freak deer!!!!


“Hey, you made it!” 

“Just barely. I almost hit a freaking deer on my way up here.” 

“Where’s Patricia?” 

“She didn’t text you?” 

“There’s no service out here. What happened?” 

“I went to pick her up and she said, and I quote… ‘I’m not going if you’re going, you traitor’” 

“Oh my god, is she still upset that you’re friends with Elsa now?” 

“Seems like it” 

“Looks like it’ll just be the two of us. Which is better. Patricia hates the outdoors.” 

But imagine this…

Stiles: I don’t know what to do anymore. She won’t talk to me. I’m frustraded!

Lydia: Well.. keep going. Buy her flowers, chocolate… tell Scott to help you hunt a freaking deer. Malia will forgive you eventually!

Stiles: DEER! Of course! Lydia you’re so smart. I could kiss you right now!

Lydia: Do not kiss me!

Stiles: Did it anyway… Bestie! 

Just imagine he’s talking to Lydia about Malia. xD