freak deer!!!!

Does anyone remember the name of the Freak Deer in AT?

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I remember seeing a formspring or twitter post from one of the crew members (maybe kent osborne?) that said it had an unofficial/official name.

I can’t remember and it’s driving me nuts. Maybe it was Seagap? I think it was Sea-something?

Edit: The beautiful beautiful @monsterdoodles rememembered — SEACRAG!!!!

Fixed - Part 1

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“You’re all done.” The tattoo artist said as he placed the bandage over my fresh tattoo on the right side of my collar bone, directly opposite to my newly formed scar.

Want you to make me feel, like I’m the only girl in the world, like I’m the only one that you’ll ever love, like I’m the only one who knows your heart, only girl in the world.

My phone blared from inside of my bag that sat beside Stiles, I stood up from the leather chair and dug around in my bag until I found the noisy object.

“Hey, Lyds.” I answered.

“Where are you?” She snapped back.

“What do you mean where am I?” I asked, confused.

“I mean where are you because you’re not at your house.” Lydia sassed and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m at the tattoo parlor in town, why?” I said, still confused.

“Are you around werewolf ears?” She asked.

“Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?” I was still extremely confused.

“Then I’ll tell you when I pick you up in twenty minutes.” She promptly stated before hanging up, causing me to sigh.

“I will never understand her.” I muttered to myself as I turned to see that Scott had taken my place in the leather chair, his left shirt sleeve rolled up and Stiles looked through a book of tattoo ideas.

“Hey, Scott, you sure you don’t want something like this?” Stiles asked as he flipped around the book so that Scott and I could see a picture of a creature that looked very similar to how they had described the kanima. Scott and I both gave him a look, so he did an awkward nod, smile thing that I found absolutely adorable. “Too soon? Yeah.”

“I don’t know, man, you sure about this? I mean these things are pretty permanent.” Stiles said as he flipped through the book a few more times before setting it down.

“I’m not changing my mind.” Scott said with a stupid grin and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Okay, but why two bands?” Stiles asked, not understanding the point of tattoos.

“I just like it.” Scott shrugged as the tattooist prepared his equipment for him.

“But don’t you think that your first tattoo should have some sort of meaning, you know, or something, like Liv’s.” Stiles questioned, waving his hands around.

“Stiles, getting a tattoo means something.” I deadpanned and Stiles went to say something but was cut off by the tattooist.

“She’s right, tattooing goes back thousands of years. The Tahitian word tatua means ‘to leave a mark’, like a rite of passage.” Stiles crossed his arms, still not on board with Scott’s tattoo.

“You see, they get it.” Scott said with raised eyebrows.

“He’s covered in tattoos, Scott, literally!” Stiles exclaimed as he gestured to the tattooist.

“What about me?” I asked, waving my hands and Stiles rolled his eyes.

“You don’t count. You and Scott have this whole unspoken understanding about this.”

“Okay, you ready?” The tattooist asked Scott and he nodded. “You ain’t got any problems with needles, do you?”

“Nope.” Scott said simply as he shook his head and the tattooist began.

“I tend to get a little squeamish though, so…” Stiles trailed off as he scratched his chin, leaning around so that he could see.

“Oh man.” Scott groaned and at the same time, I heard something heavy hit the floor. I looked over to find my crush laying on the floor in a heap, passed out.

“Stiles!” I squeaked as I ran over to make sure he was okay.

“So are you going to tell me why you’re being so secretive about?” I asked as Lydia drove through town.

“We’re picking up Allison from the airport.” She said simply and my eyes went wide as I whipped my head towards my strawberry blonde friend.

“I thought that she was staying in France for a whole year!” I exclaimed.

“That’s what I thought too, but she texted me a few days ago and told me that she was coming home and demanded that I keep it a secret.”

“And I guess you’re just so good at keeping secrets, right?” I asked, with a raised eyebrow and Lydia gave me a look.

“She meant from Scott and Stiles, which is why I only told you when you couldn’t let it slip to them.” She said and I rolled my eyes. “So what were you doing at a tattoo parlor with them?”

“I was getting a tattoo.” I shrugged as Lydia’s eyes bulged.

“It’s not a triple date. It’s a group thing.” Lydia insisted and Allison and I gave her a look.

“Do they know that it’s a group thing? ‘Cause I told you, I’m not ready to get back out there.” Allison said with a hint of a sarcastic smile.

“You were in France and didn’t do any dating for four months?” Lydia asked as she raised a perfectly groomed eyebrow.

“Did you?” Allison asked and I laughed, causing Lydia to shoot me a glare through the rearview mirror. “I mean after Ja-”

“Do not say his name!” Lydia exclaimed, cutting Allison off before she dared to speak Jackson’s name.

“Is he okay? Like, did everything work out? No one really filled me in on that bit.” I asked and my friends glanced back at me.

“Well, the doctors looked like total idiots when he turned up alive, but everyone got over it. And yes, Derek taught him the werewolf 101, like how not to randomly kill people during a full moon.” Lydia mused and Allison smiled.

“So then you’ve talked to him?” Allison questioned and Lydia went silent.

“Uh, not since he left for London.” She muttered.

“You mean since his dad moved him to London.” Allison corrected, letting her head loll towards Lydia.

“Whatever, he left.” She snapped. “And seriously, an American werewolf in London? Like that’s not gonna be a disaster.”

“So you’re totally over him?” Allison asked, setting Lydia up to admit her scheme and said friend rolled her eyes.

“Would I be going on a triple date if I wasn’t?” Lydia snapped and Allison and I laughed. “Yes, it is a triple date. It’s not an orgy, you’ll both live.”

“You know what? This could be good for me.” I mused as we sat at a red light, causing Allison and Lydia to whip around. “What, you think because I’m, like, the only virgin left that I’m a total prude?”

“Yeah, kinda.” Lydia said, her eyes still wide.

“It’s not my fault that I’ve never been asked out. Believe it or not, I actually do want to get out there.” I said and my friends shrugged before turning back around.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘But Liv, what about the adorable spaz that you’re always fawning over?’, well, my theory is that if I get out there, start dating some random jock that Lydia sets me up with, it’ll help me get over Stiles.

Lydia, Allison and I were laughing at a story that Allison told about some American tourist hitting on her obnoxiously, but she pretended that she was French and didn’t understand English. Suddenly Allison started freaking out.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I can’t see him, not now.” Allison exclaimed as she sank down into her seat. Lydia and I glanced left to find Roscoe sitting beside us at the light. Stiles waved and Lydia awkwardly pretended that she didn’t see.

“Lydia go! Just go!” Allison shouted.

“But the light.” Lydia said as she gestured to the longest red light that I’ve ever seen.

“Hi! Heeeyyy!” Stiles shouted as he leaned over Scott and rolled down his window. Lydia didn’t even give anyone a chance to speak anymore, ignoring the red light, speeding down the road and Allison let out a huge sigh of relief.

“You alright?” Lydia asked and Allison nodded.

“Lydia, stop. We need to go back and talk to them.” Allison said after a few silent seconds. I turned around in my seat as Lydia slowed to a stop and saw the Jeep stopped in the middle of the road.

“They stopped. Why would they stop?” Allison questioned. 

“It’s Scott and Stiles, logic doesn’t apply to them.” I muttered as I stared at Roscoe.

“Maybe we should go ba-” Allison began but cut herself off with and began to scream along with Lydia and I as a deer ran straight through the windshield. We scrambled out of the car as fast as we could, staring at the dead animal sprawled across the hood of Lydia’s car.

Jealousy managed to set itself in my gut as Stiles ran straight for Lydia and Scott ran for Allison.

“Are you okay?” Scott asked Allison, but I didn’t pay attention to her answer, I was too focused on the deer’s body.

“Are you hurt?” Stiles asked Lydia and my heart clenched.

“Are you okay?” Scott asked Allison once more.

“I’m okay.” She assured him breathlessly.

“Well, I’m not okay!” I shrieked as I ripped my eyes away from the body and turned to my friends, Scott made his way to the front of the car while Stiles came over and began to check me for injuries, gently pulling a piece of glass off of my cheek. “I am totally freaking out right now! We were parked, how the hell did it just run into us!”

“I saw its eyes right before it hit us, it was like it, it was like it was crazy.” Lydia said.

“No, it was scared.” Scott corrected, raising his hand and laying it on the body. “Actually, it was terrified.”

“Isn’t Stiles picking you up soon?” My mom asked as she walked into my room to find me blankly staring at my closet.

“Allison’s picking me up, so I should have a little more time to figure out what to wear.” I muttered as I began to rummage through my closet, an idea finally coming to mind. I dug out a pair of tan ankle boots, a pair of cut off jean shorts and a white crop top. 

“Well, I’m headed off to work. Have a great first day back.” My mom said with a smile, making a kissy face at me.

I blew her a kiss as I sat at my vanity, recurling pieces of hair that had gone flat in the night and doing my make up. I’m not quite sure how much time passed before my phone rang, but I picked up, not bothering to look at the name before I answered.

“Hello?” I answered as I took off the lid to my lipstick.

“You know how many vehicle collisions last year involved deer? Two hundred forty-seven thousand.” Stiles stressed through the phone and I rolled my eyes as I applied the red coating to my lips.

“And you’re telling me this, why?”  I asked, putting the cap back on and started messing with my hair a little more.

“Because a freaking deer ran right down the middle of the road and hit you head on last night!” He shouted and I could practically see his spastic hand gestures. I laughed at his adorable antics as I nodded at myself, finally satisfied with my appearance, I made my way downstairs to get some coffee. “What’s so funny?”

“You are, Stiles. It was one deer acting weird, do you remember Scott telling us about the night that he got bit? A whole herd of deer almost trampled him, now that’s weird.” I said as I began to search for my k cups that seemed to have vanished.

“Yeah, but-” 

“You have got to be kidding me!” I shouted, cutting Stiles off.

“What? What’s wrong?!” Stiles rushed and I thought it was so sweet that he was instantly worried.

“I’m out of coffee.” I pouted and the line was silent for a few minutes.

“You, you’re joking, right?” He asked in a flat tone.

“I wish I was.” I whined.

“I thought something happened!” He shouted as a horn honked outside, causing me to perk up.

“Gotta go, Allison’s here!” I exclaimed, about to pull the phone away, but then Stiles spoke up.

“I thought I was picking you up?” 

“Nope, Allison is, like, right now.” I said as I grabbed my sand colored knapsack with tan seashells and walked out the door, pausing for a moment to lock it.

“But we always ride together on the first day.” Stiles protested as I slid into Allison’s back seat.

“I literally spent all summer with you and Scott, I need a little time away from the testosterone.” I said causing Allison and Lydia to laugh as we pulled away from the curb.

“Fine, I’ll see you at school.” He muttered.

“Bye, Stiles.” I said in a playful tone to which he grumbled and hung up. I laughed as I stuck my phone in my back pocket before turning my attention to Lydia and Allison. “Hey, can we stop by Starbucks? I think my dad took my coffee.”

Lydia and I stood with Allison as she organized her locker.

“Freshmen.” Lydia mused, waving her finger around. “Tons and tons of fresh men.”

“You mean boys, their fourteen, Lydia. I know I want a senior.” I said as I bit the straw of my coffee and sent a flirty wink to a particularly hot passing senior who smiled in return. 

“You know, it’s okay to be single. Focus on yourself for a little while, work on becoming a better person.” Allison said as she stared off into space and I scoffed.

“Honey, I’ve been focusing on myself for seventeen years.” Lydia laughed at my comment before turning to face Allison

“Allison, I love you. So if you need to do that thing where we talk about me and pretend like we’re not actually talking about you, it’s totally fine. But I don’t want a boyfriend. I want a distraction.” Lydia said and she suddenly zeroed in on two guys in leather jackets practically strutting down the hallway holding helmets.

“Brothers?” I asked not being able to see their faces from the angle that I was at

“Twins.” Lydia mused, looking ready to pounce.

Allison, Lydia and I walked into English, there were only three seats left, Lydia took the one to Stiles’ right, I took the one behind him, not realizing that the only seat left for Allison was in front of Scott.

“Is someone sitting here?” Allison asked nervously and Scott shook his head vigorously.

“No, no, no, no. No, it’s all you, all yours. Uh, it’s totally vacant.” He rushed, and I smiled at him before gathering my things for class from my bag. As soon as I sat up, I felt my phone start to vibrate in my back pocket. I furrowed my eyebrows as I reached back and grabbed it, not having a chance to read the text before a feminine voice spoke.

“‘An overcast sky, seemed to lead into the heart of an immense darkness.’ This is the last line of the first book we are going to read. It is also the last text you will receive in this class. Phones off, everyone.” A woman, who I guessed was Miss. Blake said, holding up her phone as she walked into the classroom. I raised my eyebrows and shut my phone off, that’s one hell of a first impression, although it is kind of creepy that she somehow got all of our numbers.

I zoned out on my surroundings as I concentrated on our work sheet, that is of course until jealousy made me pay attention to Stiles and Lydia’s conversation.

“Hey, Lydia.” Stiles whispered loudly causing both her and me to look at him and he pointed at Lydia’s bandaged ankle. “What is that? Is that from the accident?”

“No, Prada bit me.” She said, looking slightly uncomfortable.

“He bit you? But he’s always so good.” I said and Lydia just gave me a sad look.

“The dog?” Stiles asked confused.

“No, her designer handbag.” I said and Stiles gave me a look, “Yes, her dog. And it’s really weird because he’s, like, the most well-behaved dog ever.”

“Okay. What if it’s, like, the same thing as the deer? You know, like, how animals start acting weird right before an earthquake or something?” Stiles suggested and I gave him an odd look, but of course, he was focused on Lydia.

“Meaning what? There’s gonna be an earthquake?” Lydia asked raising her eyebrow.

“Or something. I just, maybe it means something’s coming. Something bad.” Stiles said, leaning closer to Lydia.

“Stiles, it was a deer and a dog.” I said, but he still had his tunnel vision focused on Lydia.

“What’s that thing you say about threes? Once, twice-.” Suddenly a bird collided with the window, leaving a large blood spot in its wake. 

Miss. Blake set down her chalk and slowly walked over to the window and looked out with her mouth agape. I followed her eyes and my mouth copied hers when I saw the cloud of crows flying straight for the school. We all were silent for a few minutes, jumping each time a bird hit the window, that is until they finally broke through the glass and everyone began to scream as they were attacked.

“Get down, everyone! Get down, down! Get down! Get down!” Miss. Blake shouted and I gladly complied, diving out of my chair and under my desk, where Allison quickly joined me. We wrapped our arms around each other as we huddled together until everything was suddenly still.

Allison and I slowly let go of each other, hesitantly standing up and looking at the feathery carnage around us. As I looked around I noticed Stiles removing himself from Lydia and instantly fear and confusion were replaced with a white hot rage.

I’m not quite sure how much time had passed, but the paramedics and the police had shown up, along with Allison’s dad. Allison and I sat together on a desk while her dad examined her scratched up hand.

“Next time you’re feeling like you want to stay home, you stay home.” Argent told Allison before looking at me. “You too, I know about your condition.”

“I’m okay, thank you.” I smiled. It was oddly comforting to have Argent act like another father to me.

“I’m fine. But, Dad, the deer and now this?” Allison said, looking at her dad with a worried expression. Anyone who knew about the supernatural knew that this was a very, very bad sign.

“I know, I know.” Argent whispered as he shifted his weight around.

“This can’t be a coincidence.” I whispered as I noticed sheriff walking over.

“Mr. Argent, you wouldn’t have any insight on this would you?” Sheriff asked and three pairs of eyes grew wide of a second before Argent put on his poker face.


“Yeah. All this bizarre animal behavior, it’s… you must have seen something like this before, right?” Sheriff asked with a hopeful expression.

“I’m not sure why I would or why would think I would.” Argent said with a confused smile.

“I’m sorry. I-I could’ve sworn I overheard my son talking about how you were an experienced hunter.” Sheriff said, now also confused.

“Ah, right. Well, not anymore.” Argent said glancing at Allison before looking back to Sheriff who nodded awkwardly before turning to Allison and me.

“You two alright?” He asked and Allison and I nodded, muttering a simple ‘yeah’. That seemed so satisfy Sheriff and he walked away.

Suddenly Stiles had ahold of my wrist and started to drag me outside. Typically I would follow happily, but I was so pissed, I didn’t even want to talk to him. He managed to drag me out of the doors before I was finally able to plant my feet to the ground causing him to look at me with a ‘wtf’ face.

“Stiles, what the hell are you doing.” I said as I practically ripped my arm from his grasp.

“Come on, Liv, we need to get to Derek’s house.” He insisted, taking a few steps towards the Jeep, only stopping when he realized that I was still firmly planted on the sidewalk. “Liv!” 

We don’t need to go anywhere.” I snapped, venom lacing my words. I could tell that I had instantly frustrated him because he swiped his hand over his face before stomping back over to me.

“Why are you mad?” Stiles groaned and I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms.

“I don’t know, Stiles, I just think it’s kinda fucked up that you would go through hell and high water to protect Lydia and not the girl that you have literally known since birth.” I sneered.

“Liv-” Stiles began, but I cut him off.

“I get that you have some weird obsession with her, I mean she’s gorgeous, but face it, Stiles! You don’t even have the possibility of a chance of being with her! The sad thing is, you know that she basically couldn’t care less about you and you still try. In the end, you’re just gonna end up all alone with a broken heart and I won’t be there to pick up the pieces of your mistake.” I shook my head with disgust before whipping around and storming back inside.

It killed me to say all of those things, but what killed me more was the look of betrayal and pain that he wore, like the venom in my words was actually killing him. I broke into a run to the girl’s bathroom, locking myself in a stall as the tears began to fall. I hadn’t meant to say those things, but I was just so angry and jealous that I couldn’t have stopped them from falling out of my mouth, even if I tried.

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AAAA syd i really want u 2 kno how pumped i am 4 your gift being sent today... like i ordered some other junk (like one small thing 4 myself and stuff 4 my costume and a thing for my sis' bday) but when i sent your thing out and it was official i was.... Really Happy syd u would not believe how excited i was. i kinda get like this when i pick out/give gifts 2 people i really really REALLY care about bc i? want to see u peeps happy u kno?? sorry im rambling and im lame :o(

omg felix noo you’re not lame !!!! i’m literally,,,,,so excited,,,,,ik what you mean completely i LOVE picking out n giving gifts to my fave people !!! like that sounds fake or whatever but genuinely it’s such a good feeling ?? i literally can’t wait to get all your stuff together and send it i’ll honestly probably go into a coma or something,,anyways i’d die for u

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Then Kaishin 32, preferably with Kaito saying it. :)

Heck yeah.  Not quite long enough to need a read more.

“What the hell is your problem?” Shinichi demanded, crossing his arms.  “After all this time, you still think you can just shut me out?”

“No, Kudou, I–”

“God damn it, I thought we were friends!  We’ve been working together for three years, one of which I was an elementary schooler and now, all of a sudden, you’ve decided, ‘oh, hey, maybe I should keep secrets from my friend, I’m sure he’ll be fine with that!‘  And I’m not, Kuroba, you’re the only person I’ve never lied to and I–”

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified!” Kuroba shouted, interrupting Shinichi’s tirade.  Shinichi froze.  “I can’t stop thinking about you!  It’s like my brain is the Kudou Shinichi channel all day, all the time!  I thought about buying you a god damn oven mitt because it had a freaking deer stalker, Kudou!  I don’t know what to do anymore!”

Shinichi stared for a long moment and said the only thing he could think of.  “There was an oven mitt with a deer stalker?”

Kuroba laughed a little desperately.  “Really?  That’s what you focus on?”

“I’m in shock, okay?  Give me a second.  It’s not every day the person you’re in love with confesses first, all right?”

“You…"  Kaito took a hesitant step forward.  “You, too?”

“Did you know that Sonoko took Ran and I to a magic show a week ago?  All I could think as I predicted trick after trick was, ‘Kuroba could do better than this guy.‘  And then yesterday, I saw this Tuxedo Mask keychain, and I almost bought it because it reminded me of you–the rose, the hat…”

“Holy shit,” Kuroba breathed.  “Holy shit, you’re in love with me.”

“No, you did it wrong, you were supposed to focus on the stupid keychain!“  Shinichi shook his head and pulled out his phone.  When Kuroba caught sight of the charm hanging off it, he laughed.

“I thought you said almost!”

“Right, I almost bought it yesterday.  Today, though, today I bought it.”

“You really do love me.”  Kuroba shook his head in wonder.

Shinichi smiled.  “Yeah.  I think you owe me an oven mitt, Kuroba.”

“For you?  Anything.”

It's Time to Abandon Ship: Why I moved on from Stelena & Klaroline and jumped aboard Steroline

I just wanted to put this out there in anticipation of Steroline getting together, and to help drown out all the Steroline hate that’s been thrown around lately. Besides, I know I’m not the only ex-Stelena and ex-Klaroline shipper out there who came to see the light. 

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