frazier parks


The World Is Ending

Aug. 13, 2017

so I took a few days off from the blog. The skies have been just blue all the time and temperatures in the mountains of southern Kern County have been in the 70s to low 80s at the most. Last night, the temperature dipped down to 43 degrees according to our thermometer. Hottest year on record!! There have been almost no “planes” overhead except for our evening visitor which flies over us a little before 8pm and 15 minutes later, flies over LA. As he flies over our house his contrail disappears.

This year, wild sunflowers are blooming in the washes. There are a variety of wild flowers in different colors in the native plant garden and the woods. The desert cottontail rabbits are so prolific that we even saw them in Joshua Tree for the first time back in May. Our yard hosts dozens of quails, even more than last year. Last year two ring necked pigeons visited our feeder and this year there have been as many as 20 at a time. We even saw two in Los Angeles for the first time ever a couple of months ago. The world is ending all right.



Aug. 31, 2017

The “Excessive Heat Warning” for Kern County mountains will not go away despite the fact that temperatures are completely normal for summer. The temperatures in Frazier Park are a little higher than in the higher altitude parts of the mountains, and I use these as an example of the hotter temperatures for the area. The National Weather Service notoriously reports temperatures between 5-10 degrees warmer than reality, as we demonstrated last summer with numerous examples, posted on this blog, of the thermometer readings versus the reported temperatures. We found far worse discrepancies than this, but we can always count on the report being at least 5 degrees off.

In my experience mid to high 80s is no cause for alarm in late August. We’d all like it to be 72 all the time, but this is a warm season. Suddenly summer is a cause for alarm and global warming panic, when in past years the heat was a normal function of summer weather. The weather is pleasant in the mountains and there has been a surprising amount of rain for the time of year. For us, it’s not actually as surprising as it is for the LA Times, since we know the reason for it and they don’t, or at least have to pretend they don’t.


Rain & Thunder On the Mountain

Sept. 10, 2017

After breaking down a blockage over the Pacific Ocean, more rain is coming into Southern California than was originally forecast. There is a circling system and currently a backwards jet stream in the mountains north of Los Angeles. Aiming the chembuster due west has helped in bringing in rain despite the unusual conditions. According to Wilhelm Reich in Cosmic Superimposition, a high orgone concentration may cause a backwards movement in the jet stream in an area. We always think that everything is “them” doing this to us, but a lot of the strange things in the sky are actually the work of weather warriors reversing the geoengineering. This evening the thunder can already be heard, rumbling continuously in the distance, as we prepare for heavy downpours.