Winter Love

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You’ll have to wait until book three to see, but… Tamlin still has his own journey ahead in this world. :)

Sarah J. Maas in an interview about ACOTAR Book 3 when asked about Tamlin having a shot at Redemption.


Comment How YOU Feel About Tamlin the Tool’s Possible Redemption.

Jacksepticeye Community :)

Although I haven’t gotten the chance to meet seán in person yet, I’ve still gotten a chance to see him through his videos for the past year and a half and all I can say is that seán’s truly a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to be himself! He’s so much more than a loud screaming Irishman, he’s a genuine, sweet, funny, humble, caring, good hearted soul who’s done so much for so many just by being there as a friend and listening/understanding them when no one else probably would. he doesn’t do youtube for all the money/ views but simply to spread postivity and bring a chuckle or smile to a person’s face in those few moments of video whether it be one person or millions. I know he may think he doesn’t mean or do a lot but seán really does to so many of us! it was because of him we were able to help build the nice community we have now and for some of us have new friends/experiences we can cherish for years to come. for me personally I’ve always been the uncool shy kid who stays in the shadows but since ive been more involved in youtube and have watched youtubers like seán I’ve grown to believe in myself a bit more and slowly grow out of my shell and talk to so many nice people in the community :) lol to think I never would of even know about seán hadn’t been for my computer freezing and loading the wrong video. best accident ever though so I’m definitely not complaining :D lol. now I’m not saying all of this to boost his ego and praise him all over like some god because at the end of the day seán’s just like the rest of us, he’s just a normal person, a human being with real feelings and emotions. that being said, I’m probably not going to love every little thing that he does and I’ll always have my own thoughts/opinions on certain things and he’ll have his but I will say that no matter what I’ll always consider him my friend. besides, it would be boring if we all weren’t unique and different in our own ways. Plus, is there really anything out there that is normal cuz I know I’m not but I’m perfectly ok with that :) i love how I can be as big of a werido as I want to be, that’s just who I am. As long as you love yourself and your happy with the way you are and live the life you want to lead, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks :) you are you and no one can take the away from you! just remember that different is good, normal is boring so don’t let someone tell you otherwise. sorry I’m rambling here but I just wanted to say that on behalf of myself and countless others seán thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do and just for being you. I’m happy that I can consider you a friend and hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to meet you to tell you this person (though I’ll be sure not to over talk and bore you like I probably am to people now with this post :) lol that’s my cue to stop talking now but just know we as a community and extended family will always stick by you seán through both the good and bad times and support/believe in you just as you always have for us over the years! :D ❤❤ and to those I’ve met in the community thank you all for being so kind, loving, and accepting of me and to the community as a whole lets all just continue to have fun and be the positive and loving place that we are :D

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