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How do you think the all but explicit revelation in the most recent episode that Margaery may have in fact lost her maidenhead already, a fact which is disputed a lot in AFFC/ADWD, will impact Cersei's future arc? Her 'suspicions' were a factor in her downfall surely? The episode was written by GRRM and I don't think he'd just throw away that particular comment, although he has pointed out how the show differs from the book on many occasions.

[spoilers through affc and adwd]

I’m publishing this because I was discussing it like, one hour ago with a friend. And I was like, “go figure, turns out Cersei’s suspicions were actually reasonable”. I have no idea, I too don’t think that scene was to be disregarded, because George wrote it. I always  take GRRM’s episodes very seriously, regardless of the quality of the episode itself, because they always need to be taken as additional information on the characters. So yeah, I am leaning towards the possibility that Margaery is no virgin (which is strongly hinted in some parts of the book, though we always see it through Cersei’s eyes, so the reader is led to believe it’s nothing but her delusional thinking spurred by the need to take Margaery out of the picture). I think if it’s true, it will add a lot to the Margaery/Cersei dynamic later on. I don’t see it necessarily as a problem, if anything I see it as a nice set up for the controversy later on? Because there will be Cersei trying to take Margaery down, and Margaery trying to kind of dodge Cersei’s bullets: too bad apparently Cersei’s bullets might not be that delusional after all. I am looking forward to seeing where they’re going with this. It’s clear Cersei is quite different from the books, so this should make for a nice battlefield: one where Cersei is not absolutely wrong and Margaery is not absolutely guiltless. Should be a nice conundrum, when the time comes!

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You've done it. A SJ blogger posted ABOUT you. I feel like this is an achievement that's been a long time coming.

I feel so proud. I should print the post out and put it on my wall. It’s especially funny since they still havent said HOW it’s racist. Just that it is. And when I simply ask how it’s racist, they call me depraved and don’t try to rationally explain their side of it.