Oh Hello Freak!Prussia where did you come from?

He’s a little robo-boy yes he is! He didn’t start that way. Parts of him kept getting chopped off or broken so they were replaced with robotic bits. He updates himself one piece at a time, but he gets distracted from maintenance  so he constantly has a patched together look.

He can hardly hold himself together. A mouse lives in his shoulder and chews through the wires of his arm often, making it fall off. And Gilbird cleared out most of his head for a nest. Gilbert wouldn’t dream of making them leave. They’re his little friends ; u ;

He does still have some of his human parts, and one of his favorite pass times is throwing his once vital organs at his brother. He has no hair of his own left, so he’ll steal locks of hair from Ludwig and stitch himself makeshift wigs

He’s a motherfucking cutie

Freaktalia is Nessa’s thing?

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Oh my god, you're taking prompts. I'm so not missing out on this opportunity!!! Can I request an AU prompt with fem!Stiles where both her parents die at a young age and ends up being adopted and raised by the Hale family (and given special attention by her new uncle Peter)? Basically, I just want a creepily fluffy fic where Peter basically grooms and raises fem!Stiles (though I'm fine with boy!Stiles too) to be his mate.

Alright. This is the fourth time I’ve tried writing this, so let’s hope this actually goes through this time. I apologize in advance if it seems a bit choppy: it’s the bastardized love-child of attempts 1-3, but I did my best to make it come out alright.

But anyway, I hope you like it!

It takes two weeks before anyone catches on to what Stiles is to Peter, but once they do, there’s no sticking that cat back in the bag. It’s written in the way he watches the little 9-year-old, eyes intent and hungry, burning gold beneath the force of his instincts. It’s in the way he lingers, hovering around her, never quite daring to touch, but clearly wanting to. It’s in the way he speaks to her, gentle and teasing, coaxing her slowly out of the shell she buried herself in ever since she’d come home from school to a dead father not two weeks after her mother died. It’s in his scent, the way it floods the room with want and possessiveness whenever she looks up at him and smiles.

Talia spends a week making plans to send Stiles away, scraping them every time she does because she knows her lore, okay? She knows that it doesn’t matter how far she sends Stiles away, Peter will follow her, will find her, will rend everyone and everything that dares to get in his way of keeping her. Unbound mates are instinct driven, borderline psychotic, and Peter has never been what one could safely consider sane. Talia is many things, but blind to Peter’s faults has never been one of them. She knows her baby brother better than her own pups, so she knows that sending Stiles away will not help, will actually only turn out all the worse. Besides, in the time it takes Talia to realize that sending Stiles away would only result in more trouble than it would solve, Stiles wriggles her way firmly into the core of the pack, becoming so intrinsically bound to them that Talia could no more send her away that she could one of her own pups.

Stiles is, instinctively and adaptively, so much like them in behaviors and mannerisms that every last one of them sometimes have to forcefully remind themselves that she is human, not wolf. It only makes it harder for Talia to keep Peter on a metaphorical leash, because Stiles latches on to Peter more than she does any other person in their pack. She’s friendly enough with Cora, clearly uncomfortable around Laura for reasons no one seems willing to talk about, and treats Derek like a giant teddy-bear. (Derek will be the first to admit the tiny human has him wrapped around her fingers.)

But Uncle Peter is her undisputed favorite. It is undeniable and unquestionable, an immoveable fact of her life. She’s old enough to know that the way he looks at her, the lingering ways he touches her, aren’t right. She’s a cop’s kid, and there is no cop’s kid on this earth - let alone a cop’s only daughter - who passes the age of three without learning about Stranger Danger and the Bad Touch. It should bother her, the way her new Uncle creeps on her, and she knows this. But it doesn’t. She likes the attention he pays her, likes the way he cuddles her to him like he doesn’t want to let go, likes the way he talks to her, bold and honest like she’s an equal. She likes the little presents he buys her, and the food he prepares especially for her, the time he takes out of his day to teach her things.

It is Uncle Peter who reveals the existence of werewolves to her. It is Uncle Peter who teaches her their traditions and their practices, their history, mythology, and beliefs. It is Uncle Peter who teaches her about the hierarchies and subtle power plays between packs, and the responsibilities packs like theirs have towards their towns. It is Stiles, clever little thing that she is, who takes his teachings one step further, sneaking into the Hale library and reading everything she can get her hands on, learning about things that even Peter knows she’s much too young for.

Because despite his aching want, Peter isn’t a monster, not really, not like that. He wants what she represents, what she has the potential to become, but he has no desire to fuck a child. Not even when that child is his mate. But even so, when Stiles, 11 now and so precocious, walks up to him one for her usual morning hug and proceeds to clumsily scent-mark him, Peter is hard-pressed not to toss her down to the floor and claim her right then and there in front of everyone. Peter’s been so careful to leave his own scent on her in the same exact ways that he would leave his scent on any one of his family, because the last thing he needs is Talia freaking out and going protective alpha on his ass. But what Stiles does that morning, rubbing her face into his neck, nuzzling and kissing and nibbling, is too close for mere familial scenting, too intimate to be anything other than exactly what Stiles intends it to be.

It is a promise, a claiming, a staking of ownership. She does it first thing in the morning, because everyone is just now shuffling off into the kitchen in search of food, and Stiles wants everyone and anyone to understand that she’s okay with this, that she wants Peter as much as Peter wants her. It’s not proper, and it’s not right, but she knows what she’s getting into and she wants it.

Talia is a little angry, she’s not going to lie, because she’s gotten attached to Stiles, feels like the young girl is one of her own, and the mere idea of anyone putting their greedy paws on the 11-year-old like that has the alpha in her ready to rip and tear and kill. She has a long, long discussion with the little girl, explaining that while they all understand the mating will happen - and it will, there is no getting out of it - Stiles will need to wait until at least 16 before she is claimed. Talia also lets her know that if at any point after the claiming she wants the Bite, Stiles would be welcome to it. The discussion Talia has with her youngest brother is much shorter, consisting mainly of what she will do to him if she finds out he’s claimed the girl before she turns 16.

And things change after that. Stiles is pulled from the public school system, registered instead for home schooling. Talia brings in Deaton to teach her how to protect herself from werewolves should the need ever arise, and enough magic to be considered the pack’s new emissary should she decline the Bite.. She’s taught what her responsibilities will be as the mate of Talia’s head beta, how to be both submissive and assertive without pissing off visiting packs. She’s taught so many things, but the lessons her Uncle teaches her are the ones she enjoys best. Uncle Peter teaches her how to read in Russian and Gaelic, how to lie to other werewolves, how to hide her scent.

And Peter is doing good, so very good. He allows her to scent him thoroughly in the morning, but doesn’t reciprocate, because he likes his balls exactly where they are, is going to need them later to give his darling mate pups. But Stiles is both bold and curious, and when Peter continuously doesn’t get the hint that she wants more from him, she starts to experiment on her own. She knows by now that there is no such thing as privacy in a house full of werewolves, has long embraced her hidden core of absolute shamelessness.

As long as she gets what she wants, well. She starts off my furtively learning how to touch herself, exploring her body in both her bedroom and the in-suite bathroom, learning what she likes and what she doesn’t. She makes no effort to hide her scent or smother the sounds she makes. And she knows its working, can see the looks of pity the others keep throwing Peter, can see the way Peter starts to creep on her harder, practically living as her shadow, gaze intense and uncharacteristically silent. He’s on his last tether, she knows it, rejoices in it, and the only thing holding him back is precisely the only thing stopping her from crawling naked into his bed at night.

And everyone knows, okay? And even Talia knows that Peter’s control is only so good, there’s got to be some give before she ends up with a pregnant 13-year-old running around. So she compromises with Peter, tells him he can touch and taste all he wants, but he can not claim her in full until she’s 16. And so Stiles starts to learn new things.

By the time she’s fourteen, she knows what it’s like to have her Uncle’s head between her thighs, mouth latched firmly onto her aching sex, tongue and teeth drawing out orgasm after orgasm out of her trembling body. She knows what it’s like to feel his fingers inside of her, twisting and petting. She knows what it’s like to have her developing breasts in his hands and on his tongue. She knows what it sounds like when he jerks himself off as he eats her out, growling and groaning into her sex, all the more hungry for the taste of her the closer he gets to release. She knows what it feels like to have his large, strong hands hold her down and make her take it.

When she’s fifteen, she’s finally allowed to see him naked, to explore his body the way he’s explored her own, and she gains a fascination with his cock. She loves it, adores it, wants it in her or on her always. He won’t fuck her, won’t claim her, not yet, Talia’s orders the only barrier between them both taking that final step, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other things they can do. She likes to suckle at him, likes the feel of him, hot and heavy in her mouth, soft or hard, it doesn’t matter. She gains a bit of an exhibition kink, because she doesn’t care who sees her: when she wants him, she has no qualms dropping to her knees and taking.

The day she turns sixteen, Peter whisks her off to a hotel, where they spend the next three days lounging around naked, having as much sex as her fragile human body could stand, and cuddling.