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You live in Florida?


Don’t come it’s currently submerged in rain water and scorching sun

The weather gods are angry at us

It’s because the Florida government is trying to impose fraudulent standardized tests with no purpose to benefit the student and they’re infuriated .

Sunday, April 26, 3pm at New Museum (235 Bowery, NYC): Chelsea Knight: Knight + Knight Latencies, with Autumn Knight 

“We want to tell you our two stories: latent and manifest. This is our hysterical story (hysterical in the Freudian sense), the story of our alliance, our fraudulence, our transgression, our passive aggression, our competition, our sexuality (or rather hypersexuality), our race, and our relation to the world, as women. How we relate to one another has everything to do with how we relate to you, and who YOU are defines everything, because I am only NOT YOU, and you are only NOT ME.” —Chelsea Knight and Autumn Knight

Knight + Knight Latencies is a performance that is part lecture, part dinner party, and part therapy session, in which two female artists who share the same last name examine their symmetries and, in the process, some fundamentals around feminism and race. It was originally shown at the historic 1939 Eldorado Ballroom in Houston, Texas, on January 24, 2015, and was co-commissioned by Project Row Houses and DiverseWorks.

Chelsea Knight received her BA from Oberlin College and her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Knight recently completed residencies at the Whitney Independent Study Program, the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace program. She has had solo exhibitions and performances at the Brooklyn Museum; the St. Louis Art Museum; Aspect Ratio Projects, Chicago; DiverseWorks, Houston (with Mark Tribe); Abrons Art Center, New York; and Momenta Art, Brooklyn. She has also exhibited her work in group shows, including “Nouvelles vagues,” Palais de Tokyo, Paris; “Anti-Establishment,” Hessel Museum of Art,CCS Bard, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY; and the Young Artists Biennial, Bucharest.

Autumn Knight is a Houston-based interdisciplinary artist. Knight’s work primarily falls within the rubric of performance, installation, and social practices that address conventions of racial and gender identity, psychotherapy, and art access. Knight’s performance work has been in group exhibitions at various institutions, including the University Museum at Texas Southern University, Houston; DiverseWorks, Houston; Art League Houston; Project Row Houses, Houston; and Blaffer Art Museum, Houston. She was a 2013–14 artist-in-residence at Galveston Artist Residency, Texas, and an international artist-in-residence at In-Situ, Pendle, UK. She has an MA in Drama Therapy from New York University and a BA in Theatre Arts from Dillard University.

How to remove your info from almost every background check site on the planet

If you’re concerned about background checks and job availability, READ THIS! , and this **, and this , and this one

To see how daily rituals bleed your information, READ THIS

To those asking why some sites want an ID: It’s to prevent malicious and\or fraudulent changes to information. You can block out the ID number and photo, among other things, but only as long as a name and address is viewable.

To those asking why this was posted: It’s nothing more than useful information to those who want to use it or simply wish to have it on hand. Some people will use it, others won’t–it’s just an option.

A supposed employee stating that they must delete info and follow through with opt-outs

I’d like to start off by first saying thanks to /u/LawyerCT and /u/Pibbman. They both brought up this topic in their own threads on /r/technology, but I noticed that opting out of these sites didn’t exactly removeALL of your information.

I decided to follow in Pibbman’s steps and work on creating a list of various sites to opt-out of but ultimately it became too much. This is when I originally contacted some friends to help me work on creating this “Master opt-out list” which spiraled out of control into an anti-dox guide aimed at Tumblr using the name of The Paranoid’s Bible, but I digress.

I’m not here to advertise this project, what I’m here to do is to provide you the opt-outs from our Master Opt-out List to thank /r/Technology, Reddit and its userbase for helping put me on the path to helping others remove their information.

Below this post will be the Opt-outs in the order they appear in the list. It will hopefully be organized, somewhat.

Note: I’m only including the “Online Opt-outs” due to the large quantity of links. All of the opt-outs and their instructions can be viewed at the Master Opt-out List link. I know many who’re interested in anti-doxxing\self doxing would rather the entire list of opt-outs be placed here but, again, due to the amount I feel like I’ll be spamming.I also am possibly forgetting one or two opt-outs on the online opt-outs, but I’m just dumping these so people are aware these opt-outs exist.

Online Opt-outs: Opt-outs that can be done online through forms or simple links - Opt-out page

  • Requires photo ID upload + e-maill addess + page link
  • Make sure to search using all three methods
  • Repeat for each immediate family member in your residence - Opt-out page

  • Follow directions on the WPremove link. - Opt-out page

  • Follow the instructions on the Phonedetective opt-out link. - Opt-out page

  • Follow the instructions on the opt-out page, repeat for all residences in your household - Opt-out page

  • For the actual opt-out, just follow the above link and follow the instructions, repeating it for each residence in your house.
  • After each successful entry fill out, you’ll be taken to a new page with a capatcha and a field to confirm the e-mail address
  • Log into your e-mail account, find the confirmation e-mail, follow the link provided - Privacy page

  • Type your home address in.
  • Next click the “Claim and Edit” link to the left of the result.

  • Next you enter your e-mail and then you will receive a confirmation letter you have to click.

  • Finally just uncheck every box displayed and change your name to something ridiculous like Shania Twain or George Zimmerman. Your home and family will no longer be exposed to the Internet. Do this for all of your immediate family members. - Opt-out page

  • Follow instructions on page, repeat for all residents in your household - Opt-out page

  • Simple and quick opt-out form. Fill out information, repeat for all residences in household. - Opt-out page

  • Simple and quick opt-out form. Fill out information, repeat for all residences in household. - Opt-out page

  • Follow the instructions on the opt-out page, repeat for each residents in your household.

http://background– - Opt-out page

  • Follow instructions for opt-out. - Opt-out page

  • Follow on screen directions - Opt-out instructions

  • Follow instructions listed on their website.
  • Very few cases, only for businesses and their executives. - Opt-out page

  • Wait until you’ve received your next “ValPak” packet\envelope
  • Go to Opt-out form\link above
  • Enter information as it is on the envelope - Opt-out page (More info here)

  • Find this sentence “If you wish to opt out of all Datalogix-enabled advertising across channels including direct mail, online, mobile and analytic products, click here.”
  • Follow directions, repeat for each resident of household |* - Privacy page - Opt-out page

  • Enter zip code
  • Follow directions
  • If you can’t opt-out, you can do so VIA the Yellow Pages opt-out - Opt-out page

  • Follow directions in second link - Opt-out page

  • Follow directions on website
  • Have to create an account for each member of household

  • Search yourself, address, phone number…etc
  • Find info
  • Look for “Is this you? Manage your listing!”
  • Follow instructions (You’ll need a valid e-mail address + landline or cell)
  • Repeat for each person in the house
  • One per 24 hours - Opt-out page

  • Follow directions
  • Enter phone numbers, cell and\or landline, and an e-mail address - Opt-out page

  • Same as DMA choice opt-out, but no accounts; you’ll have to do this with previous addresses too - Opt-out page

  • Follow instructions on screen
  • Repeat for each resident in household - Opt-out prescreen

  • Go to third link and follow their process (only need to be done once) - Opt-out prescreen

  • Go to third link and follow their process (only need to be done once) - Opt-out prescreen

  • Go to third link and follow their process (only need to be done once) - Contact page

  • Go to contact page
  • Provide listing links

  • Request removal

  • Repeat for all residents of household - Opt-out page

  • Online opt-out form, follow directions. - Opt-out page

  • Fill out with your information, repeat for each individual in your residence. Make sure to check all three boxes. - Opt-out page

  • Follow directions on second link
  • Enter up to three emails

  • Fill captcha

  • Clear cache and repeat as necessary - Privacy page

  • Look for: Opt Out Policy–Upon a visitor’s request, InfoUSA Inc
  • Read it carefully, scroll down and find the “E-mail form”

  • Fill it out, include your name, birth date, address and phone number.

  • Request all information of yours to be removed, especially anything related to the info you just provided. - Privacy page - Contact page

  • Search for “Choice/Opt-out”
  • The link there is old, use this one
  • Select “General inquiry”
  • Provide your name, birth date, address and phone number
  • Request all information of yours be removed, especially anything matching or related to information you just provided - Opt-out page

  • Go to third link and follow their process (only need to be done once) - Opt-out page

  • Follow on page instructions, repeat for each individual in residence - Contact page

  • Search for your name on the Left side of the site
  • You’ll find a page or pages containing Names, addreses and phone numbers
  • Find yours, take note of the number next to it
  • Go to the contact page
  • Scroll down for the opt-out\removal form
  • Follow the directions
  • Make sure to provide the information you want deleted in the “Comments” box - Opt-out page

  • Follow the directions
  • Repeat for each resident in household - Privacy page

  • Search for: How can you access or edit your information?
  • Follow directions - Help page

  • Search for “How do I delete my entry?”
  • Follow directions - Contact page

  • Businesses only
  • But, if you have your information up there, somehow
  • First find said info
  • Go to the contact page
  • Select, from the drop down, “Incorrect Business information”
  • Provide link, info, and ask for removal - Opt-out page

  • Follow instructions on second link

  • Find listing
  • Click the suggestion link\light bulb icon
  • Request removal - Contact page

  • Search
  • Find your information + listing

  • Note its placement on the page besides its listing link

  • Go to contact URL

  • List the info given, the placement of the listing, and the listing URL itself

  • Request removal

  • Repeat for each resident of household

Google maps.

  • You can blur the house out on street view. This ends up spilling over onto other websites especially realtor sites.
  • Remove your property’s street view on Google Maps:
  • Go to Google Maps and type in your address
  • Bring up the street view of your property
  • Look to the bottom right hand corner of the screen you should see an Icon Labeled: “report a problem.”
  • Click on “report a problem.”
  • You will get a page labeled “report inappropriate street view.”
  • Look for the words “Privacy Concerns” and click on them.
  • If you want your house blurred, click on “my house.” Then choose the option: “I have a picture of my house and would like it blurred.”
  • Adjust the image and show Google which part of the photo needs blurred.
  • Type the verification code at the bottom of the page into the box provided and click submit.
  • Check back in a few days to see if the image has been blurred.

Remove your property’s street view on Bing Maps:

  • Go to:
  • Type home address
  • Get to street view
  • Center squarely on house
  • Look for (?) question mark near bottom right. Becareful as it can be hidden sometimes.
  • Click it
  • Select “Report an image concern”
  • You’ll get a pop-up or new tab with a panoramic image
  • Select your house, a little red square will appear then
  • Voice your privacy concern, stating vandalism and potential break-ins by criminal elements who use online maps to scout\case potential targets
  • Fill out the rest of the form + Capatcha, wait
  • Save ticket (#) Number
  • Like I’ve stated before, we’ve more opt-outs but it really is a hassle to try and opt-out of them all.

Mediaplex (now known as ADS) 

Mediamind (now known as Sizmek) 

Google Ads/DART 

Spent some time tonight on a wikipedia page titled “List of animals with fraudulent diplomas” and there’s a cat in Pennsylvania with a Master’s degree in business administration

Anyways here’s me cosplaying that cat.

Nobody is even noticing that fake positivity is becoming such a subliminal trend . Like why do yall commit such a fraudulent elated feeling. Like why can t you just accept you’re dissatisfied . Like this is so sick how a basic human emotion is being imposed on people to take it as a fad . Like are you truly happy . LIKE BINCH DO YOU REALLY DRINK KALE SMOOTHIES WHILE WEARING A BRIGHT COLORED TURTLENECK . Are you really happy ? Does your caption “radiate positivity ” apply to you ? Can’t yall just take gratitude in being jealous or sad or mad . Like why are those perceived as negative emotions ? We all go through it

It seems silly that this is still an argument. Major public health organizations, courts all the way up to the Federal Circuit, and even the journal that published the fraudulent paper that initially set off the MMR vaccine scare—they all agree that vaccines do not cause autism.

But a new paper published in JAMA should end debate once and for all.

In a study of 95,000 children, researchers were unable to find any association between the measles, mumps rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism. The researchers also examined whether each child had a family history of autism; even for children within this high-risk category, they found no association between MMR and autism.

Continue Reading.


How Every Company in America Can Save 23% on Wages

Okay, this is now officially my favorite video debunking the fraudulent gender wage gap.

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26 and 27 :)

YESYES I would love to have kids! I want to adopt either two or three kids

and hmm.. names…. for girls: Juno, Alaska, ugh i hate coming up with names! i really have no idea!

and nope, i’ve never eaten a P&J sandwich! 

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goodnight you sexy thing you


but yeah. im watching the hunger games tomorrow. i’m so excited. 

josh hutcherson have my babies.

um.. what? i didnt say anything…