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christiankang asked:

Can you please make a dark Frank :3 something about the innocent cute frank going psycho is fun :3

Sure thing, since dark!Frank isn’t canon, it’s different from my dark!Percy headcanons, and I’ll try to bring up how Frank would become dark.

  • Frank had never enjoyed killing. It wasn’t his thing. Frank Zhang didn’t like ending lives with his bare hands. Or with weapons. It made him all queasy and kept him awake at night. Even if it was a disgusting monster that would’ve torn him limb from limb, he felt bad.
  • The first time he realized he didn’t feel remorseful though, was after he’d found out he could transform, and killed as a bear (or whatever) instead.
  • He was just happy about this turn of events, at the time. The fact that he slept soundly after he’d used his gift. He didn’t even feel the need to tell anyone that he wasn’t bothered by it, when normally he would’ve been sick to his stomach.
  • As time went on, he tried to ignore the fact that he was noticing a pattern: He only felt bad about the ones he killed when he was a human. He tried to think nothing of it, but somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that wasn’t normal.
  • Eventually, whenever he was faced with a threat he wanted to kill, he just immediately transformed into something instead of even trying as a person.
  • He wasn’t really scared of what was happening though, until he did something that Frank Zhang would never do. He cheered after a fight. He had just beheaded a manticore or something, as a lion, changed back, and immediately started whooping and hollering and high-fiving Leo.
  • He stopped carrying his bow and arrow soon after.
  • Hazel knew something was wrong, but felt like she shouldn’t say anything.
  • He wasn’t scared to go on night watches alone anymore, and she hadn’t seen him hyperventilate in weeks (something he did often when they were at Camp Jupiter and he’d had to fight).
  • When Frank and Percy became closer buddies, he changed even more, almost subconsciously copying Percy. He’d get a hard look in his eyes before a fight, and afterwards, pretend to walk it off like it was no big deal. He’d roll his eyes more and, for lack of a better term, basically acted like Percy’s adoring little brother. (Even trying to smoothly pull Hazel in for a kiss like Percy does, but she tripped and it was a mess.)
  • Hazel’s stomach churned when Frank laughed at that gorgon before he turned into a grizzly and killed it in two swipes.
  • He stayed in denial that something was wrong, accepting that he was proud of himself for finally being a demigod that was not to be underestimated.
  • During dinner one day, Percy killed a cyclopes in front of them, and Hazel couldn’t believe that Frank kept eating through his BLT like it was no big deal. Normally he’d have been catatonic for a good ten minutes, and lost his appetite.
  • That was the day Hazel brought up her worries to the other girls, pulling them both into Piper’s room and asking them if she was going crazy…or if Frank was. Piper didn’t really understand, and told her that it was fine, Frank was just happy about his new powers. But Annabeth understood.
  • Hazel and Annabeth stayed up talking for hours about the subject, and Annabeth even slipped in how sometimes she was worried for Percy too, but Hazel wasn’t consoled. (“But Frank’s not Percy! Frank’s only known he’s a demigod for a few months, Annabeth! Frank’s not made for this! It should be ruining him! Why isn’t it ruining him!”) That was the day those two girls first bonded.
  • Frank finally accepted that something was wrong with him when he started overcompensating.
  • Instead of just becoming whatever would kill the monsters that was easiest to change into, he just started choosing the most dangerous thing he could think of. Leo got pissed when Frank turned into a massive dragon to kill a single telekhine and he destroyed some of the Argo II.
  • Jason tried to talk to him about not going overboard on the animals, but it became Frank’s first instinct, and the rest of the 7 started trying to maneuver Frank below deck when they knew monster’s were coming, because he’d just freak out and turn into a dinosaur or something.
  • Hazel put on a brave face and nodded along when he started dramatically telling her stories about how he’d taken down a blah blah blah by turning into a blah blah blah.
  • Frank got angry at Leo a lot easier, and was more confrontational when they were making decisions.
  • Annabeth finally told Percy that she was worried about what was happening to Frank. Percy thought it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, to have a guy who’d make himself into a massive eagle and murder their enemies without qualms, but agreed to talk to him just because Annabeth did those cute puppy dog eyes where she looked like a little owl and he couldn’t resist.
  • When Percy talked to him Frank got upset, and while he was still in denial, left in a fit of anger. (“Oh well I’m so sorry that the fact I’m finally starting to prove myself is ‘concerning’ you, Jackson! I’m fine! And what do you mean ‘a few of us’? Who else thinks I’m a problem now that I can hold my own in a fight? Is it Leo?” “Dude, chill.” “No, I will not ‘chill’! You can’t just ask me to talk and then attack me for how I’ve been saving us! Take a look in the mirror Percy, I’m not the one who’s scaring everybody!”)
  • Frank didn’t change, if anything, when Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus, he got worse, ready to turn into an elephant if someone so much as made a slight sound behind him. 
  • He didn’t tell anyone that he had started to enjoy fighting monsters, but it became pretty obvious to his friends.
  • At one point he was too tired to transform, and if Leo hadn’t been there, he would’ve been killed immediately, since he didn’t carry weapons anymore.
  • They put him on lookout one evening, with his bow and arrow, and he forced himself to shoot at an incoming harpy rather than go kill it as an eagle. He had nightmares about killing again that night.
  • Frank Zhang became dark…he became dark over and over again as he made sure he was never himself to pull off the kill, and he didn’t try to stop it.

So that was a way different style than my Dark!Percy one, because Percy’s dark already in canon, this was more of how and why Frank could become dark.

Feel free to ask for more! (Also, I’ve had quite a few more Dark!Percy requests, but I’m doing a bunch of other ones first, just because I like trying new stuff, so hang in there if you asked for those!)

Who's the best boyfriend?
  • Hazel :obviously Frank, I mean he killed a kazillion monsters to save me.
  • Piper :Pfff what?? Jason is obviously the best! He jumped into the Grand Canyon to save me.
  • Calypso :No, everyone, Leo's the best. No one can find Ogygia twice but he did.
  • Annabeth :Jeez guys, did you know your boyfriend since you where twelve? Did they give up immortalilty for you? Did they fall into Tartarus with you? I'm just getting started here...
  • Percy :Don't forget the matching gray stands of hair from lifting the sky
  • Hazel :...
  • Piper :...
  • Calypso:...
  • Annabeth :I thought so

super-fangirl-12 asked:

Hey! I love your writing! Could you do a Frazel AU where Frank is a boxer (I don't know which league you can pick) and Hazel is a very committed reporter?

Aww, thank you! :)

  • Hazel watched the match unfolding in front of her. The rookie, Frank Zhang, versus one of the best in the league.
  • And the rookie was winning. 
  • For Hazel, this was the old fashion underdog story. But if she can get close to him, get a real interview, that would be a great story.
  • So far, no reporter can get close to the rookie to get his back story, how he got so good at this sport, and how did he beat one of the best in the league.
  • The crowd was cheering as the ref lifted Zhang’s arm, declaring him the winner. 
  • Hazel smiled and took a picture of him. When she looked up, she could have sworn the rookie was looking at her. 
  • She smiled at him before disappearing to the back to see if she could get that interview. 
  • There were reporters everywhere, just waiting for him to come back from the ring. Hazel was smart. They just wanted pictures and for him to answer the basic questions. She wanted more. 
  • She squeezed towards the front, by his dressing room door. She waited until she felt and heard commotion. Frank was coming.
  • She watched as his body guards pushed through the crowd and head to his room. She skillfully placed herself so when the door opened, she would get pushed and fall right in, right before the door closed.
  • And it worked. 
  • She got up and dusted herself off as four guards, the coach, and Frank stared at her.
  • “Hi.” She smiled. “Great match today.”
  • “Mr. Zhang isn’t answering questions or-” His body guard started but Frank raised his hand.
  • “I’ll be fine. I don’t think she’s dangerous.” He told them. 
  • The guards went outside to deal with the crowd.
  • “She’s a reporter. Becareful. Whatever you say she’ll put it in whatever newspaper or magazine or blog she works for.” His coach whispered to him. 
  • “I’ll be fine.” Frank told him. “Go call your wife. She’s probably missing you.”
  • His coach left, keeping an eye on Hazel.
  • Frank looked at her. “A reporter, huh? Apparently you are the boogie men of famous people.”
  • She chuckled. “I’m pretty sure that’s paparazzi. I do not follow people. I go to matches for the subject I write about and write about the matches.”
  • “That sounds a lot like stalking to me.”
  • “I don’t go to your house or follow you everywhere. A reporter gets a story. My story is following you to the end of the season. How the rookie of the league is going to become the champion.” She told him.
  • “Sounds like a good story. One that I should keep up.” He chuckled. “I don’t want your story to have a bad ending.” 
  • She smiled. “Would be helpful.” 
  • “So, why did you come into my room?” 
  • “Well, no one can ever get a personal interview with you. And it would be good to know the beginning of the story. How you got so good at fighting, where did you come from, who taught you, stuff like that.” 
  • He smiled a bit. “How about this. I get cleaned up and then we can go get dinner so I can tell you about my backstory.”
  • “Sounds good.” She grinned.

As they say: to each his own XDXDXD
The Christmas season brings lots of creativity and is better exploit it before the exams

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