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imagine steve proposing to you but in typical rom com fashion he drops the damn ring down the sink

You can’t stop laughing.

“That did not just happen.” you giggle, blinking at the frazzled and red faced super soldier that stands before you, “This has to be a joke.”

Steve, in all his usual grace has fumbled with the velvet box by accident and sent the ring down the drain.

You don’t really mean to make fun of him, it’s just that the situation is so ridiculous you can’t help laughing. As wonderful and gentlemanly as Steve is, he’s still such a lovable mess sometimes and it’s so cute.

“I’m sorry, I…I can’t believe I ruined this.” he sighs, looking at you with sad puppy dog blue eyes before he rubs a hand down his face, embarrassed.

You roll your eyes, a smile lighting up your face, “You didn’t ruin anything, you made me laugh.” you assure him as he steps closer, taking your hand.

“You could always just ask me again.” You smile. He looks at you and smiles, taking one of your curls between his fingers and pulling you close.

“Will you marry me?” he asks, smiling bright.

There is no other answer you’d rather give.


Do you ever just want to cry because of how nice people are to you even though you’re completely and utterly shite? I do. ;__; The number of people who’ve stuck with me during three years and counting of chronic migraines is frankly humbling. If we ever talk and you don’t mind me being MIA frequently or just too in pain and frazzled to talk, I genuinely and honestly love you. (Not, like, in a creepy overly-attached way if we’re not super tight or are just acquaintances, I’m pretty liberal with the word love! I just wanna send hearts your way! 💕 And if we do talk often (for a very liberal definition of the word often, ‘cos lbr I’m ill and rubbish all the time) I absolutely do love you and think the world of you! 💞)

(There are supposed to be hearts in here but mobile tumblr ate them and half my post, grr!)


@lyriumbee thank u so much for taking this I was frazzled on the way to work thinking abt all the things I needed to say & then u just swoop in w/ all the right things

@everstiini this basically sums up the reasons it’s a bit 😐 that a straight dude (& specifically this straight dude) wrote sera

she’s constantly treated in a v different way from the other companions. there are multiple dialogue trees where it’s literally impossible to be nice to her, as well as the fact that she’s the only character u can forcibly kick from the inquisition - and u get this option every time u talk to her. she’s also the only companion who has a crisis of faith that u can’t help her through; u can only belittle her concerns

she’s actually written very messily, in that for a while there were a billion theories floating around as to who she really is, including theories that she’s andruil/some other god. she’s written so inconsistently that people don’t know what to do with her. so even apart from the fact that her writer is shitty at writing wlw, apparently he’s just shitty at writing in general lmao

I’m glad u enjoyed her writing, & I’m glad none of this bothers u. but as a sapphic person myself I have more of a right to be bothered by this than lukas did to write her lmao

Emergency Commissions!



I need to whip out some quick commissions so that I can have money to last me until my next payday. The other reason why this has to be fairly quick is because I am in the middle of MOVING. YAY.

Also because it has to be quick I am only doing SINGLE CHARACTERS. I’m gonna be REALLY STRICT about it this time. Below are the options I have available due to my time constraint, please be respectful. If you want me to draw a couple, you’ll have to please be patient and wait for me to open commissions during a time when I’m not frazzled.

Also ALSO because it has to be quick, I – again – can’t do a lot of variety. So I’ve got 2 options for you:

OPTION A: Sketch Portraits

Traditional only - $15 / each


OPTION B: Digital - Waist-up

Grayscale: $30
Color: $35



Style Option: (A or B) (if B, please state Grayscale or Color)
Character’s Name:
Brief Description of Personality/Physical Details:
Visual References:
Paypal E-mail:

Send your commission order to:

I will give you instructions on HOW and WHEN to pay once I have accepted your order.


Pain overwhelms and I let gravity settle me to the floor, briefly considering whether this arrangement of limbs is dignified before more convulsions clear such concerns. Gears and cogs are grinding and screeching inside me, grating against each other in futile attempts to mechanically work through a fatal misalignment. Frazzles: why did I eat a whole multi-pack of Frazzles? I knew I’d regret it, I always feel awful after crisps. But this is sharper than the familiar comforting discomfort of over eating.

They’re vegetarian, but taste more like bacon than most bacon. Would they taste so vivid if they were less pink?

My arm is on fire, like every fibre is tearing itself apart, and each rent cell is spilling molten pain. I can only stare at it straining and twitching, out of my control. A small white scar in the crook of my thumb and index finger is pulled and distorted by the roiling turmoil beneath it. My Grandmother burned me with her cigarette, and then died before I was 5. Sometimes I touch that scar while I’m smoking and wonder how you could accidentally do that to a baby. Mum never talked about her.

I worry she hated me.

The adrenaline resonates clean and natural like a tolling bell and my body responds automatically, not like the begrudging response to the crude synthetic alarm drills I’ve been flushing through my veins. The pain is replaced by something more efficient. I’m aware: of the shadow on the wrong side of his eyes in the incomplete painting, how did I miss that? The key to my post box is forgotten under the bed, maybe someone has written? There is a chip in the guitar I borrowed. She’ll be so mad!

The passing time is marked only by the imperfect rhythm of the traffic smeared across the open window. I want fresh air so badly. Not like, outside fresh or even countryside fresh, I want open sea or windy moors. I’m telling myself I’ll take a break and find somewhere I can breathe when I realise I’m not. I don’t have long to consider claustrophobia before the part of me that might feel trapped in a lifeless body quiets.

Orphan Black MBTI

Sarah Manning
ESFP [The Performer]

Spontaneous, casual and comfortable with “winging it,” ESFPs often do their best work last minute when the pressure of the deadline is right upon them. Calm, cool and collected (at least on the outside) in a crisis, they are able to leap into action and troubleshoot swiftly and efficiently while others get frazzled. With a free spirited, “live and let live” attitude, ESFPs are the least likely type to judge others or try to offer unsolicited direction or advice. They tend to be collaborative leaders, with very little impulse to take control or credit. It is not uncommon for them to put off decisions that are difficult, live “moment-to-moment” and take a more “let’s see how things play out” approach than most. They tend to work in bursts of inspiration, with a lot of breaks throughout the day.

Cosmia Niehaus
INTP [The Thinker]

Quiet, curious, and deep, INTPs tend to spend a great deal of their day inside their own heads. They have one of the more highly developed “inner worlds” of any of the types and this is where they do their best thinking. If a subject or problem has piqued their interest, INTPs will devote countless hours to understanding the topic fully, and achieve remarkable expertise. INTPs are natural skeptics and one of the types most likely to initially challenge the underlying principles of personality type. Things are rarely black and white for them, as they see all of the nuances or shades of grey in an issue. INTPs err on the side of over-analyzing a topic, considering all of the challenges that may arise way into the future. INTPs occasionally overreact with an emotional tone (much to their chagrin) if they are frustrated by the inconsistent logic of another’s position, or if their competence is questioned.

Alison Hendrix
ESTJ [The Guardian]

ESTJs are one of THE most high energy, talkative types, and perhaps no type can top an ESTJ when it comes to speed. Whether it is walking, talking, executing, deciding – you name it – they are the fastest. ESTJs typically accomplish more by lunchtime then most people accomplish in a day, and can become addicted to being “productive” and checking things off their personal or work “to do” list every minute, if they aren’t careful. ESTJs are highly outgoing and open to sharing about their lives, and are much more likely than their ISTJ colleagues to “think out loud” and leave few relevant thoughts unspoken. ESTJs leave nothing to chance. As THE most proactive of the 16 types, they don’t wait for it to all “work out”… they MAKE it all work out! Typically the most effective way to complete a task is very clear to them.

ISFP [The Artist]

Reserved, intensely private, and unobtrusive, it can take many encounters to get to know the incredible warmth, generosity, kindness, playful humor, and often impressive skill set of an ISFP. First impressions do not do them justice; ISFPs are the type least likely to “advertise” their own strengths. They are one of the most sympathetic types who genuinely care about and enjoy people. However, being in highly social environments tends to drain their energy - they crave time inside their own head to process and recharge.  Highly practical, realistic, and action- oriented, ISFPs are much more inclined to “just do it” – rather then talk about it – and have a low interest in theory, analysis, future prediction or abstract discussions. They seek to feel that they are living their lives in accordance with their values and what “feels” right to them. ISFPs care deeply about people, seeing something positive in everyone.

Rachel Duncan
INTJ [The Mastermind]

Highly future focused, out-of-the-box, logic-driven thinkers, few can match the INTJ’s capacity when it comes to doing what they love - developing long-term strategies and solving complex problems that involve a lot of moving pieces. Rather impervious to criticism and highly intrinsically motivated, INTJs are among the most independent of all the types, and thrive working productively alone for long periods of time. They tend to hold themselves to their own high standards, not looking to others for frequent validation. As a type, INTJs are often uncomfortable giving compliments and regular positive feedback. Finesse is also not a natural gift for INTJs, and if not careful, they can be direct to the point of being blunt - and come across as intimidating or offensive. Underneath that calm, cool exterior is one of the most rich and well-developed inner worlds of any of the 16 types. The brain of an INTJ is always “on,” processing the complex issues and strategies that INTJs love to tackle.

More characters to be typed.