freak lover


I think all the “Freak lovers” in the world need that video to watch over and over again. Picture yourself as Allie. Enjoy. I love you. 

Imagine being scared of elevators. You always use the stairs, but there’s an emergency and you’re forced to use the elevator. Loki always found your avoidance of them strange, and now, seeing you freaked out, he finally realizes what’s going on and tries to comfort you in his own distant, awkward way. Warming up to him, you grab his hand in reassurance. After getting out, you apologize, and he tells you he didn’t mind. From then on you start riding the elevator more often, but only when he’s there with you to hold your hand.

I came across old pictures I took ages ago. I believe I have posted this one before, but I am just so happy that the little spider was sitting still on my book and letting itself be photographed by me before I could bring it outside, that I wanted to share it with you again.

  • Levi’s romanized name means “revival” in Japanese.
  • I can’t believe it! I think it’s a cool means!Absolutely, according to him, a name!

T H E   H A T I N G   G A M E: ➝ by sally thorne
“I recheck my inbox. Everything’s up to date. I check the clock. Three fifteen P.M. I check my lipstick in the reflection of the shiny wall tile near my computer monitor. I check Joshua, who is glowering at me with contempt. I stare back. Now we are playing the Staring Game.

I should mention that the ultimate aim of all our games is to make the other smile, or cry. It’s something like that. I’ll know when I win.”