So a lovely friend of mine asked me to sing the silly “Breaky Baby” lyrics I wrote, while in costume! 

Where I couldn’t exactly go full rig I do hope you enjoy this silly thing my dear! 

Merry Christmas to my followers hehe! ;D
State of the recount—judge orders recount in MI, Green pullout of PA not what it seems, WI underway
It may not be getting a lot of coverage in the media, but there’s a lot of activity going around the recounts of presidential votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In Michigan, a federal judge has ordered the recount to go forward. A...

Gusto ko rin yung maganda boses ko. Gusto ko yung singer ako. Gusto ko yung maganda boses ko pag kumakanta. Gusto ko kantahan yung susunod na mamahalin ko. Gusto ko marinig nya gano ko sya kamahal sa pamamagitan ng pag awit. Gusto ko maramdaman nya gano ko sya kamahal sa simpleng effort na pagkanta. Gusto ko yung hinging hingi nya sakin na kantahan ko sya. Gusto ko lagi nya mapapakinggan boses ko, upang mabuo araw nya.


Giacinto Scelsi, “Ko-Tha” by Wilhelm Bruck

“Rome is the dividing line between East and West. North of Rome is the West, South of Rome is the East. My house stands right on the dividing line. This is how you can understand me and my music.”  Giacinto Scelsi
Sec. John Kerry says Donald Trump did not contact State Dept. before making calls to world leaders
Donald Trump has been on a dangerous, bumbling tour of calls and visits with world leaders—and he hasn’t even taken office yet. From praising Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s vicious anti-drug campaign, which the Los Angeles Times has described...

sajirah  asked:

What do are some things you miss most that you can't find or have in Korea?


Don’t take this the wrong way. There’s plenty of mountains, valleys, and hiking trails to take advantage of. What I miss is the animal life. The chance of seeing grazing deer, curious bears, or a weary wolf. There’s little animal life here and after nearly a year Beyond the Wall, I miss that.

Next would be clothes.

My body type is quite different than the average Korean. The problem is that the stores stick closely to the “average” ideal and we broad shouldered, long-legged freaks get the shaft.