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Simon. Don’t forget, okay? This is the woman who put up with your endless band practices, your incurable hypochondria, who made you those gross mustard sandwiches when you refused to eat anything else. If she can accept you for all that, I’m pretty sure she can accept you for who you are.

clary fray sits, stands, walks, and dresses like a lesbian. the way she holds a mug is the way a lesbian holds a mug. the cadence of her voice is the cadence of a lesbian’s voice. she has lesbian hands and fingers. i know for a fact that she had a lesbian haircut at some point. she was gonna go to art school. so how about that


Isabelle Lightwood, City of Fallen Angels.

I can’t remember the motivation as to why Valentine lied to Clary and Jace in the books (it’s been a long time). But in the show it’s quite clear:

He is trying to manipulate Jace and keep Jace compliant and completely under his control. He keeps telling Jace, “love is weakness, love is a distraction, emotions cloud judgement, etc.” But we know the truth: love is STRENGTH, and love will be what gives Jace the strength to turn agains Valentine and fight back (just like with Jocelyn).

Valentine is terrified of Jace being loyal to anyone but himself, so he had to turn Jace against Clary. He is using an abuse tactic by isolating Jace from everyone, so the only person Jace has is Valentine.

What’s more, he is making Jace feel humiliated and disgusted with himself by thinking he is attracted to his sister. It’s more psychological than just punching him in the face, but it’s just as effective. And Valentine takes it a step further: he blames Jace’s “disgusting feelings” on the “evil demon blood” running through his veins… even further trying to taint Jace’s feelings for Clary and make Jace feel disgusting and worthless.

All of this is a psychologically abusive ploy to control Jace and keep him feeling small and keep him by Valentine’s side.

But it’s also a way to hurt his daughter, Clary, who he hates because he blames her for being the reason Jocelyn left him (Jocelyn’s love for Clary is what gave her the courage to leave Valentine). Clary is in love with Jace and Jace makes her happy, so Valentine has to crush that happiness. Because if Valentine doesn’t get to be happy, why should Clary?

Anyways the writers made this incest plot logic make sense within the context of show when you consider that ultimately, this is a story of an abusive father and his abused children. When you simplify it to that degree it makes sense why Valentine is doing what he is doing and telling these lies.

Can we have AU Alec back?

This isn’t one of my AUs.  Just a hope that we get to go back to another.

As a book reader, I was honestly horrified that Shadowhunters decided an AU episode was the thing to do in their first season.  BUT HOLY FLAMBOYANT ALEC IT WAS SO FUN!!

Can we go back at some point this season?  Because it’ll be such a relief no see everyone happy, especially with how dark it will get before it gets better.

Can we see AU Malec have their first date?  Can we just see the kids smile again?

Because doesn’t everyone want to see this again?

Seriously this was the best part of that episode:

Please @shadowhuntersseries?