School= skewl
Cool= kewl
Why= wa
Authority= authoritah
Mom= mehm, meeam, meem, mawm, myeem
Pie= peh, pah
I= Ah
Coon= Kewn, Cyune
Kenny= Kinneh, Keeny
Wendy= Windy, Weendy, Windeh
Kyle= Kahl, Keeal
On= Awn
You= Yew
Here= heah, myah, heahre
Balls= bawls, bahls
My= mah
Tomorrow= tuh-meh-row
Me= meh
Transgender= transginger
Clyde Frog= Clahd Frawg
Want= waunt

Cartman has a very breathy voice with a slight Southern accent. He sounds a little squeaky, especially when he’s whining or sad. He also says vowels differently, like “o” sounds like “a”, and he puts a lot of stress on his double o’s and u’s.


Nora and I call each other buug and frawg so this only made sense.