here’s my sophomore illustration final on its own. the assignment was to create a poster for one of three infamously terrible movies (the room, manos the hands of fate, and birdemic) and make it look appealing while also playing to the director’s original intentions for the tone. so we werent allowed to be funny or ironic, which was probably one of the biggest challenges ive ever faced as an illustrator, and because the room has some of the least interesting imagery ive ever seen in my life, i decided to make this piece more of a symbolic character study. you are tearing this city apart, lisa!


for everyone who’s been asking me why reunion falls dipper doesnt hide his birthmark, here’s your answer

(btw if the implication wasnt totally clear here, in reunion falls dipper’s symbol on the wheel is his birthmark, not a pine tree, which is why bill would have called him that. also he’s supposed to be like ten or something here but im not great at drawing distinguishable ages in children)