freakin chemistry


when you tell your wife that your boss is trying to seduce you with gifts (kali- 2016)

Resistance (Chanyeol x You)


Your eyes are glued to the clock.


You begin to restlessly tap your foot on the ground.


You hold your breath.


The bell rings.

“Class is dismissed,” the teacher says.

Immediately, you drop the pile of books and homework into your bag and run out the door. Hiding your face and pushing through the crowd of students, you manage to leave the school with almost no one recognizing your existence.

Of course, you do have friends, but you prefer to not get involved in any social activity to prevent further drama. Instead, you prefer small conversations in the hallways or at lunch. In fact, to reassure that no one could approach you, after school, you always walk home on the opposite side of the building. Though it is shadier and desolate, you do not mind.

With your backpack slung over your shoulder, you walk through the dirty and empty streets.

However, this time, you are not alone.

You soon see a few people standing around a dumpster. You recognize them as students who go to the same high school as you.

As you approach the shady figures, you see that two of them are harassing a shorter, skinnier boy.

“Get up, Kim Jongdae. We’re not finished with you, yet,” says the shorter figure with tanned skin.

You watch as they grab the scrawny and bloodied boy by the collar and deliver a blow to his jaw.

“Please,” the boy chokes. “Stop!”

The two taller figures laugh.

“You grab his arms. I’ll grab his legs,” the taller one says.

You gasp as they pick up the boy and prepare to throw him into the dumpster. Though you do not wish to be involved, you force yourself to help the poor boy.

“Stop!” you yell.

Immediately, the two men turn to you. They drop the scrawny boy, and he falls to the ground with a soft thud. The boy scrambles to get up and runs away, limping.

The taller one slowly steps towards you, until he is towering over you. He is tall and quite good-looking, his eyes wide and his ears pointed outward. “Who are you?” he asks in a deep voice.


He smirks. “You ruined our fun, so we’ll ruin yours.”

You begin to tremble with fear. Suddenly, the tall figure pushes you down, and you fall to the ground, the rough concrete scraping your palms. Using your bloody and cut hands, you push yourself off the ground. Before he can inflict you with any more damage, you kick the man as hard as you can in the shin. The man falls over, clutching his leg. Without any hesitation, you run in the opposite direction.

“Catch her!” the tall man growls.

The two of them begin chasing you. With your heart pounding in your chest, you run for your life. As they get closer, you knock over a trash can behind you, causing all the junk to litter the ground. The tall one slips on the empty wrappers and bottles and falls on his wrist. He groans in pain, and his friend helps him up. Tired and weary, you hide in the alleyway between two buildings.

“Where did the little brat go?” the deep voice asks.

Once you hear the footsteps subside, you resume your stroll home.


The next day at school, you plod through the hallways. Your best friend, the only person who actually dares to approach you, walks next to you.

“What happened to you?” she asks, noticing your scraped palms and bruised knees.

You respond with a simple sigh.

The bell rings, and you head to chemistry class. However, you are reluctant to stay in class, for your teacher is pairing students up for a chemistry project worth 30% of your grade. Any project that involved interaction with other students did not excite you. Sitting restlessly in class, you listen, awaiting your name.

“Then, we have _____.”

Your eyes widen.

“Your partner is Park Chanyeol.”

The room falls silent. A sudden feeling of worry arises in you.

Who was Chanyeol?

“Chanyeol, please take the seat next to _____,” your teacher says.

A tall man with a face that is all too familiar walks to the front of the class. You immediately recognize him as the man from yesterday. However, you notice the bandages wrapped around his injured wrist. His eyes widen at the sight of you.


“Please take a seat,” your teacher insists.

Reluctantly, he plops down in the seat next to you. For the rest of the class period, he two of you sit in silence.


“What’s wrong, Chanyeol?” Jongin asks, a cigarette hanging loosely between his lips.

“I have to work on a freakin’ chemistry project with that girl who caused my injured wrist!” Chanyeol says.

Jongin laughs. “Sucks for you.”

Chanyeol glares at Jongin.

“I’m kidding,” Jongin says, removing the cigarette from his mouth. “Just don’t show up and leave her to do all the work.”

Chanyeol sighs.


For the next few weeks, you would discover Chanyeol skipping class and sleeping under the bleachers. As a result, you had to drag him to the library and to your house to work on the project.

Once again, you sit with Chanyeol in the library.

Chanyeol is slumped in the chair across from you, his eyes wandering off the open textbook in front of him. You catch him not paying attention, thus you kick him under the desk.

“Ow!” he hisses, attracting a glare from the librarian.

“Pay attention,” you say.

Chanyeol groans and resumes to read the useless information in the textbook. As he reads, you notice the bruises that discolor his knuckles.

“What did you do this time?” you ask in a hushed voice.


You take his hand into yours. “You’re always so busy getting into fights and beating people up that you neglect yourself and your classes,” you say, stroking the wounds on his hand.

Chanyeol pulls his hand away from you, blushing. “D-don’t grab my hand,” he says, stuttering.

Then, you take notice of a small scratch beneath his eye. You reach out and stroke his cheek with your thumb. “You should take better care of yourself.”

His cheeks turn a bright red. Looking up, he sees your face. His eyes widen when you smile. All this time, he had been reluctant to just stand in the same room as you. He hated seeing your face.

When had you become so beautiful?


You and Chanyeol sit on your living room couch, reading over the report the two of you had written.

Chanyeol’s heart pounds in his chest. You sit right next to him, your shoulder touching his. As you hand him the papers, your hands brush against his, causing his cheeks to turn a bright red. He holds the paper with trembling hands.

“I think if we can revise the paper a bit more, we’ll be done,” you say.

You turn to him to give him a smile. However, Chanyeol suddenly leans forward and presses his lips against you in a kiss. When he pulls away, he realizes the mistake he has made.

“I-I can e-explain-”

Blushing, you gather all the papers scattered on the table and put them in your bag. “I think we’re done for tonight.”


“Chanyeol, please leave,” you say, sternly.

Chanyeol stands up from the couch and walks out the door.


Chanyeol leans on the wall in the hallway the next day, impatiently looking for you among the crowd of students. Soon, he sees you, holding your head down.

“_____!” he calls out, smiling.

You look up to see Chanyeol approaching you. Immediately, you cover your face and turn your back on him. Though you try to escape, he grabs you by the hand.

“Listen, I have to tell you-”

“Let go!” you exclaim, struggling to free yourself from Chanyeol’s grasp.

“Before you leave, tell me why you’re avoiding me!” he asks.

You remain silent.


You should have hated him. He is the school’s biggest troublemaker, and he is always covered in bruises and cuts. However, you had enjoyed the kiss last night. Your heart flutters each time you think about his lips pressed against yours.

“Why?” Chanyeol asks.

“It’s because I don’t like you, Chanyeol,” you respond, on the brink of tears.

You pull away from his grasp and walk away.


That evening, you take your time to walk home from school. Even though it became dark and you got constant calls from your mother, you still aimlessly wander the dimly lit streets.

Once again, you are not alone.

“Hey, young girl, do you wanna have a drink with us?” a man asks, slurring his words.

You turn around to see two drunken men, presumably in their forties, staggering toward you. “I’m sorry, but I’m a high school student,” you reply.

Before you can leave, one of them grabs you forcefully by the arm. “Let’s go! You’ll have fun with us!”

“Please leave me alone!” you say.

Suddenly, a silhouetted figure comes out from the shadows.

“Leave her alone,” a familiar, deep voice says.

“Chanyeol!” you exclaim.

Chanyeol approaches the two men. Without hesitation, he delivers a blow to the cheek of the man holding you. He lets go of you to feels the red and swollen area of his cheek. Angered, the man throws a punch at Chanyeol, but Chanyeol avoids it and kicks the man, causing him to fall to the ground in pain.

The other man walks up from behind Chanyeol, holding an empty beer bottle, and swings the bottle at Chanyeol’s head. The beer bottle shatters as it comes in contact with Chanyeol’s head. You gasp as Chanyeol falls to his knees, but he still gets up. He turns toward the man and angrily pushes him down to the ground. He pins the man down and punches him in the face, causing blood to trickle from the man’s nose.

He grabs the man by the collar. “Listen well. You are never to bother me or this girl ever again. Do you understand?”

The man nods in fear.

Chanyeol stands up. “Now, get out of my sight.”

The two men scramble to get up and hobble away.

Chanyeol turns to you, and you run into his arms, sobbing.

“Why can’t you take better care of yourself?” he asks.

“I-I’m sorry,” you sob.

Chanyeol brushes the hair out of your face and leans forward to kiss you, cupping your cheeks in his hands. You wrap your arms around him as his lips are pressed against yours.

When he pulls away, he embraces you tightly.

“I’ll always protect you,” he says.

I think my favourite thing about the Malec clip in the promo is that with everything else, Alec has been fighting against it. It’s all about the laws. But with Magnus that all goes straight out the window. Look how willing he is to help Magnus. And its not in a casual kind of way either. You can just see it in his expression. He’s like here “take my hands. And take my strength too. Whatever of it you can use to keep yourself going.” There is just something so personal about Alec’s actions here and it is reflected in Magnus as well. Just the way they’re clutching on to each others hands and won’t break eye contact… And they haven’t even been on a first date yet!

We are so screwed.

I’m Maleo trash

As much as I LOVE Stiles, I need Malia to actually be Malia, not the wild girl saved by Stiles.. I loved that someone was there for her when she needed someone to help her socializing and to be part of something. She said that she’d never leave without him, that she’d be loyal to him, always. But now, I feel that something’s broken between Stiles & Malia from the moment he started to lie to her about Donovan, not to mention that she probably feels Stiles deep care for Lydia. [She’s probably not aware of Stiles and Lydia history but I’m pretty sure she’s feeling he’s not fully committed to her and their relationship though]. Also, when he lied to her, she looked pretty surprised and saddened and then decided to lie to him too. It’s pretty revealing they don’t connect like they used to. I also think Malia don’t “need” Stiles anymore, she’s probably the most capable and strong woman on teenwolf, only we haven’t get the chance to see it yet. Now, I think Malia and Theo could really challenge each other, as opponents but also as partners [I’d really want to see Theo helping Malia figuring out about her flashback since he’s the only person she told]. And as evil as he looks, I think Theo will eventually come to care for Malia in a way he didn’t thought he would.
That’s pretty much my thoughts on the subject, although I’m a great Stydia shipper, I don’t worship Maleo because I want Stydia to happen, I want Maleo to happen because there’s a freakin mind-blowing chemistry between the two of them, because I want Malia to be Malia, Theo to be less Evil, and Stiles to have a chance to be with the person he obviously still likes :)

For anybody who thinks we're going overboard with our joy for Destiel winning the best chemistry award. Let me just explain something. This award isn't just for season 10.We voted for their seven seasons of undeniable, electric, amazing, ship worthy, noticeable from the freakin' moon chemistry.