All I am asking for is a series/book called ‘Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and their normal teenage life.’ and it is a book after BoO about them going to school, Percy joining the AHS swimteam - fight me but every girl is going to have a crush on Percy - , Annabeth being a first class nerd, maybe let Nancy Bobofit make a reappearance and stuff? But then again also them having nightmares about tartarus and cuddling together. You know, stuff like that would be cool. No quests, just a (almost) normal life.

Me when a character gets hurt and their SO gets overprotective:

I just like that the Percy Jackson fandom is like the hufflepuff of fandoms:

  • People who don’t know about it think it’s silly 
  • We care a lot about diversity 
  • It’s lowkey gigantic, but feels small
  • Everyone from all the other fandoms is welcome 
  • Full of really nice and hilarious people 
  • We’re just happy to be included tbh

Person A proposing by putting the ring in
a bowl of popcorn and using the line “I thought it was time to pop the question” and personal B seriously contemplates saying no because of it

In 19 years time
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Solangelo Victuuri Drarry Destiel Wolfstar Malec Jily Romione Percabeth Linny Clizzy Jasper Frazel Jercy Scorbus, you were named after some of my all time favourite OTPs, some of which at least deserved to be canon<p/></p>