freak fever

How much green tea with lemon can I possibly chug until I finally give up and come to terms with the fact that it’s not gonna make this freaking fever will go away? ☕️🤒🍋

Things in SDR2 that will forever haunt me
  • You didn’t even stay to feed him?
  • He has the freaking Lying Fever don’t just leave him alone when he’s sick!
  • Hinata he literally just cleared you of suspicion before anyone could even accuse you!
  • Hinata why do you always choose to stop listening at the worst possible times?!
  • He never got to play on the slide…

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I feel like utter crap today feels like I haven't slept in 3 days even though I know I have, dealing with a low fever + soar freaking throat + abdominal pain + stomach pain and nausea + a headache I had for possibly a week. But I really hope your day was better then mine/is going better then mine ☺

I’m sorrry! You’re day sounds so shitty. Sounds like you have some kind of flu. Drink lots of fluids and REST !

My day was eh. Someone tired to steal $1,000 from my bank account via PayPal. So I was in a pretty bad mood. But thanks to @writing-obrien my favourite and best friend in the entire world, she spammed me with Dylan and cheered me up.

I know this wasn’t part of your ask, But I just want to let you know Chloe is A GREAT FUCKING FRIEND. I was so lucky to befriend her when I did. She has the most amazing ideas and is such a hard worker. Anyone that writes knows how hard it is to pump out fics. I do one a week. She does multiple a week. She’s always there to listen and give advise. I trust her whole heartedly and I want her to know that that’s why I bombard this ask with my sappiness. Lol. Love you Chlo!

Also, sorry anon. Lol

being a single mother was hard; somehow, your little girl avery always seemed to have freak fevers, and for the sake of the two of you, you decided to take her to a specialist. at first, you were unsure of taking her to this doctor since she was never one to be fond with checkups. at his office, the nurse told you sit down with avery, whom quickly started a game of patty cake with you when you heard her name being called out. you couldn’t place your finger on it, but somehow doctor!michael’s voice made your heart beat faster, almost flying out of your chest when you saw him, his eyes glowing as he looked at your daughter with bright green eyes. “hi there avery, how are you?” she seemed to engage in a serious conversation with michael, giggling whenever he told a joke. you had almost missed your cue when he asked you, “so how may i help avery, miss y/n?” you explained her situation in which michael nodded to accordingly, before giving you a slip for the tylenol that avery needed and to schedule a follow up the same day next week.

another thing that you haven’t told dr. clifford was that avery never shuts up, so when she said, “mommy, i’m not even sick! why do i have to be here?” at her latest checkup, you started to panick. “avery, behave!” your cheeks turned as red as the stuffed elmo toy your daughter sleeps with every night when she said, “dr. clifford, did you know that mommy likes you?” “avery!” “oops, i just remembered that she told me not to tell you,” she said, covering her mouth with her hands. michael laughed at your boisterous daughter and your flushed cheeks, but you could never stay mad at her.

especially not when her most frequent medication slip had scribbles over it with 10 digits and “i’d rather schedule a date with you two beautiful girls than a checkup.”

for @kinkhemmings and @jigglypufftribe‘s doctor!5sos blurb night !!

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So even though their first video was uploaded on September 26th 2010, Freak Morice’s first cover video was uploaded exactly ONE YEAR AGO today (tomorrow if you’re like me an not in Australia).

It’s incredible how popular they have become and how much they’ve grown since this first video. This is actually still one of my all time favorites of their covers. I’m so so proud to be a part of this Freak Family and to run this Tumblr page with all you great Freak Fans. I’m positive that in this next year, they’re going to achieve AMAZING things!

Keep spreading the Freak Fever!


So I was re-watching the ‘Frozen Fever’ sneak-peek and I saw this.
Elsa is waking up Anna. We have that still where Elsa is standing over Anna but it looks like Elsa is going to do a reflection of when they were younger and wake Anna up the way Anna woke Elsa up when they were kids in the first movie.

I swear if Elsa acts all adorkable and plops on top of Anna and says, “Anna…do you wanna build a snowman?!”
I think I might just literally die:D