Kelley O’Hara - Bridgestone Performance Institute

It wasn’t natural talent that won gold for US Women’s Soccer player Kelley O’Hara – it was her drive to always go the extra mile.

So this is Jaylen Kos, best friend to Bant Eerin’s Padawan, Llewas Albedo.

He’s an Iridonian Zabrak, a Padawan Learner to the Jedi Healers (who tend to train Padawans communally so he doesn’t have one specific Master, except perhaps Master Vokara Che, who leads the Healers.)

Jaylen became a Padawan shortly after Llewas did, following some…rash choices led to him fighting alongside his friend, and becoming a hero, at the Battle of Akoshissss.

Some other facts:

*His lightsaber is blue

*He has dimples. They’re fun as hell to draw.

*His hair is grown out because I headcanon that the Healers really don’t give too much of a shit if Padawans cuts it or not. I also just wanted to draw a Zabrak with luscious locks, sue me.

*He, Llewas, and Ahsoka were all in the same clan in the creche

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“One of the things that Harris rather famously didn’t want to do was tell Hannibal’s origin in Hannibal Rising, and this last season we learned a lot more about that origin in this version, the show. It’s very different from the novel. Can you tell me about the conversations you had with Bryan, or even in your own head, about Hannibal’s sister Mischa and how that backstory played out?”

Mads Mikkelsen: “The Mischa story is interesting because it is there, it’s in the books and it’s definitely in our show as well. But at the same time we did not want [give him] an out. We did not want to have an excuse to why Hannibal is what he is. We didn’t want to have one single reason, a traumatic thing that happened to him when he was a kid, or happened to Mischa, and for that reason Hannibal is what he is. We thought that would diminish the character a lot.We both had this idea that Hannibal was a fallen angel, born like that. He sees beauty like the rest of us, he sees horror, and for that reason we could have one single thing happening in his life that turned him around. So we always tried to avoid [explaining] him, but at the same time thought there were things that make hopefully make the audience curious about what was happening in the past. Who was she? But we tried to make it blurry and not too complete?” [Mads Mikkelsen interview for Crave on December 8, 2015]

Details of Hannibal