Pollo Tropical Restaurant - West Facade by Mabry Campbell on Flickr.

Considering Doing Business in Brazil?

Brazil Goes Retail: Unique Consumers, Unique Challenges
Featured A.R.E. session at GlobalShop 2012 

Forecasts are for Brazil’s retail sales to increase by over 30% in the next five years, driven by strong economic growth, a rapidly expanding population, and rising disposable incomes. The lifestyles of the Brazilian middle class and upper-income groups increasingly mirror those of their peers in developed countries. The opportunity to tap into this rapidly growing market is attracting retailers of all kinds, from all over the world. But Brazilian consumers and culture are unique. FRCH Design Worldwide will provide an overview of the Brazilian market and offer perspectives on Brazilian consumers from both the retailer’s and store designer’s point-of-view. What are the key market demographics? How are Brazilian consumers different from their counterparts in North America? How do these differences impact retail strategy and store design and planning? Claudio Miccieli Jr. will be on hand to answer questions from the perspective of his company, leading Brazilian retailer/restaurant chain, Giraffas.

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