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Five years of freak-thefreak-out!

After 5 years of running this blog, my love for Victorious is still strong. The show had helped me though some hard times, it’s introduced me to some brilliant talented actors/singers, brought me some great friendships, a tattoo, and, most importantly, the most beautiful girlfriend ❤️
I know I haven’t been on here as much as I used to be, but I’ll still be around, checking in from time to time, making a post or gifset if one springs to mind.
So, I just wanted to say thank you to you all, for sticking with me and a blog about a show that’s been over for 3 years now. Thank you for the likes, the reblogs, the jori love, and reading my weird theories and headcanons.
Here’s to another few years.
Here’s to us.


anyways here’s avjogia + jacksfalahee follow forever

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Probably I’m missing a lot of people, but I wanted to thanks the people I have been following for awhile, so yeah, thanks to this people AND ALL OF YOU.


Shh… Secret Santa!

As a special little treat for Christmas this year, Emma and I (at the suggestion of a dear anon) will be doing a Victorious Secret Santa!
If you’d like to participate, the rules are as follows:

  • You gotta follow either freak-thefreak-out and/or jadeandtorimakeablog
  • You gotta like and/or reblog this post.
  • And you gotta message either of us (Me / Emma) by December 12th with your url and one or more Victorious related subject/s for your Secret Santa present (ie: Your favourite ship/character/actor etc)
  • On December 13th/14th we will match people up.
  • You will receive your Secret Santa URL between December 14th and 15th along with their chosen subject/s. You only have to choose one to do.
  • Then you have until December 25th to give them their little gift! Be it a gifset, or fanfic, or whatever you see fit.
  • And don’t forget to message them your gift ;) You may do this anon, if you wish, but if you’re messaging to participate we’ll need to know who you are.
  • Also make sure your ask is open for this period =)
  • And if you wish to withdraw for whatever reason, please message us before December 12th.

Soooo to celebrate reaching 1,500 followers, I thought I would do a little follow forever! I have been on this site for far too long, but all of you make me so happy that I don’t think I could leave. Even if I should because damn work is a pain.

If I have missed anyone off by accident, I am so sorry! >.< Anyway, thank you. Honestly, you are all wonderful and I love you!


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i love most of you all and happy holidays