fray fray


If I can’t convince you that I’ll never leave you—”
He caught her hand in his. “Just say it again.”
“I’ll never leave you,” she said. “No matter what happens, what I do?”
“I’d never give up on you,” she said. “Never. What I feel about you—” She stumbled over the words. “It’s the most important thing I’ve ever felt.”

Clary Fray & Jace, City Of Fallen Angels

Head cannon script for 2x11

I’ve decided to try my hand at scriptwriting, so i’ve had a go at writing the next episode of shadow hunters :) I’d appreciate your feedback so I hope you enjoy. Also I don’t speak Romanian or French and have relied off google translate so if i’ve accidentally written something offensive i apologise in advance

Synopsis: Now that the time of mourning after the ‘Soul-Sword massacre’ had reached it’s end, Downworlders and Shadowunters contemplate their next move in the war against Valentine. 

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City of Asshats Podcast

Thank you for the massive success of City of Boners! Niamh and I are very excited to continue with the series and it’s down to you guys’ positive response so thank you so much!

We’re hopefully planning to record the next episode, City of Asshats, on Tuesday and we want to hear what YOU think. Is there something from City of Ashes that particularly bothers you? A character or a plot point or a scene that irritates you to no end? Let me know! Send me a PM or an ask and I’ll be sure to include it in the show! If you don’t send it anonymously then we can include your blog name in the episode! 

Thank you again for all the love and support for the first episode! We can’t wait to do more!