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My review on the Whitney Movie.
I want to say thank you to Angela Bassett for getting Whitney story done right! I saw that the budget was well in full, because from the wigs, to the clothing… It was hooked all the way up. None of it looked cheap nor taped together. Unlike the Aaliyah movie that pure crap. I wish the movie was longer, my happiness goes to Yaya Dacosta. She played Whitney like it was her soul salvation, and she was working those shoulders, moving that head.

Yaya was incredible. Deborah Cox was the voice of Whitney, due to Yaya not singing I really had to pause my televisions, more like question life… Because Miss Cox sounded just like Whitney like God! I had to say bless you baby.. Because I was catching chills.. Just oh.

My take. I felt like movie should’ve been called
Whitney and Bobby On the run Love.
Because for the ten minutes.. I saw sex scenes and some wild island forest freak nasty on lifetime I said “what is this!” But I mean that was Whitney’s man and they captured that in the movie, hey that’s something they had in common.

In the movie I saw the most switch change ever! Whitney had her 26 birthday party, and her friends sled her a tiny bag of coke… And she offered bobby some and he turned it down. Now I know some people was like no and in disbelief… But Angela knew things…and this movie she drop tea bombs. Like for real. I kept pushing my sister like you see this! So it was not bobby who started Whitney on coke, she was already sniffing it before him. So now I hope people stop saying he’s the one who hooked her.

The big part in the movie was when Whitney fell in the deep of being codependent on Bobby, because she just had her child, and she was doing movies, so she manages to get Bobby to go with her. Along the way you see bobby going Whitney’s issues, and pick up his addiction to drinking and coke.

Personally this movie captured the essential part of Whitney’s life. She loved. She loved that man with her being, her family didn’t like it because they thought she was too good for him, but she had a dark side to her that knew bobby. Because Whitney smoked, she did drugs like a G. Then she had this national treasure a Golden Voice that she cracked up. This basically made people realize that what’s done in the dark will come out, and not abuse what God blessed you with.

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