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Book of Mormon Broadway reactions! (July 2017)

I’m done with my two-hour Nic Rouleau reblogging party. But before I get off this topic, I need to scream for a bit, because I never got around to posting about this, but I saw BOM when I was in NY in July.

I don’t really have specific observations about the production, because it was my first time seeing the show, so I wasn’t going into it looking for anything in particular. I was just enjoying the ride. 

So, this is just the text post equivalent of a reaction video of someone seeing Book of Mormon for the first time!

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  • I had rudimentary familiarity with BOM?? But only in the outlines. Like, I knew the basic plot, I knew a few songs, I knew the big names from OBC (but not much more about them than their names), I had seen Andrew Rannells’ lip licking at the Tonys, etc. I had never listened to BOM all the way through and I didn’t know most of the smaller plot details.
  • It was the last day of an intense week-long musical theater program, and as with all theater intensives, everyone was getting sick, myself included. But thankfully, it didn’t get bad until we finished our performance and I took off my name badge and left the building. Then I started feeling like I was dying r i p
  • You know how I mentioned that I didn’t know most of the smaller plot details? Turn It Off came out of NOWHERE for me. I had never heard this song before in my life. The tap dancing and blackouts and sparkly pink vests? I HAD NO IDEA THEY WERE COMING. I WAS IN COMPLETE SHOCK AND AWE AND DELIGHT. (I may or may not be learning tap dancing now because of it.) I usually already know shows inside and out before I go see them (because I only have enough money to see shows I already have an intense emotional attachment to haha), so THIS WAS FREAKING AWESOME. 

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  • But as I mentioned, I was also getting pretty sick, so there I was, feeling more and more lightheaded as the show got more and more surreal, and I just remember sitting there sometime around All American Prophet feeling like nothing was real and like my soul was leaving my body. It was a trip.
  • Nic Rouleau and Brian Sears!!! That is all!!
  • And then it was over way too fast and I stage doored and it was raining but
  • THE BOOK OF MORMON ACTORS ARE SOME OF KINDEST AND SWEETEST PEOPLE EVER (and stage door was very calm and respectful, and not crowded at all, so the overall vibes were very relaxed and good. My last stage door had been Dear Evan Hansen, so I couldn’t believe how chill this one was)
  • And like literally everyone came out and signed stuff and took pictures. In the rain.
  • The mission boys!!! I’m shy and I was super starstruck and the boys were also really attractive wtf, but before I even said anything, they would just come right up to me and say in soft voices, “Hi. How are you doing?”
  • (When NIC FREAKING ROULEAU came up to me and did this, I could actually feel myself blushing and I was glad it was dark. As mentioned, my soul was already on my way out of my body, but this was the moment it left for good.)

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  • The security guy was also such a great dude. He chatted with us quite a bit, too. Appreciate the security personnel who make stage door possible, people.
  • The stage door crowd thinned out once most of the performers had come out, and by the end, it was just me and this mother with her Broadway-fan daughter, waiting for the last few actors. It was the mother’s first Broadway show!!! She got pictures with literally every single actor and it was the best thing
  • So we chatted and we bonded about stage door experiences (the daughter had stage doored Brendon Urie in Kinky Boots earlier that week and that was as insane as you would expect). They were so nice
  • Actual conversation between me and the mother, reflecting on seeing all the actors up close
  • Mother: All the Mormon boys have such beautiful teeth. I wonder if that’s a requirement to get the part.
  • Me: Yeah, they all have horse teeth.
  • Mother: Yes!! Horse teeth!!
  • And then I left and got ice cream and sat with my fully-autographed playbill and cried

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“Now everyone gets reminded how gay we are.”

OKAY PERO LIKE I trimmed my beard and I’m not used to it being nigh gone! Pfft, anyway, I got a new haircut and the barber ended up cutting my forehead on accident but it’s A-Okay because we’ve bonded over us mutually freaking out over a nic becoming way worse than it should have.

Also, bathroom lighting ftw

  • me: I have a very squishy face
  • my teacher: ...
  • my classmates: ... ??
  • me: ... -proceeds to stretch my cheeks out, my nose, the skin at my jawline-
  • my teacher: Pfffttttt you're made out of putty hahahhahahahha

I couldn’t find it, but there’s a post on tumblr which is a reaction gif to someone finding that a person doesn’t have any pictures of themselves on their tumblr and them subsequently choosing not to follow them. I’m sorry, but WHAT?! I really thought the point of tumblr was that people weren’t as shallow as that. The only picture I have on my tumblr is freaking Nic Cage with a flower crown, and that’s enough. Why do people need to see what I look like in order for me (or anyone for that matter) to gain followers? What the hell? Why don’t you follow me or others because you like what we post or reblog? Screw people who reblog the post I mentioned. 

Note, it’s not like I haven’t tried, but I just don’t look good in pictures, especially selfies. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is for me and loads of other people, and we shouldn’t feel like we’re obligated to put up pictures of ourselves just so people will follow us. Why would you follow someone just because you think they’re hot or whatever? Doesn’t that clog your dashboard with posts that don’t suit your style?