(Re)Gen 2 will be a Second Doctor spectacular!

We’ve had a lot of guest announcements recently over on our official blog. If you’ve missed them, here’s the full list.

For our second year (and rather appropriately right after St. Patrick’s Day), we’re bringing in a whole wave of Second Doctor-related guests!

First up, we’re welcoming back Victoria Waterfield herself, Deborah Watling!

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Deborah was a delight to have at the con this year even though she drank one of the con chairs under the table, and we’re so happy to welcome her back.

At our feedback panel, we had specific requests to bring Frazer Hines in, and … well, we listened! Jamie will also be with us! Not only that, we’ve also invited Wendy Padbury, who played the brilliant, sparkly Zoe.

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And to add to that? Last night, we announced another guest: actor/writer Michael Troughton, whom we most recently saw in ‘Last Christmas’!

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(Okay, we came up a little short on gifs of him, just humour us.)

Besides his acting work, he’s also the writer of the biography of his father, Second Doctor Patrick Troughton. We’re so excited to have him joining us next year!

Other guests for 2016 include Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Terry Molloy (Davros), Robert Shearman/ shearrob (New Who/Big Finish writer), Nev Fountain (Big Finish writer), John Peel (novelization writer), and Pixel Who (creators of Doctor Who Legacy’s ‘Bigger on the Inside’ arc)!

We’ll be announcing more guests as time goes on, so follow us and stay tuned!

So in this interview on The Krotons DVD, Frazer Hines tells how he once snuck into the studio during the lunch hour and got inside one of the Daleks just to roll around in it and play pretend.

Then he heard somebody come in and he froze so he wouldn’t get told off, and it was two actors who leaned on the Dalek he was in and started bad-mouthing the show. (Not knowing he was in there.)

Partway through their conversation, Frazer rolled away going “I HEARD THAT. I’M TELLING.” in a Dalek voice.

“In the scene where the group are at the main entrance of the tomb, Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines worked out in secret, without the knowledge of director Morris Barry, the brief sequence where both the Doctor and Jamie go to take Victoria by the hand and end up taking each others, in the knowledge that, with the recording schedule and the likelihood that re-takes would not be possible, it would have to be left in.”

That is pretty damn fantastic.


30 days of Doctor Who

Day thirteen: Who would be your ideal Team TARDIS?
Oh Dear Lord…Do I have to pick just one team?  aww…alright…my runners up would have been Sarah Jane and the 8th Doctor…I just think they would have been great together but…

The Team I’d love to see the most would be: 11, Jamie, and Zoe. It would be like the 2nd Doctor era but just…wow haha…


Well, I happened to see a “Dr. Who” rerun in a weak-minded moment, and was taken by a minor character—a young Scotsman from 1745, who appeared in his kilt.** “Well, that’s fetching,” I said. “Yeah, why not?  Scotland, eighteenth century.” So that’s where I began, knowing nothing about Scotland or the eighteenth century, with no plot, no outline, no characters—nothing but the rather vague images conjured up by a man in a kilt (which is, of course, a very powerful and compelling image). x

Fazer Hines, who played Jamie McCrimmon (the inspiration for Jamie Fraser) in Doctor Who, as Sir Fletcher Gordon in Outlander 1x15 x x x x