Howdy humans. Tomorrow, saturday the 15th august 2015, I’ll be signing copies of the collected edition of Annihilator in GOSH, london. To commemorate this, I offer up a silent clip of Max Nomax being born onto the page, along with his cosmic organ. A rare insight indeed into the mercurial ways of the Irving Art-Muscle.

I’ll be doing something very similar in Manchester next saturday, and I will cook up more illustrative tidbits to announce that next week.

Happy Sunday! I still have yet to transfer my sketchbook scans over to the Beast and upload a mash-up of them, but for now I’m offering a Batman image I originally drew as a variant to Batman Inc before the New 52 relaunch thingy shook it all up. This was used as a chapter break in the collected edition AFAIK, and is also the little profile pic I’ve been using since I signed up to Tumblr. The ubiquitous Irving-Mist is in full force here, but I’m most proud of the surreal steps that form the backdrop to this nightmare vision of Bats in a place he doesn’t really want to be in. I’m thinking he’s mainly put off by the amount of walking he’ll have to do in order to get out. Either that or he dropped his Batphone.

To start the week’s stuff, I present to you a pinup illustration I did for the collected edition of Mnemovore, the 6 issue vertigo series written by Ray Fawkes and illustrated by Mike Huddleston. I’ve also taken to adding my name to all the pictures I post due to them getting reblogged with no indication of who drew them, plus I get to play with my fancy new fonts which I bought from Comicraft.