Hetalia Characters Losing their Kid in a Store
  • Italy: Freaks out, probably calls Germany because he doesn't know what to do.
  • Germany: Very stressed, but does everything by the book. He goes back to where he last saw his kid, and probably finds the kid since he must've taught them well, but if not he'll go to the front and have them call the kid's name.
  • Japan: Goes straight to an employee to ask to call the kid's name over the speakers.
  • America: Freaks out and runs around the store until he finds the kid or an employee asks what's going on.
  • England: Looks around for a while until someone asks what he's looking for and he has to tell them it's his kid.
  • France: Freaks out, goes to the nearest employee and asks if they've seen "his beautiful child".
  • China: Walks around yelling his kid's name, probably finds the kid pretty fast because he can be loud and doesn't really care what people think of it.
  • Russia: Would have his kid sit in his shopping cart so the kid doesn't get lost.
  • Canada: Very worried, shyly approaches employee to ask for help, "if it's not too much trouble", and apologizes profusely for taking up their time.
  • Austria: Is the one who is lost. His kid is fine and goes to the front to call their dad's name over the speakers.

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The 2ps just made their kid cry, what do they do?

2p!America: Panics and does whatever he can to cheer them up.

2p!Canada: He stares at them and gets down to their level and he’ll ask what he said and speak to them calmly until they calm down

2p! England: Would freak out. He would give them cupcakes and hold them, feeling really guilty.

2p! France: Would feel bad and would just apologize and buy them something later that day/the next day.

2p!China: Same as 2p!America though he knows if he doesn’t cheer the kid up his s/o is gonna kick his ass

2p!Russia: He’d apologize and tell them how sorry he was for whatever he did that made them cry.

2p! Italy: Would buy them a bunch of stuff, but would still feel really bad.

2p!Germany: Freaks out and buys them candy so they stop crying

2p!Prussia: He’ll talk to them and calm them down before going to buy them ice cream

2p!Japan: Bribes them to stop crying

2p! Romano: Would freak out. He doesn’t handle kids well

2p!Spain: see 2p!Canada

Albinos in general have pretty sucky eyesight, so Prussia would most likely have glasses (but only wear them at home because to him glasses=uncool)

Imagine him falling asleep in his glasses and Germany taking pictures and posting them on various social media sites/sending them to other countries/using them as blackmail.

Imagine him trying to be dramatic and putting on his glasses really quickly and almost stabbing out his eyes.

Imagine him forgetting his glasses are on his face/folded on his shirt collar/on top of his head and him freaking out until Germany points out where Prussia’s glasses were the whole time.

Imagine Prussia not being able to find his contacts so he wears his glasses to a meeting/party/New Year’s/Christmas/any event with a lot of nations and half the people are like “Oh you wore your glasses?” while the other half is like “You have glasses?! Since when?!" 

Imagine aph Prussia with glasses.

Prussia still treating Germany like a child though.

Setting curfews

Still calling him “baby brother”

Thinks he can still carry him, sometimes pulling so many muscles trying to carry a sleeping Germany to his room to tuck him in.

Freaking out when Germany gets a date, saying “you’re too young!”

Reprimanding him for eating a cookie before dinner

Has to catch himself when they go out to eat because he tends to order food for Germany

Sometimes even forcing Germany to sit in the back seat of the car instead of in the passenger seat.

Refuses to let Germany drive

Holds his hand when crossing the street and constantly tells him to “look both ways!”

Just fucking babying him

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How would yandere 2p Canada, 2p Germany, and 2p France react if they overreacted and yelled at there S/O. This resulted in the S/O sobbing.

(Sorry that these may be a bit late. but please enjoy!)

2p!Canada: Instantly apologetic, even if he’s still mad. He never wants to scare them away. Slowly approaches them and holds them, promising to make it up to them, and that he only did it because they love them. Will be very soft spoken until they forgive him. 

2p!France: Fuck, he feels guilty. He’s still pissed but mainly at himself for making them cry. He’ll end up pulling them close and holding them, whispering apologies and soft words in french. He’ll make it up to them after they stop crying.

 2p!Germany: Freaks out internally. He hates seeing his s/o cry. Will spoil them until they stop and forgive him

Italy is the only one of them that gets stressed out over thunder (Apparently he’s always been scared of it, but over the years and two world wars it makes him feel like their getting bombed)

Not only that, but if there’s thunder and the powers out, Italy will freak. 

So Germany, Japan, and Italy huddle together under the blankets. Sometimes they even sing to him (yes Germany included). 


Summary: You got braces but don’t like them at all so Peter comes over to your place and tries to make you smile again

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: language,but otherwise it’s just fluff

A/N: This is my very first Peter Parker fic and I really hope I did him justice because I really enjoyed writing this one! Also this was requested by anon here. :)

“I’m never, never, never going to leave the house again”, you complained, your voice still sounding a little weird because you were still adjusting to speak with braces. You were standing in front of the little mirror above the dresser in your bed room and stared at the braces which now had the task to straighten your front teeth. 

It wasn’t like you hated people with braces. You knew a lot of people and even had friends with braces. One of your closest friends was wearing them and she looked absolutely beautiful with them. You couldn’t imagine her smile without them. But that didn’t meant you would have to like them on yourself. 

You tried to smile at yourself in the mirror and made a grimace. Not only did it still hurt because your entire mouth was sore, you  also hated how it looked and you’d already decided at the orthodontist that you were never going to smile again. Ever.

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Portrait of a Generation: The Love Parade Family Book by Alfred Steffen 

“ This book celebrate the glory days of The Love Parade in the mid-1990s, back when it was this crazy festival that happened every year in Germany, where freaks would descend to the city of Berlin en masse and just dress really weird, get stoned and dance to techno music. The Mtv ravers are back in town ”