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me, normally: fuck im rly overwhelmed by this essay on hamlet i gotta do

me, on my adhd meds: I’ve got this! I just need to organize my ideas on paper, then research specific terms Ophelia uses in this passage, then

me, on quadruple the normal dosage plus two cups of shitty 7/11 coffee:


but do you realize that stiles never even got a chance to tell scott his best freakin friend that he FINALLY confessed his love to the girl he’s been in love with for more than half his life, the girl he made a 10 year plan for, the girl who’s life he’s saved over and over and over again?????

and now not only does scott KNOW, but he also knows that lydia loves stiles BACK

journalist au

aka the au no one asked for

  • so
  • there’s this city idk where called Empire City
  • the major news company is Empire City Herald
  • their rival is the smaller Alliance News Daily
  • Cassian Andor is the freakin best journalist Alliance News Daily has ever seen
  • like he exploits all the business men and politicians
  • yeah, he’s good
  • his trusty, yet snarky intern cameraman is named Kay
  • Jyn Erso is this free-lance photojournalist trained by Saw Gerrara former Alliance News reporter 
  • he killed
  • literally
  • she’s got a website called
  • she’s brutally honest
  • Empire City Herald doesn’t like her or Alliance News one bit
  • Papa Erso works for the City Herald
  • So Alliance News learns of a tech support guy from the City Herald who went to Saw Gerrara with a message from him
  • Cassian Andor is sent to retrieve Jyn
  • Alliance News wants her to work for them find Saw Gerrara
  • she is dragged in kicking and screaming
  • no one had ever heard of her crazy martial arts skills
  • but she’s kinda forced to get on Cassian’s plane
  • Cassian Alliance News tracks down Gerrara in Israel
  • “where’d you get that gun?” “found it” “i find that answer vague and unconvincing”
  • so they show up
  • Kay who knows how to fly a plane stays behind
  • they wander Tel Aviv, Israel for maybe half an hour when Jyn bumps into a blind Chinese monk and  his guardian
  • he spouts nonsense to her before Cass drags her away when suddenly
  • oh no an attack
  • they shoot at the people shooting at them
  • there are the Israeli rebels and the Palestinian attackers, well the Israelis attacked first, but that’s unimportant
  • Jyn darts out in all the crossfire to save a little girl, but has to take cover behind a truck
  • Cass shoots an Israeli rebel to keep him from blowing up the truck
  • so they get away from the main fighting, but then a group of Palestinians see them and try to attack them
  • Jyn takes out all seven of them, while Cassian looks on with heart eyes
  • she whirls around and shoots a guy with a headscarf covering his face, that looked a lot like the one Kay was wearing
  • speak of the devil
  • Kay comes around the corner, pulling the scarf down to bare his face, looking indignant
  • “did you know that was not me?” “…of course”
  • they run into the blind monk and his guardian husband
  • literally
  • they’re rounded up by the Israeli rebels and taken to Gerarra
  • Jyn is brought to him, while the boys are carted off to a cell
  • they meet the tech support guy, says his name is Bodhi
  • Jyn get a poor quality video from her father, says that not only the City Herald, but the entire City Council is in on this plot to get rid of Senator Mothma
  • like really get rid of her
  • but she can stop them if she hurries
  • but then Palestinians attack Gerarra big house base
  • Cass picks the lock and grabs Jyn, so is still shaken up from seeing her father, who she hadn’t been in contact with since she was like nine
  • they dash onto Kay’s plane with the tech support, the blind monk named Chirrut, and his husband Baze
  • Bodhi knows where her father is
  • he’s in Zurich, Switzerland
  •  and Jyn needs to get to Papa
  • so off they fly

so here’s part 1 part 2 will be along shortly

and I’ll probably flush it out into a real story on ao3, but this is all for now

‘Mind if I join you, Captain?’



I made my own Soulberry bab
First is what he usually looks like, he wears that pancho type of a thing then in the second is him without it.
I would have just went with the second one but I really wanted him to have some type of floof somewhere.
He could the youngest, I drew him pretty young here

Child of @amber-acrylic ’ s Soul!sans
And colors based off of a drawing of US sans by @ask-blueberry-sans
I was inspired to do this by @ravenpember-dtd because of freakin cute Smoothie
And @crowfry because of the cutie they added, I think his name is Star Fruit? (That’s super cute)


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Heart Attack (Taehyung)

Originally posted by wonsoks

as requested by an anon, here’s a drabble based off the song/mv Heart Attack by AOA!

Genre: volleyballs aren’t fluffy

Word count: 2716

Rating: is G really the lowest rating that exists. is there anything under G.


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Noragami 67 Reaction

I actually wasn’t going to write one of these, because I feel like this chapter pretty much went exactly the way I expected it to, but a couple people have asked about my thoughts so… Here they are!

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