freakin gideon


The Triplets reincarnate together while Maddie was still an infant.

Their father was abusive and violent and also a drunkard. Not a good combination, add that to the fact that he is Gideon’s reincarnation.

Except Alcor is too busy with his kids to notice them. In fact he only finds out after Maddie’s first day in college, when he thought he could finally relax.

So he searches for them.

But he cannot find them.

He calls in every favor, sends out his flock and pushes his omniscience to the max. He asks time baby, he asks Dave he tortures r!Gideon. He freakin’ asks everyone.

Except he can’t find them.

And he can’t leave behind Maddie behind because Toby just died.

Decades pass, he’s becoming desperate. Maddie grows old and dies but the triplets are still there. And he still could not find them.

In the end it was Mabel’s newest reincarnation that gives him the answer. It is after all common sense to run away from an abusive parent if you cannot depend on anyone to save you. It is also quite obvious where children go when they run away.

“The carnie?” he asks rather dumbly as his brain was quite wrung out by then.

“No you silly goober! Second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning!’