fall down it would go, “BUM, BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM!!!!” Oh Phantom, I never thought you’d have such a sense of humor XD

The Infinity Crusade is pretty freakin’ hilarious. So The Goddess (who low-key reminds me of a possessed Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters… there is no Dana, only Zuul) kidnaps a bunch of superheroes she deems ‘pure’ and 'worthy’ or whatever, including Steve and Thor, and then brainwashes them into helping her worship the cosmic egg (so not kidding about the egg thing, see…)

…Marvel, I love you to pieces but what the hell were you drinking in 1993?!

Ye-ah, I don’t think they’re going to include any aspect of this part of the Infinity War trilogy in the movies, lol. I’m guessing only Gauntlet  and War will be represented.

Just in case you ever forget how beautiful Zach/Owen is:

  • Zach going off to college, talking to a friend who’s taking Zoology and off-handedly mentioning that his boyfriend is an ex-Navy SEAL professional raptor wrangler.
  • Owen can’t figure out why Zach is so reluctant to spend the night with him. He isn’t going to push him, yeah, but they’ve been dating for almost seven months now (and he’s kind of starting to wonder whether his boyfriend has a third nipple or something). Turns out Zach talks in his sleep. At first it’s just ten kinds of adorable and pretty freakin’ hilarious when Owen catches him mumbling about pickles and Owen’s jawline in his sleep. Then one night, he’s just drifting off, cuddled up with an arm around Zach’s waist, when he hears the words I love you murmured softly. Owen doesn’t tease him again after that, but secretly, Zach’s midnight ramblings are one of his favourite things ever.
  • It’s been years since the Isla Nublar incident, and Owen still feels really empty without his girls. He misses having something to teach and care for — and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Zach. He adopts a puppy from the animal shelter and surprises Owen. Owen falls in love with her instantly and by the end of week, she refuses to leave his side. The puppy chews through Zach’s headphone cord but he can’t bring himself to complain — not when this is the happiest Owen has been since the raptors.
  • Owen’s really into country music. Like, really, really into it. He knows every lyric to every Johnny Cash song ever and it’s kind of terrifying, but one day they’re driving and an old Taylor Swift song comes on the radio. Owen looks a little embarrassed, but half a minute later and some goading from Zach (because, come on, he found Owen’s secret stash of less-than-macho music weeks ago), and they’re both belting out the words like it’s nobody’s business.
  • Zach realizes he might just love Owen on a lazy Saturday morning; when they’re wrapped in blankets and slow-dancing in the kitchen, still half-asleep. Zach rests his head against Owen’s shoulder, listening to him hum an off-pitch tune, and thinks: shit, I might just love this dork.
Dog Sitter (Frank CastlexReader) Pt. 9

You open your bedroom door to hear the soft noise of Frank’s snoring. You shuffle out of your room still in last night’s PJs. Frank sleeps with one of his arms thrown over his eyes and his mouth wide open. It’s an endearing image and you find yourself watching him breath for a few seconds before moving on to the kitchen. You begin preparing breakfast, careful to make as little noise as possible. You’ve gotten the eggs and milk out of the fridge when Fido trots his way into the kitchen. You try to gather the rest of your ingredients before feeding him, but the dog impatiently presses his nose against your knees.

You give the dog a playful annoyed look and drag the large bag of dog food out of the lower cabinet. Unfortunately there is no quiet way to scoop dog food and the snoring coming from the living room stops abruptly. The food rings against the metal bowl and the sound of Fido’s ravenous eating habits fills the silence of the apartment. While the dog inhales his food, you return to collecting what you need to make breakfast. You’re not surprised when you hear Frank’s uneven footsteps coming from the living room.

“Frank you shouldn’t be walking!” you yell behind your shoulder. There’s a slim chance that he’ll actually take your advice, but it’s worth a try. The steps don’t stop until they’re in the doorway to the kitchen.

You turn your head so that you can see the man leaning groggily against the door frame, his eyes are half opened and there’s a wrinkle in his nose from his squinting.

“Good morning sleeping beauty.” You tease. “I’m making scrambled eggs and bacon so I hope you like a traditional American breakfast.”

“I could eat an entire cow right now.” Frank’s voice is no more than a mumbled mess and you don’t catch half of what he says.

“You sound like you should sleep for another three years.”

You let the eggs on the stove sit on the hot burner and turn to face the man behind you. His ragged ensemble of clothing forces a giggle out of your chest.

“What’re you laughing at?” You can’t tell if the man is squinting at you or glaring at you.

“Wow someone’s not a morning person at all.” You let a few more chuckles escape your mouth before you explain yourself with a smile. “You’re sitting in the doorway of my kitchen wearing jeans with only one leg. And then on the leg without the pant leg you have a washcloth tapped to your leg. It’s a funny image. I wish you could see it.”

“Yeah I’m sure it’s freakin’ hilarious.”

You try not to take the grumpy man too seriously, but you feel a little bad for teasing him after such a rough night. “I’m just joking around, Frank. I didn’t mean to make you mad.” You turn back around to attend to the nearly finished eggs.

Fido licks his chops and trots over to Frank. The man’s focus moves to the dog’s waiting gaze. Frank sighs heavily. “You’re right. I’m an asshole in the morning.” Slowly, using the doorway as support, he lowers himself to the ground. His legs, spread out in front of him, block the kitchen door. You turn your head to see the gleeful reunion of Fido and Frank. Fido is dancing happily with his tongue hanging sideways out of his mouth and there’s a small smile on Frank’s face.

With a content smile you divide the eggs between two plates and grab two forks from one of your drawers. You carry the food over to the reunion party and sit down beside Frank. You pass him his plate and settle back against the wood cabinets. Other than a quiet thank you from Frank, the two of you eat in silence. You have to silently push Fido away from your food every few minutes, but it’s peaceful. The night before feels like a faraway nightmare, and you’re not sure if you should bring the events into the present situation.

Maybe later.

You set your empty plate beside you and let Fido lick the ceramic clean. Frank does the same and then leans back against the doorframe, closing his eyes. When he doesn’t move for a few seconds, you watch his face, wondering if he had fallen asleep again. Frank’s eyes snap open and instantly focus on your curious eyes.

“Take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

“I was just wondering if you had fallen asleep!” you try to defend yourself while your cheeks turn dark pink.

You rush to your feet, taking the empty plates with you. You dump them in the sink and start running the hot water. While you scrub the dishes clean, Frank plays gently with Fido, rubbing the dog’s stomach when he lays down on the ground.

The city noises from the outside seep through the walls of your apartment and mix in with the sounds of the water sloshing against the sides of the sink and Fido’s dog tags clinking against each other. If you ignored the fact that Frank had a hole in his leg, the image was endearingly domestic.

“So uh…we gunna ignore the fact that I destroyed your apartment and then kissed you or should we talk it out.” The scene is brutally destroyed by Frank’s interruption.

“Well it wasn’t you who destroyed my apartment. It was the assholes who tried to kill me.”

Frank lets out an unimpressed hum at your attempt to avoid the conversation. He doesn’t attempt to bring it up again and an awkward silence takes over the kitchen. You move the clean dishes onto the drying rack and shut the water off. You tap your fingers against the counter rapidly, trying to decide how to approach the situation. Obviously it was something that bothered Frank or he wouldn’t be talking about it but…

“This is going to be a really awkward question.” The only response you get from Frank is his hands dropping away from Fido’s head. “But…this relationship that exists between us…I mean you lost your entire family and I’d understand if you never wanted a romantic relationship again, but I guess I just need to know. Where our friendship is going to go.” Half way through the question you turn around to face him. He doesn’t shy away from your gaze.

There’s a few seconds of silence where you can see his jaw move through his possible answers. “I don’t know what to tell ya. Honestly, I’ve been denying any friendly feelings I’ve had since I lost everything. I’m as confused as you.”

It’s not the kind of answer you want. You were hoping for a definitive answer. One that you could rely on in any future situations. Now you know that both of you were probably going to dance around the subject for years.

“Ok well…We’ll figure it out. Or I guess you’ll figure it out. I kinda already know how I feel about… all of this.” You cut your comment abruptl       y and stand away from the counter. “I’m going to go get dressed and I’ll try to find something for you to wear. Are you going to be able to get up?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” His eyes are cast to the ground, staring blindly at the linoleum.

You try not to pause for too long before stepping over his legs and making your way to your bedroom. You take your time taking a hot shower and getting dressed. You have to call in to work and tell your boss that you had a personal emergency. You were already late for the day and your boss was desperate to know what was going on. You told him that an old friend got very hurt and you had to help him for a little while. Your boss didn’t sound very convinced, but he told you to take off as much time as you needed. The genuine concern in his voice causes a deep seated feeling of guilt to develop in your chest. You promise yourself that you’ll work extra hard when you finally get back to your routine.

You rustle through your drawers trying to find clothes that you had borrowed from past relationships. When you find a pair of large grey sweatpants at the bottom of your pants drawers you let out a breath of relief. At least now you wouldn’t have to make a trip to the store and the loose fabric wouldn’t be too irritating to Frank’s injury.

You walk out of your room holding the grey sweatpants triumphantly. “I knew I had something that would fit you.” Frank has stood up and is propped against the couch so his bad leg isn’t supporting any of his weight. He has a flip phone in his hand which he promptly puts down when you appear in the living room.

“Wow a flip phone. Didn’t know they made those anymore.”

“The cheaper the phone. The more I can throw away. The harder I am to track.”

“Makes sense.” You take a couple steps towards the man and hand over the sweatpants. “The bathroom is the door on the right. You can use whatever you want. When you’re done we’ll go get a real lunch. I’m sure you’re still hungry after getting shot and then having to stitch yourself up.”

Frank turns to you sharply. “No I can’t.”

“Afraid your enemies are going to find you? There are a lot of people in Hell’s Kitchen. I’m sure a small disguise will be enough to keep you hidden. The limp might be a bit of a giveaway though.”

“No that’s not it.” Frank interrupts you in exasperation. “I don’t care if my enemies find me. If they do, so what? I fight them. It happens all the time. But what about if you’re there. I can’t watch two backs at once.”

You crossed your arms. There was no good way for you to argue that you could take care of yourself. Maybe you could fend off a normal mugger, but the people that Frank fought were actual killers. You’d be decimated if you ever had the misfortune of meeting them.

After a moment of thought you uncross your arms and place your hands on your hips. “Well then I guess we’ll just have to be extra careful. Go get dressed and we’ll figure it out.”

Frank’s eyebrows furrow and the two of you look at each other for several seconds before he finally looks away with a shake of his head and deep breath. “You know the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen?”

You nod your head. Everyone knew who Daredevil was.

Frank looks back at you. “You remind me of him.” You suppose that he’s supposed to be walking in a huff, but his injury makes him appear weak.

The door to the bathroom clicks shut and you hear the shower turn on. Frank’s phone buzzes where it lays on the top of the couch. Your natural curiosity forces you to grab the phone and look at the screen. It’s an unidentified number with a generic text.  Not the exciting secret message you were expecting. You set the phone on the coffee table and start to prepare for your outing.