freak fever

When a character is absolutely exhausted because they’re really sick and feverish and miserable and they’ve been unwell for days, and another character is comforting them by holding them close and gently brushing the hair off their face while saying soothing stuff like “Shh, I know it hurts. I’ve got you. It’s ok, cry it out” 😊😊❤️👌👌Yeah that’s some good shit

When Elrond and Elros first fall ill in the Feanorian’s care, it isn’t Maglor who nurses them back to health. It’s Maedhros.

Maglor isn’t quite sure how to deal with sick elflings given that elflings do not fall ill, at least none of the elfings that  Maglor has cared for (and he has cared for a great deal of elflings, being the second son of Feanor that is).

Only, they aren’t exactly elflings, they are mortal. Mortal children very susceptible to illness.

The first time they run a fever, Maglor freaks. They are insanely hot and throwing up everywhere (it started with one, but Elrond coughed on Elros, and the both were ill within an hour), and Maglor has absolutely no idea what he should do.

On top of that, he’s utterly disgusted, and unsure of how to exactly approach sickly children.

So Maedhros takes the lead—surprisingly. He mixes herbs and spices that Maglor never knew existed, brews teas and makes soups out of leaves and vegetables that Maglor has never touched.

He makes medicines and potions as if he is some human medicine worker, and in all honesty, Maglor is impressed.

“Where did you learn to do that?”

“In…Angband. We fell ill all the time—the prisoners and I, so they shared their techniques with us—“

“But elves cannot—“

“It was Angband, Kana. Things were strange—now give a teaspoon to each of the children.”

Maglor does not question it, and simply does what his brother tells him to do (For once, without argument). Never before his Maedhros opened up about his time in Angband, at least not to Maglor.

It’s amazing with Elrond and Elros can get out of his usually cold, guarded brother.

Calling For Help

“Please, mate? I could really use your help.” Joe pleaded into the phone.

“I’m sure one of the others would be more…qualified to take care of her. Or even Y/F/N! What is she doing?” Josh asked, phone pressed to his ear.

“Everyone is busy, and I’m not able to get back. Please, Josh. Y/N just needs someone to grab her stuff from the shops and to make sure she eats. That’s all. It’ll be easy.”


“Josh, I never ask you for anything. I’m asking you now. Please, go take care of my sick girlfriend. It’s for two days. Not even!”

“Fine.” He conceded, “I’ll go.”

“Thank you! You’re a life saver.”

“She’s not dying, is she?!”

“No!” Joe laughed, “It’s just a saying. Y/N will let you in, I’ll text her to say you’re going over.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Josh mumbled, heading to his bedroom to gather a few items. “You owe me, Sugg.”

“I know, I do.” Joe replied sincerely. “Thank you, honestly.”

“Good luck with your meetings.” Josh told him before ending the call.

“Hello.” Y/N smiled as she opened the door, but she leaned heavily against it. “Joe was exaggerating, you didn’t need to come over.”

Josh opened his mouth to reply, but she began to couch harshly, gripping the door so she wouldn’t fall over.

“Apparently I did.” He told her, frowning as he put an arm around her. “Back to the couch. Or bed. Which one?”

“Couch.” Y/N replied, wincing at the rawness in her throat. “Stairs are too much.”

“Right.” Josh kicked the door shut behind them as he lead her back to living room, wondering if she should be shaking that much.

Once she was curled up on the couch once again, a couple of blankets wrapped around her, he stood in front of her.

“Now what?”

Laughing softly, she nodded towards the kitchen. “Can you manage tea?”

“Yes. I think so.”

“Do you know where anything is?”


“Of course not,” She sighed. “Well, the kettle is on the counter, and the tea is in the cupboard beside the fridge.” Nodding, Josh headed for the kitchen, and after a little bit of a struggle, he managed to get the water boiling before searching through the cupboard for the tea.

“No, the other cupboard!” Y/N called from the couch, laughter laced through her words. “Oh, you are hopeless!”

“Don’t you dare get up!” Josh said sternly, noticing her make a move to stand up. “You are sick. And Joe will kill me if you get hurt.”

“I won’t get hurt if I walk towards the kitchen.”

“Just stay there.” Josh pointed at her, and rolling her eyes, Y/N settled back against the couch.

By time the water was boiling, he managed to find the tea, and made them both a mug. Only spilling a little bit on his walk back over to the couch, he settled in beside her, studying her face..

There was no doubt that she was sick. Her skin was pale and had a light sheen from sweat, there were bags under her eyes, and her hands still shook slightly as she lifted the mug to her lips.

“Stop staring. I know I look like shit.” Y/N mumbled, smiling when Josh jumped.

“You look fine.”

“Sure I do. Want to watch a movie?”

“Yeah, okay.” A movie, he could handle that. This taking care of Joe’s sick girlfriend should be easy.

Except it wasn’t.

Because they ran out of cold medicine, and the shops had closed early because it was a Sunday. Josh offered to go farther, to find a Tesco, but Y/N insisted she would be fine.

Until her fever suddenly spiked, and Josh began to freak out. He didn’t know what to do, or how to help. But he refused to call Joe. Because his mate had asked him to come help, and he was meant to be reliable.

So Josh did the next best thing: he called Conor.

“What’s up?”

“You’re at home, right?” Josh said quickly, eyes darting over to the shivering body curled up on the couch. Y/N was also groaning lightly, her arms wrapped around her stomach, and her eyes were closed tightly.

Josh was terrified something was really wrong with her.

“In Brighton? Yeah.” Conor replied, “You know this.”

“Can I talk to your mum?”


“Conor, please!”

“Just a moment.” Conor told him, still confused. But there was some muffled talking before a kind voice carried through the speaker.

“Hello, Josh.”

“Hi, Helen. I need your help.”

“What’s wrong, dear?” Her voice turned worried, her motherly instinct kicking in.

“Uhm, I’m over at Joe’s taking care of his girlfriend, Y/N. She’s sick. But…well. I don’t know what to do. And she doesn’t look very good. And she’s shaking and pale and groaning and help.”

“Alright, first, take a breath.” Helen said calmly, and Josh did as told. “Now, have you taken her temperature recently?”

“Yes. About twenty minutes ago. It was near a hundred.”

“Hmm, that’s not good, but not bad enough to bring to the hospital. And you said she was shaking?”

“Quite a lot.”

“That’s okay, her body is just trying to fight the virus. Has she had anything to eat today?” Helen continued her questioning, and Josh glanced over at the kitchen counter, where the plate of half eaten toast still sat.

“A little bit of toast. And some tea to drink earlier.”

“Good. Simple things are all she can handle for now. Any vomiting?”

“Not yet. But she’s got her arms wrapped around her stomach.”

“Might want to grab a bucket, or move her closer to the bathroom.”

“Oh.” Josh said simply, and Helen laughed lightly.

“You’re doing fine, dear. Honestly. It’s hard, taking care of someone. Because there’s only so much that can be done.”

“What…what can I do for now?” Josh asked her, moving closer to Y/N.

“Keep her warm. Get her to drink a little bit of water. And if she does start to vomit, she’ll probably want some crackers after. I wouldn’t worry too much about the medicine, you can pop out and grab some tomorrow. If her temperature goes any higher though, you may have to take her to the hospital.” Helen told him and Josh felt a slight bout of panic at that.


“Yes, but only if it gets worse. Check her temperature every hour, and feel free to call Conor again to talk to me if you need anything else. Are you going to be alright?”

“I, uhm, I think so. Thank you, Helen.”

“Any time, Josh. I’ll ring you tomorrow to check in on Y/N. Good night.”

“Night.” Josh muttered, ending the call.

When Joe came home the next evening, Josh met him at the door.

Never ask me to do that again.”

“Was it that bad?” Joe blinked up at the taller man.

“He did fine!” Y/N called from the other room.

Never again.” Josh repeated, following Joe into the living room.

“Hello, love.” Joe smiled over at Y/N, dropping a kiss on her head. “How are you feeling?”

“Better.” She replied, smiling up at him. “Josh just got a little freaked out when my fever spiked.”

“Was everything okay?” Joe frowned a little, glancing between the two.

“After I called for help, yes.” Josh shrugged.

“Help?” Joe laughed, “Who in the world did you call?”

“Mama Maynard.” Y/N answered as Josh blushed. “She seems like a very lovely woman.”

“I’m going home now. I am never taking care of a sick person ever again.” Josh shook his head, picking up his bag. “I don’t care if I’m the last resort, Joe. Never again.”

“Bye, Josh!” Y/N called after him while Joe continued to laugh.

Poor Josh, he ended up sick in bed two days later.

Y/N and Joe offered to come over to help take care of him. He told them to piss off.

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76 ("i can't ... i can't lose you.") with lams! ur a great writer btw

thank you so much!! here you go <3 

Word Count: 810 (whoops sorry it’s so long)

Warnings: mentions of death

Alex woke up in the middle of the night when he felt his bed trembling. He rolled onto his side to look at his boyfriend, and found him shuddering uncontrollably. Fear struck his heart and he wrapped John into his arms. His normally warm skin felt clammy to Alex’s touch.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Alexander asked, placing kiss on his boyfriend’s cheek. John huddled himself into the embrace, but couldn’t stop shaking. He was in a cold sweat, and Alexander wondered if it was a nightmare. After touching his wrist to his boyfriend’s forehead, though, he found a roaring fever.

“Oh, honey, you’re burning up!” Alexander said, feeling nervous. He hated fevers. They brought back so many painful memories.

“I f-feel like I’m fr-freezing,” John shuddered into his boyfriend’s chest, and Alex tightened his grip and wrapped the blankets closer around them.

“Just try to calm down,” Alexander said soothingly, running his fingers through John’s beautiful curly hair and kissing his forehead. Eventually his shivers subsided and they both managed to fall back asleep.

In the morning, though, John bolted out of bed and ran to the bathroom, throwing up violently, trembling again. Alex chased after him and held back his hair, trying to calm himself and his boyfriend down.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked after John sat back. “Do you feel like you’re going to throw up again?”

John shook his head, but he still looked queasy, his face unsettlingly pale. Alexander scooped him up into his arms and carried him out to the living room couch, swaddling him in blankets. He set about making herbal tea and gathering some of John’s favourite books, movies, and magazines, bringing them all to his sick boyfriend.

After Alexander had buzzed around for hours, fretting over his boyfriend, John took his hand.

“Alex, honey… please calm down,” he begged, looking up at him with wide eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m just really worried about you,” Alex said, sinking down into a chair positioned next to John.

“I’ll be fine,” John smiled, but then began to cough, another shudder running through him.

“Can I at least take your temperature?” Alexander asked, his voice filled with concern. John nodded and Alexander ran to get the thermometer. John silently prayed that it would be a somewhat low fever, not for his sake, but for his boyfriend’s. No such luck.

“Jesus! You’re at 104 degrees! We should call the doctor!” Alexander cried frantically, panic welling in him.

Again, John grabbed his hand. “Please, Alexander, I’ll be fine! Don’t freak out. The fever will break.”

Alexander sat down again, staring at John with fear behind his eyes. “Fine. But, please, if you’re still running this high in two hours, let me call the doctor.”

“Okay,” John nodded. “But please, for now, try to relax.”

They were quiet for the next few hours. John tried to hide his shudders as he read The Princess Bride for the umpteenth time, and Alexander failed to focus on his own book, Leviathan. After two hours had passed, and not a moment more, Alex whipped out the thermometer again and took his boyfriend’s temperature.

“Oh my God,” Alexander said, panic constricting his airway as he read the tiny display. “We have to go to the hospital.”

As he was being scooped gently into Alex’s arms, John asked quietly, “What did it say?”


“It’s a bad bug, Mr. Hamilton, but he’ll be fine. It’s good that you brought him in, though. He should spend the night.”

As the doctor spoke, Alex’s anxiety lessened, but he was still uneasy. When the doctor stopped speaking, Alexander replied as calmly as he could, but his voice still shook; “See, you keep telling me that he’s going to be fine, but that’s what the doctors said about my mother, and she died under their watch.”

“Oh… I’m very sorry to hear that, Mr. Hamilton, but I assure you that Mr. Laurens is in very good hands.”

“Okay,” Alexander nodded, looking down at the ground. He still wasn’t convinced.

“Ring if you need anything, okay?” the doctor said, clapping a hand to Alex’s shoulder.

Alexander nodded and went back into the hospital room, taking a seat by his boyfriend’s head.

“The doctors say you’re going to be okay,” Alex said, but John could hear the tremor in his voice.

“Alexander, are you okay?” John asked, taking his hand.

When he felt John’s hand in his own, Alex’s eyes filled up with tears, remembering the feeling of his mother’s hand in his as the life faded…

I can’t… I can’t lose you,” Alexander said, the tears spilling onto his face. “Not like I lost her… you mean too much to me.”

John felt tears prick his own eyes. “I’m not going anywhere,” he said, kissing his boyfriend’s hand.

Wiping at his tears, Alex laughed, “You better mean that.” John did.

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I fucking love the college AU. A little bit of angst/fluff, where one of them is terribly sick and the other has to stay to take care of him/her for several days?

One person taking care of the other one who is sick is one of my favorite tropes tbh, especially with Gency! <3 I love this AU too, goodness it’s consuming my soul but at this point its just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Carrot boy gets sick, so doctor in training is on the case! Puking and the like is up ahead just to warn you!

  • Hanzo actually calls Angela at 2 in the morning and when she first answers her phone her heart is pounding in her chest because 1. Hanzo is calling her, he never calls her, and 2. It’s two in the morning and calls like these are never good
  • He’s straight to the point about Genji who’s been throwing up since this afternoon and isn’t sure if its bad enough to worry about going to the hospital or if its just a really bad flu
  • Angela immediately calms down and gets into her doctor zone. Genji’s alright, well, he’s still alive so she’s okay. She leaves a note on the counter for Fareeha before she takes off to the Shimada house.
  • Once she gets there Hanzo is looking tired and far from the perfect form he usually conveys as he opens the door. He shows her her sweetheart with his head hanging over the toilet bowl. 
  • Genji tries to yell at Hanzo for waking up Angela in the middle of the night to come check on him when he’s clearly fine, but he starts vomiting again. At this point though, it’s mostly stomach acid. 
  • Angela quickly checks his temperature and goes through the routine. Quickly determining it’s not life threatening, just a really, really bad case of the flu. She convinces Hanzo to go bed because there’s nothing he can do and she’ll just stay with him through the night. He thanks her sincerely before looking over his brother one last time. 
  • Carrot boy is so embarrassed that his girlfriend is seeing him like this. His moaning into the toilet is partly because of embarrassment and partly because he feels like his stomach is trying to jump out of his mouth. 
  • Angela laughs softly, saying that this is nothing and that these things happens. 
  • She’ll sit beside him as he lays on the ground beside the toilet. They both agree it’s best to stay as close to the toilet as possible. Genji rests his head on her lap, curling in on himself and feeling pretty pathetic. Using a cool towel resting on his forehead, Angela hopes to fight the fever a little. She brushes her fingers through his hair to soothe him as best as she can. 
  • He keeps apologizing to her, but Angela shushes him. Letting her cool fingers trail across his skin in hopes of comforting him.  
  • She gets him through the night and finally manages to get him to fall sleep at about 5 AM. Hanzo is up by then and helps her move him to his bed where he’s still out like a light. Hanzo decides to stay with him during the day while Angela goes to her classes and then she’ll come back to take over while he goes to work on his classes.
  • Angela can hardly focus on her studies because 1. Genji’s still sick and 2. she’s gone twenty four hours without sleep. This isn’t an unusually occurrence for her but it doesn’t mean it gets any easier. 
  • She finally gets back to the Shimada house after giving Fareeha a quick call and still finds Genji out cold. She relieves Hanzo, thanking him before checking over Genji once again.
  • His fever has stayed the same, but he’s stopped throwing up and is resting, so that’s good news.
  • He finally awakes about 10 at night to find an exhausted Angela fussing over him. He’s apologizing for her staying up and wondering why she’s here right now, he’s fine there’s nothing to worry about but Angela isn’t having any of that. 
  • Genji is half lucid with his fever raging on his body and Angela is keeping a wary eye on him but he finally convinces her to sleep on the end of his bed while he keeps to himself. The last thing he wants to do is get her sick but he wants her to sleep to. After some arguing Angela finally gets on the far side of the bed after Genji promises her he’ll wake her up if he needs anything.
  • They both end up sleeping through the night, the exhausted babies.
  • This occurs for the next two days until Genji’s fever breaks and he’s eating food now. Albeit liquid but he’s not throwing up so its all good. 
  • Hanzo thanks Angela over and over again for helping his little brother out and Angela only smiles because of course it was no problem.
  • Genji has full plans on making it up to Angela because she’s the literally angel that sat beside him while he threw up in the toilet bowl. He’s totally going to spoil her. 

Slay me with Gency ya’ll

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imagine yuuri coming down with pneumonia while viktor's traveling for some reason or another. he thinks it's just a chest cold and ignores it for a good while. by the time it gets really bad, he's practically too sick to even get up and no one even knows save for makkachin.

FUCK MAN you guys are killing it rn. this is one of my all-time favorite tropes!!!!!! how much i love pneumonia shouldn’t be news to anyone but this is totally kicked up a notch with yuuri getting really, really sick all alone and no way to call for help. 

i’d imagine that yuri p. eventually comes by the apartment because viktor can’t get in touch with yuuri at all (what happened to his phone? idk) and he’s getting worried, so he nags until yuri agrees to go check on him (ofc he’s secretly worried too) and he finds yuuri huddled in blankets on the couch, coughing and wheezing terribly and shaking with fever. yuri freaks out and calls an ambulance because he doesn’t know what else to do. and it turns out he made the right call. yuuri has to be put on oxygen and strong medicine. his fever was dangerously high and he wasn’t getting enough air. when viktor hears that yuuri is sick in the hospital, he immediately drops everything and rushes back home.

being a single mother was hard; somehow, your little girl avery always seemed to have freak fevers, and for the sake of the two of you, you decided to take her to a specialist. at first, you were unsure of taking her to this doctor since she was never one to be fond with checkups. at his office, the nurse told you sit down with avery, whom quickly started a game of patty cake with you when you heard her name being called out. you couldn’t place your finger on it, but somehow doctor!michael’s voice made your heart beat faster, almost flying out of your chest when you saw him, his eyes glowing as he looked at your daughter with bright green eyes. “hi there avery, how are you?” she seemed to engage in a serious conversation with michael, giggling whenever he told a joke. you had almost missed your cue when he asked you, “so how may i help avery, miss y/n?” you explained her situation in which michael nodded to accordingly, before giving you a slip for the tylenol that avery needed and to schedule a follow up the same day next week.

another thing that you haven’t told dr. clifford was that avery never shuts up, so when she said, “mommy, i’m not even sick! why do i have to be here?” at her latest checkup, you started to panick. “avery, behave!” your cheeks turned as red as the stuffed elmo toy your daughter sleeps with every night when she said, “dr. clifford, did you know that mommy likes you?” “avery!” “oops, i just remembered that she told me not to tell you,” she said, covering her mouth with her hands. michael laughed at your boisterous daughter and your flushed cheeks, but you could never stay mad at her.

especially not when her most frequent medication slip had scribbles over it with 10 digits and “i’d rather schedule a date with you two beautiful girls than a checkup.”

for @kinkhemmings and @jigglypufftribe‘s doctor!5sos blurb night !!