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Dominique Provost-Chalkley said in today’s Tales of the Black Badge podcast that she once had a job where she had to wear a bear costume and hold balloons. So, naturally, @haughtbreaker wanted a fic, and I was more than happy to oblige with this silly drabble. Please don’t judge me. (But someone please take away my laptop.)

It’s quite possibly the most mortifying thing Waverly has ever done in her life: scurrying as fast as possible down a crowded sidewalk in an overstuffed teddy bear costume and trying not to scare young children or knock over elderly tourists. Changing into the furry brown monstrosity before she left her apartment had seemed like a great idea at the time, given that she was running late to her gig and wouldn’t have time to suit up at the party. But now, as her neck begins to cramp from the weight of the bear’s massive head and she’s about to pass out from heat exhaustion, she realizes that maybe, just maybe, it hadn’t been her wisest decision after all.

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Customer's mom thought it would be ok to tell me her whole families secrets. The family she spoke of her daughter's is...weird the moms always frazzled and her kid doesn't really look like her much she has blue eyes blond hair the rest of the family has black hair brown eyes ok normal sometimes genes work that way,turns out her daughter had a relationship with her own brother! And they had a kid and her daughter refers to him as husband and he was in jail for the past months !

shinoa squad...

I’m actually crying because yuu and his entire squad are like the shittiest kids ever and guren just threw them at shinya. I can literally see shinya initially thinking “okay we can still finish this, i got this” to “i now see why guren hates this planet” within like 5 seconds of being in charge of these awful kids.

idk why its so hard for some people to be like… nice like maybe its bc im not one of the Cool Kids but i rly hate the culture of being mean to people for no reason

who cares if you dont actually work at the store, help the frazzled mom whos asking you to point her towards the pasta, even if its listed on the sign of the next isle over

if an excited kid comes up to you to ask something, dont blow them off and be rude! just talk to them like a friend, it helps them develop

your friend that keeps talking about that thing they like, just let them talk! theyre excited and want to share it with you! it wont last forever

for the love of everything good, PLEASE dont point out something “wrong” about someone if its not easily changed, they know and are probably trying to change it or accept it and your unnecessary comment is the least helpful thing you could possibly say

im begging you, never joke about someones laugh or smile. theyll feel self conscious about being happy!! thats so sad why would you inflict that on anyone

BUT HEAR ME OUT- a Modern Greek Gods Sitcom

I just want a sitcom based around Greek gods with Zeus as the idiot dad who flirts with everyone, and Hera as the intelligent but frazzled mom who is the only one who ever gets anything done.

I want Dionysus as as the tortured artist son who lives in the attic and drinks booze all day who never gets a real job because he’s putting on plays in the back yard.

I want the college twins Artemis and Apollo who bicker like crazy because Artemis is asexual and hates men and is studying to be like a cop or something, and Apollo is the flaming homosexual who constantly brings guys to his room and does nothing but compose poetry and music and paint his hot boyfriend muses. (long time boyfriend Hyacinthus eventually??? Oh but wait he died….)

I want Hermes as the younger brother who is totally hip and runs a tumblr blog and always knows the trending info before anyone else.

I want Aphrodite as the gorgeous aunt who is a movie star/part time model, and her husband Hephaestus as a disabled mechanic who is ALWAYS coming over to fix Zeus’s screw ups in the house, but Aphrodite’s “secretly” getting it on with Ares, who just so happens to be chief of police or something.

I want Eros playing match maker all the time and usually being really REALLY bad at it but ending up being correct after many failures. 

I want Hades to be that brooding uncle who is like a mortician or something, and his wife Persephone owns a flower shop and she’s always this little ray of sunshine even though Hades always looks like his cat died. 

I want Poseidon to be that one uncle that is always in swim trunks, even in winter, and likes drinking like ten glasses of water a day and probably owns a really tiny aquarium with like tons of stupid looking fish but also has like 600 horses at his ranch.

I just, I WANT THIS.

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Haha...I love the vision I have of u kissing your wife as she takes off to work while you be the SAHCM! So cute.

skdfjkg that’s literally exactly been our life this week, "bye have a good day at work!!!” and then i go back to cat-wrangling in my ugly Frazzled Mom attire aka sweatpants covered in cat hair + my wife’s hoodie + unbrushed hair, it’s the dream basically. 

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"I can't lose you, I need you" for calum please??

insp. || finished requests from insp.

“Y/N, I swear to fucking god…” Calum weakly muttered into his phone, his eyebrows scrunched and body tense as he sat with his elbows on his knees in the corner of the room. For hours, he’d been like this; antsy and snappy because you hadn’t been answering any of his calls or texts. It’d started two days ago, your refusal to talk to him, but it didn’t really become apparent to him until this morning because of all the promo he’d been doing with the band.

“Cal…” Ashton coaxed, the drummer approaching Calum with caution, like the dark-haired boy was a wounded animal that might attack at any point just for the sake of trying to protect itself. “We’ve gotta start another interview, man.”

Calum grunted, standing up and shoving his phone into his pocket forcefully. Following Ashton over to the worn leather couch on the other side of the room, he sucked in deep breathes to calm his racing heart, trying (in vain) to unclench his fists to appear as neutral as possible. Though he barely spoke a word during the entire line of questioning, Calum had at least done a good job of nodding along to what the other boys were saying and laughing if they made a funny comment. He tried (unsuccessfully) to throw himself into the interview, thinking maybe if he didn’t think about you for more than ten seconds, your name would magically flash onto the screen of his phone and his worry would be for nothing.

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Jesus was a friend of sinners. He ate in theor homes and danced at their parties. He did this to show that God loves us all, regardless of who we are. And He did this to demonstrate that grace is for sinners. It’s not for those who act holier than thou.

Grace is for losers. It’s for addicts, abusers, drunkards, embezzlers, gamblers, gossips, gluttons, liars, crooks, swindlers, spammers. Grace is for bad dads and frazzled moms and wayward daughters and prodigal sons. Grace is for those who need it.

—  Paul Ellis

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sastiel+high school+blind date ? :3 please?

sorry this took all weekend, I hope you love it Maggi!

 “Bad idea, bad idea,” Sam mumbled under his breath, practically the whole way to the diner. It was cold, bone-chilling, and every little word made a foggy cloud for him to stride through, his mounting anxiety made visceral in front of his face. He was walking hard, late because of the bus, stuck behind some godawful snow plow; he’d ducked off three stops early just to try and recoup the minutes on foot. The diner came up way too fast; he swore it usually took longer, like, way longer to get there but there it was, right where it had always been. He shuffled through the parking lot, knocking the snow and slush off his boots at the door, peering inside.

Sam only kind of knew what his blind date looked like, only knew what Dean told him: shorter than you (no shit, Dean), kinda tanned, spacey blue eyes (what does that even mean, Dean?), messy dark hair, name’s Cas.

Cas, Sam mouthed to himself, surveying the customers inside, trying to see if anyone matched his brother’s somewhat lacking description. His eye swept over two old ladies, a frazzled mom with four kids, a man bent over a folded newspaper, way older than the 16, 17, I don’t know, however old you are, Sammy, that Dean estimated. But, Sam could only get a visual on half of the diner, so he sighed, swallowed down his nerves and pushed inside.

It was warm, smelled of bacon and coffee and burgers. Sam took his bright orange mitts off and stuffed them in his pockets, took off his matching hat and swept back his hair, turning a slow circle in the entryway. He didn’t see anyone fitting the description and he was about to turn around, sliding his gloves back on and backing away because fuck, he was late, he’d either missed the guy or been stood up or maybe Dean was just fucking with him all along.

Whatever it was, he felt fucking awful, his throat going all tight like he was going to cry and that was stupid, real stupid. He turned around quick, took one big step and collided with someone; he couldn’t stop, all clumsy long limbs and he smacked the smaller form right into the door, looking down before he shuffled back, throwing out his hand with absolutely no plan; it rested on a muscular shoulder, wrapped in a puffy blue jacket and Sam looked down into eyes even bluer than that, a cold-flushed face and a wide mouth, dark messy hair…


“…Cas?” Sam ventured, hand still on his shoulder, still crowding him against the door.

“Sam?” He blinked up and Sam got it, the spaciness his brother described, but it was altogether charming and beautiful and he smiled and Cas smiled, all eye crinkles and that mouth stretching across his face.

“Yeah,” Sam huffed out, standing there, smiling down, actually squeezing Cas’s shoulder through the coat like he couldn’t let go.

Cas glanced at it, but he was still smiling, at least.

“Shit, sorry,” Sam muttered, taking his hand back, taking a big step back too to give Cas his space. Still grinning though, face split apart, heart pounding half-nerves half-excitement. He didn’t know what to say, so he didn’t say anything, just tugged his gloves off again, stuffed them in his pocket.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” Cas finally offered, nodding towards the outside, “The bus, y'know?”

“Stuck behind a snow plow?” Sam asked, laughter creeping into his voice.

“Yeah, did you see it?”

“I was on it,” Sam said too loud, shaking his head. “Oh my god, this is weird.”

“It is, a little.”


“Lunch?” Cas asked, eyes lighting up again, hopeful and big and blue and Sam nodded quickly, probably would have nodded at anything Cas said, really.

“Yeah, yes, please,” Sam kept nodding until Cas brushed past him, grabbing his arm and tugging him towards a corner booth.

Their booth, they’d come to think of it after a while, after six months of lunch dates and after many more months of casual, less structured dates. They’d sit on the same side so they could watch the door, so they could remember that awkward first press of their bodies together, totally by accident but somehow on purpose, too. 

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Confession: I sometimes use my kids to conceal shit. For example, I just left Costco with a couple sets of free winter gloves. They each wanted to hold their own, so I "forgot" to take them back as I went through the self checkout (love those!). I play the frazzled Mom really well (not too far from the truth), so I would just play dumb if I happened to get caught. 😂

hahahaha😂 this is too funny!

Call Me Maybe || Tucker and Wash college AU

Tucker sighed and plopped down on the couch in the common room of his and Church’s dorm. Behind his door, his little brother was finally sleeping. He had barely been able to pick Junior up off of the floor of the goddamn apartment where that failure of a mother was just going at the boy. He couldn’t stand it. He huffed and angry breath and threw the tennis ball in his hand across the room just as Church was walking in.

“Tucker?” Church paused and took in his frazzled best friend. “Your mom?”

“She shouldn’t be allowed to have kids!” Tucker hissed through his teeth.

“I know.” Church nodded. “Is there a particular reason that Wash asked me for your number today?” Tucker actually smiled. Church shook his and disappeared behind his bedroom door, calling behind him. “I don’t wanna know.”