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Request: Hi! Congrats on your writing anniversary! Could you do a GabrielxReader smut fic with some fluff? You decide what it’s about?

Pairing: Gabriel x reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Warnings: smut

A/N: In honor of JIBcon just ending, a little scenery change for a bit…

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Hetalia Characters Losing their Kid in a Store
  • Italy: Freaks out, probably calls Germany because he doesn't know what to do.
  • Germany: Very stressed, but does everything by the book. He goes back to where he last saw his kid, and probably finds the kid since he must've taught them well, but if not he'll go to the front and have them call the kid's name.
  • Japan: Goes straight to an employee to ask to call the kid's name over the speakers.
  • America: Freaks out and runs around the store until he finds the kid or an employee asks what's going on.
  • England: Looks around for a while until someone asks what he's looking for and he has to tell them it's his kid.
  • France: Freaks out, goes to the nearest employee and asks if they've seen "his beautiful child".
  • China: Walks around yelling his kid's name, probably finds the kid pretty fast because he can be loud and doesn't really care what people think of it.
  • Russia: Would have his kid sit in his shopping cart so the kid doesn't get lost.
  • Canada: Very worried, shyly approaches employee to ask for help, "if it's not too much trouble", and apologizes profusely for taking up their time.
  • Austria: Is the one who is lost. His kid is fine and goes to the front to call their dad's name over the speakers.

wolffem  asked:

How would the 2ps react to their smol crush asking them out on a date (but they're kinda shy so they're blushing and stuttering a bit). Also I adore your blog❤

2p France: He’d actually smile! And trust me he’d say yes in a heart beat by act super chill and smooth.

2p England: He hug the life outta them and scream yes.

2p America: He’d actually get flustered and ask “Wait, your actually into me??”

2p Canada: He doesn’t change much on the outside but his heart is screaming.

2p China: He’s smile real big and be very happy.

2p Russia: Oh my god he’s so flustered it’s cute. He’s also stuttering over his words and finally he just takes a breath and looks at you “Yes.” And quickly runs away because he’s so amazingly happy but he’s freaking out too.

2p Italy: He’d act smooth but he’s actually surprised.

2p Germany: He’d be really happy and confess his surprise to you.

2p Japan: He’ll kinda just break.

2p Prussia: “Really? Me?” He can’t believe it and thinks it’s a cruel joke at first but is happy when it’s real.

2p Romano: He loves how shy you are and he’s blushing too and he agrees and hugged you.

2p Spain: He’ll Stare at you and then part your head “I’ll pick you up at 6.”

meowdoglover  asked:

May i please ask how the 1p axis would react to finding their kidnapped s/o crying, not at their situation, but at cute animal pics and faith in humanity things?

Italy: freaks out before crying with you too because he’s a big softy for animals

Germany: rushes to see what’s going on big sighs and holds you while scrolling through the photos. Might shed a tear or too because dogs.

Japan: would be worried and hug you but will almost deadpan because he thought it would be something more serious. He’d still hold you and look though the photos with you though.

anonymous asked:

I hope you don't mind me asking so many question heh- How do they react when a bee, hornet or wasp flies up to them?

It’s fine since I’m not really drawing anything for it, I might try to later though as an ask dump maybe?

Seborga: He’s not really bothered by them. He’s just like “it’s a cool little friend”

Italy: Freaks out and cries. He’s super scared of bugs and is afraid it might sting him. He’ll hide behind whoever is around him.

Romano: Tries to swat it away, and probably ends up getting stung. He only swats at them if they get up close and in his face. It pisses him off, but other than that he’s cool with them flying around him.

Beyonce and Jay Z enjoy romantic dinner date at sushi restaurant

BEYONCE has been spotted in public for the first time since giving birth to twins last month.

The ‘Lemonade’ star was reportedly spied grabbing a feed of sushi in Malibu with her husband Jay Z.

E! News reports Bey and Jay spent three hours at the exclusive Nobu restaurant on Wednesday.

The mum-of-three and her rapper hubby apparently went to great lengths to enjoy their special date night — the couple reportedly arrived at the restaurant in separate cars and were surrounded by multiple bodyguards.

The twins and the couple’s first child, Blue Ivy, were not at the restaurant.


Beyonce and Jay Z step out for intimate dinner at Malibu sushi restaurant, Source: Jacson/Splash News.


Beyonce and Jay Z welcomed twins, son Sir and daughter Rumi, in June.

The singer confirmed their arrival and names on Instagram on Friday, sharing a photo of herself holding the newborn twins.

Beyonce rocked a blue veil and blue bikini bottoms and a floor-length floral shawl for the first pic with her twins.

The shot is similar to her original pregnancy announcement, featuring the same floral arch.

The gorgeous post comes two weeks after the company owned by Bey and Jay reportedly filed trademark applications for their twins’ names.

Photo Source: Bauer-Griffin.

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Have you got anymore stuff about Italy recovering from HetaOni? I love your Hetaoni headcanons so much uwu

-Everyone’s wondering why Italy’s acting so strange and ‘how he should be happy that they’re out of the mansion’ and Germany just gets really mad and speaks up for him like “He can’t just recover over night! Do any of you even care about how much shit he went through? Years! He said he was trapped in that mansion for YEARS. You may think it’s nothing because you weren’t the ones going back in time, trying again and again to save our lives. You have no fucking right to judge him, he saved our lives, the least we can do is help him return back to his old self if that’s even possible” (And Japan’s just like “No fucking sleepover party until Italy feels better that’s final”) 

-In the beginning, Italy could not sleep AT ALL without the help of sedatives because he would ramble on about if he closed his eyes he would end up back in the mansion or he would use his memories in his sleep (So Italy was in between the not sleeping at all and sleeping all day because they had to drug him). Germany would be the one who ended up talking with him until he dosed off about good memories that Italy had trouble regaining himself. Like even when Italy did fall asleep, Germany couldn’t bring himself to leave his side. He’d stay there all day, making phone calls and doing ‘working-at-home’ stuff while still in Italy’s bedroom 

-When Italy stayed at Germany’s house (Romano went back to work to give Italy the time off he needed and Prussia filled in for Germany. Italy needed to be with someone 24/7, he’d panic if he was alone), Germany like safety-proofed the house of anything that might freak Italy out, (He took down his book shelf because Italy kept rummaging for it, looking for the journal. He took down all his clocks and read the time from his iPhone digitally, he made sure that Italy heard him lock the front door, ect.) 

-Italy would call Japan often because he’d still be awake at night and Germany was fast asleep next to him and he didn’t want to wake him up. Japan has a completely different timezone than him so while it was nighttime for Italy it was day time for Japan and Japan would talk to him to help him fall asleep. Germany could find him with the phone pressed against Italy’s ear, sometimes Japan would stay on the phone the whole time so Germany could talk to him in the morning 

-Italy looked absolutely horrible the first few months it was actually really hard to see. Once they left the mansion, everything Italy held together just fell apart and he always looked exhausted and sickly, he had horrible dark circles and sometimes it even looked like he lost a lot of weight 

-Germany totally coddled him the first few months of recovery. Like he would NOT let him go. After awhile, when Italy seemed well enough to leave the house they ended up touring around and doing fun stuff. Italy seemed a lot happier being outside because it made everything feel so real 

-Sometimes when Italy wakes up from sleep he enters a weird state of mind where he believes and acts like he’s still in the mansion and the escape never happened. The doctor says the medicine and sleep deprivation would do that so Germany would just kinda play along until Italy came back to his senses. But it was hard to watch since he’d wobble around blearily around the house and rummage through Germany’s bookshelves (Which is why he took them down) 

-They actually have annual sleepovers to commemorate the anniversary of leaving the mansion and the second time around it was enjoyable but Italy was a lot better and could enjoy it more. Plus, everyone’s super nice on him it’s like some sort of “Be nice to Italy day” 


Just a couple of captions while I work on the Dashcon chat transcript/recap/whatever. 

1. My favorite word is “dirigible”. 

2. and 3. When he’s told the voice from “The Woman from Italy” freaked people out.

4. “Who’s your favorite character?” “CECIL! Duh!" 

5. His Hogwarts house is Slytherin - "Because we get things done!" 

6. "What’s your favorite quote?” Thnking face :D :D 

Italy is the only one of them that gets stressed out over thunder (Apparently he’s always been scared of it, but over the years and two world wars it makes him feel like their getting bombed)

Not only that, but if there’s thunder and the powers out, Italy will freak. 

So Germany, Japan, and Italy huddle together under the blankets. Sometimes they even sing to him (yes Germany included). 

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do u know the scene where Oleg and Sergey are on a plane going somewhere, I think to a new house? what issue was that and did Oleg live with him?

It’s Issue 26, and Oleg goes to live with Sergey in A PALACE.  YES, SERGEY BUYS A FREAKING PALACE IN VENICE, ITALY.  This mofo knows how to live in style.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Italy wanting a pet, but not a puppy or a kitten. He just comes home one night and proudly shows Germany his new precious baby BALL PYTHON. And he's so excited like 'LOOK Germany! She's so smol and has such a cute chubby face and look at her big round eyes! Oh, she's wrapping herself around my wrist isn't that cute?" And Germany really doesn't want to upset his bae but silently he's totally freaking out.


Everything is cute to him (And honestly snakes are really cute I love them) 

Endless Love - Prologue

Summary: Lauren Jauregui, the school’s nerd, and Camila Cabello, the popular cheerleader, have been best friends since they were just five years old. Growing up never meant growing apart for the two… Until college came into the picture. The very last time they saw each other had them both in tears, and now four years later, it’s as if they’re total strangers to one another. Lauren is the jerk CEO of a wealthy company while Camila remains the genuine and lovable girl-next-door.

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teharseye-deactivated20170620  asked:

OOHH OH-- if you're still doing it can you do winter outfits for all of them notthatIhaveaninterestonwinterfashion

((I’m sorry this took so long.))

2p Germany:  He’s that one guy who walks out in shorts and a tank top and smiles at the neighbors who are all bundled up and think he’s a freak.

2p Italy:  He tends to wear darker colors, a dark longer jacket, dark jeans, black boots, while thick shirt, and a red scarf.

2p Japan:  All black, but he does so well with the snow that he wears all black jeans, and a t-shirt, however he will carry a jacket around just in case he gets too cold.

2p South Italy:  Hates the cold, doesn’t care how stupid he looks he’s bundled up, he’s the neighbor who think Lutz is a freak.

2p Prussia:  Occasionally leaves the house in winter, he’s honestly constantly cold, so he’s wearing sweats, and a sweatshirt inside of his snow gear that way they don’t get wet and cold.

anonymous asked:

How would the Axis, Prussia and Romano react to seeing a old lady with dog ears and a lizard tail?

South Italy: Freaked out, he’d run to the nearest church and request holy water, but by the time he returned to where she was, she’d be gone.

Prussia: He’d think it was really weird, but also really awesome! He might even go over to her and ask if he could be a cool hybrid too!

anonymous asked:

Italy loves going to waterparks but hardly knows how to swim so Germany has to come and act like a life jacket and help him stay afloat.


I can see Germany stressed out as hell because Italy’s running around and Germany knows he can’t keep himself a float and he’s all “Gdi why does he LIKE this stuff?!”. And he freaks out every time Italy has trouble getting out of the water or when Italy can’t stand up in the deep end.  

Also there could have been like one time Italy almost drowned, just once, and Germany was anxious about him and water ever since. Y E S 

It’s like watching over a kid but instead it’s watching over your bf