Captain A.L. Kahn posing with his fresh catch, the Great Manta, 1933. The huge ray was reported to have weighed over 5,000 pounds and measured more than 20 feet across the wing. The critter was caught when it became fouled in the anchor line of the “MISS PENSACOLA II” and was unable to free itself. 


CON-DOM : Live Helsinki 25.4.2014 : Photos by Waltteri M

“CON-DOM show was mostly about 30 year old tracks. Last Supper. Kneel. I shit on you and other tracks. Vocals were blending greatly in mix of harsh and fierce tape noise torment. Sound remained original and 100% Con-Dom and to me certainly cultic live gig. Performance elements and interaction with crowd, neat grainy videos, loud sound and perfect blend of vocals - not being too loud in mix, but also being audible. Nice end to looooong evening.”


BIZARRE UPROAR : Live Helsinki 25.4 : Photos by Waltteri M.

“BIZARRE UPROAR was kind of quiet in terms of "in-your-face” brutality, and more focusing of brooding and menacing slow torment. Video fitted well on sound. Repeated loops of utter self humiliation. Not as much sound assaulting everybody, as it felt like being trapped in situation what goes on and on.. I liked that it wasn’t so loud and aggressive, more rumbling bass frequencies and clatter of junk on top.“

Now Available_Puce Mary “Ultimate Hypocrisy” c30 [Freak Animal]

“Danish fierce electronics. Known for releases on Posh Isolation, FA decided to make edition of this tape due artists self published version being too hard to find…”

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“Shining Knives” from Grunt / Macronympha -split LP
Changes in Grunt taken during 1997 was becoming visible in 1998. Lyrics were started to be used in releases and most of the topics were turning darker. Joe Roemer suggested topic of “Terror” for split and artwork of this particular release were to influence entire Freak Animal catalogue thereafter. The “exploding man” artwork would make its way to many release label artworks. Harsh and cruel noise.
(Picture used in youtube video is unrelated to actual release)

Now Available_Puce Mary “The Great Panic” CS [Freak Animal]

“Amazing new tape, with sound and design closer to "success” LP, but perhaps more industrial? Crisp and strong sound, several tracks. Each being different from another. Some aggressive and rhythmic, some dark and brooding.“