Not to be Problematic™ but uh, shipping two real live people who both have children and/or a spouse is not only disrespectful and dehumanizing to them but also to their actual partners and/or families. Shipping two fictional characters is one thing (because they’re fictional), but putting that on two real people who are in truth no more than friends and coworkers is another. Please consider this before you make some posts or comments and consider their feelings and that of their families.

Okay so I redrew the JLA’s Vibe #1 cover but with the CW incarnation while doing my best to replicate the original artist’s style which I will never do again cause crosshatch shading is freaking h anyway please feel free to enjoy this in lieu of actual CW Vibe posters or merchandise because hey DC where is my merch for the arrowverse’s #1 friendbro my guys I just want to give you my money for the love of plea DID YOU KNOW THERES 2 GOLD ZiPPERS ON EACH SHOE CAN YOU BELIEV

Everything perfect with "Be More Chill (part 1)"

- I really like the squip’s voice??? a e s t h e t i c

- “You’ll look like a mastubator, fix your posture than the rest.”

“..but I am a mastubator.”

“We’ll fix that.”

- J : but-
S : buh
J : I-
S : buh
J : wha-
S : no
J : wai-
S : stop

- squip = asshole™

- “jesus christ.”


- “How are you with math homework?”

“I’m a supercomputer Jeremy, I’m made of math.”

-“Now you, try picking out a shirt…that’s a girls shirt.”

- “Jerry???”

-Jeremy’s, “Looking pretty sexy, Brooke,”

-THE WAY CHLOE IMMEDIATELY STARTS TO SPEAK AFTER JEREMY COMPLIMENTED BROOKE I CAN’T- (I’m probably overreacting, but I just can’t imagine Chloe not getting jealous over this)

-the way the beat changes after the squip says, “Repeat after me,” is honestly the best thing.

-Jeremy repeating the Squip and going over board with it.

-Jeremy’s faint nervous chuckle after saying, “-and she had a shirt just like this!”

- how the squip and Jeremy sing “It’s still painfull,” is my new aesthetic.


- “WHAT???”

- “she’s fre-e-e-e-ench.”

- Jermey’s voice break in his last line is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in years.

- “because she was chEATING ON MEEEEEE.”

- “Hey Hamlet, be more chill.