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Tuxedo Luis from one of my entries for Inktober 2016, I decided to change it a bit in the colored version. Combination of Lewis from mystery skulls and Tuxedo mask from Sailor moon.


The Big ‘Ol Shiromori Post

So this is a long time coming. The Shiromori Post.

We had wanted to do this way earlier, show off her original sketches, post her turn-arounds and all that stuff.  We were starting to get questions about how to best cosplay as her and questions began to arise about how her robe works.

However, when I started to look at her robe to answer that question, I realized I made a rather sizable error with how the robe functioned.  The belt should NOT be logically visible from the sides and back.  When we developed the turn around, our initial stabs at the design had displayed the belt being visible, despite the robe simply being removed off the torso while still hanging off the belt (as illustrated in pic #3 by @artsyfeathersartsyblog).  The design seemed to just LOOK NICE like that, so I didn’t question it.  I had the occasional moment of confusion while animating but I figured since no one had said anything about it, it was fine.  After I found out about the error, I went into a panic to try to justify the design of like “Oh the robe has a hole in the back so you can see the belt” or something like that but I felt like it was too much of a cop-out to just hand wave the issue away.  As such, I am just taking the hit on this one and calling it the biggest animation error of Freaking Out.

To make up for it, we went ahead and tweaked the entire puppet over again to fix it in such a way that it makes way more sense, while still looking nice.  So the top pictures are what are basically Shiro Puppet V2. The illustration of pic #3 is basically a guide to how to wear Shiro’s robe.

Pic #4 and onward are her initial sketches and color tests.

She had stupidly long hair in her first sketch, but that was interfering with the robe and probably would have made animation tricky having THAT MUCH long draping stuff going on.  She skewed more towards pink at first, as I didn’t want the white present in her design to overlap with Mystery’s colors too much.  I think when her blue skin came in, though, that she looked unique in color scheme enough to justify skewing more white/black in her robe and hair.  Her flowers and beads maintained the amount of pink I wanted to evoke that sakura flower theme.  Also I think having her color overlap with Mystery sort of played into their connection to one another as characters.  What IS that connection you may ask?  Maybe we’ll find out in the next video???