Otherkin Pendulum Readings

I have noticed this trend recently and am tired of it but am not experienced with magic enough to articulate why they are bad so I asked 74 aka tumblr user @makkthree to help explain this. Their words are below:

“On the new trend of pendulum readings to divine fictionkin identities for others:

The first thing you [the people reading this post] need to know, is that we are not claiming that divination is invalid, or entirely fraudulent. Divination is a large and varied field of expertise, using many different methods to discover information. Most people think of divination as ‘telling the future’ but you can also use it to discover things about the past, about the present (‘where did i leave my house key?’) And about yourself. Each intention with divination is generally better fulfilled by a different method. Some methods are suited for specific purposes, just as some people are better suited to certain forms of divination.

Pendulum readings, as an area of divination, also have certain things they are better suited to tell you than others. Pendulum readings are good for finding lost things, for making decisions, and for divining information about your past - such as kin identity.

But they are only really effective to the person doing the reading. Pendulums are controlled mainly by your subconscious. That’s not to say there is no magic involved in this form of divination, just that the magic pulls information from the recesses of your mind to influence the sway of the pendulum. In this way, pendulum readings are a wonderful tool in assisting with self-discovery, or personal dilemmas.

Being otherkin, being fictionkin, is a very personal thing. This is your identity, your past, your personal belief system. Being otherkin is all about self-discovery. Its about delving into the past, into your mind and spirit, to discover who you were, in an attempt to define who you are

So, you have pendulum reading, which is only truly effective on a personal scale and excels at self-discovery, and you have otherkin(ness?), which is a deeply personal form of self-discovery.

So what’s the problem?

The real issue with pendulum readings for kintypes is when you get into those blogs who perform these readings as a service. People send in asks, 'am i kin with natsu from ft or tanaka from hq?’ and get a response from the blog 'my pendulum says you are kin with both!’ or 'my pendulum says you are kin with tanaka, but not natsu’. And… that isn’t how it works. Pendulum readings are influenced by your subconscious. They draw on hidden or unacknowledged facts and opinions, they are affected by your feelings.

A pendulum cannot take into account your situation, your past, feelings, subconscious, etcetera, if you are not the one using it.

So how would a pendulum reading be effective to answer a question that is heavily personal, from a stranger, most likely sent on anonymous? The mod of such a blog cannot give accurate answers, and may inadvertently influence the results based on their opinion of the potential kintypes involved. Thats just the nature of pendulum readings.

Pendulum readings have their place. I personally used my pendulum often before it was lost in a fire, and it was enormously helpful to me. But telling others, telling strangers, who they are or who they were, is not the place of a pendulum reading.

In the end, being otherkin or fictionkin is a deeply personal journey, one of self-discovery, growth, and learning from the past. You may reunite with people you knew from a past life, or go your whole life without finding canonmates, but while those things are significant socially, your identity as otherkin is about you. At the end of the day, your canonmates that you may or may not have found have little to no bearing on who you are as a person - your identity does. You have to learn about yourself and your past to form a cohesive concept of who you are currently, and to make informed decisions about who you want to be in the future. Otherkin is many things, but at the end of the day, it is discovery, self-reflection, identity, and a journey. There are tools to help, but there are no convenient shortcuts, no matter how enticing they sound.”

All I would like to add is that I consider anyone who tries to tell someone that they are kin of someone/something in any context is toxic. Telling someone they remind you of something/someone or providing them validation that they requested is one thing, but telling someone “You are this person/thing you do not currently identify as because of x reason” is toxic. Even if you do claim to know using magic, that person has no way of knowing that you are not trying to manipulate them. Cut that shit out.

I would also like to link this article on the ideomotor phenomenon that explains why pendulum readings do not really work beyond questions aimed at the holder’s subconcious.

-Mod Rose

Hey guys! Okay, firstly before I get into anything, I just want to thank the people who nominated me for this (!!!) I’m immensely, immensely grateful for that. Anyway, as we all know, the bellarke fandom is filled with amazingly talented writers, and so I think this is a great opportunity to express our appreciation and love for them by voting for your faves! 

If y’all are interested, I’ve been nominated for a few: 

Best Modern Au Fiction- No Space Lies In Between

Best Fluff Fiction- Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Best High School/College Fiction- See Me In Hindsight 

Best Fraudulent Relationship Fiction- Well, I’ll Be Your Partner In Crime

Best Modern Au Oneshot- You’re The Only Home I Know

Best Angst Oneshot- Just The Sun In Your Eyes

Best Modern Author

Best Fluff Author

Also, a big shoutout to the people of bffnet who organized the awards! You guys are doing an amazing job. <3 

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What on this earth could Simon possibly have on Louis to make him have fake girlfriends, a fake baby, appear on his show (and look happy doing it), commit a felony, have his family and friends involved in a fake baby stunt, constantly lying, enforced to be apart from his soulmate. (lol) It must be something HUGE for Louis to agree and participate in such stunts. And every time he thinks he is finally free, Simon pulls out the rug again and again and again. Amazing

You’d think Louis was a cast member on How to Get Away With Murder

And remember, at no point in this fake, fraudulent life Louis is forced to live, is the punishment for not complying considered to be worth taking. So as much as Larries are crying about how horrid his life is, it’s literally his best option because whatever could happen to him if he declined to lie openly about having a child and stage pap walks next to a woman he can be forced to kiss but who cannot post his face to her social media, is WORSE THAN THAT.

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Harry Styles Propositioned For Gay Sex In Men's Restroom?
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Once again, the tabloid neglects to mention where or when this incident supposedly took place. A doubter might think that’s because this never happened, and the magazine knew if it named a particular restaurant, its seemingly made-up story would be exposed as fraudulent. It’s also interesting that of all the publications out there, the anonymous tipster would choose that magazine. In any event, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Styles, who laughed off the magazine’s claim before assuring us it’s a “complete lie.”

Of course, the Enquirer has a long history of concocting stories about the singer, so we’re not particularly shocked by the outlet’s latest fabrication. Gossip Cop recently busted the tabloid for falsely alleging that Styles’ neighbors complained about all the “scantily clad girls”he supposedly would parade in and out of his Beverly Hills house. 

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Hi Sasha, seems like you were right about Niall getting a stunt bc of all the publicity. Dan wootton just announced his new "girlfriend", there's probably more to come though

Welp. While normally I would be totally happy for Niall to have partnered up, this coming from The Sun (and Dastardly Dan no less) along with lots of posed and public HQ pictures is typical 1DHQ fraudulence. I’m so sorry Niall. But your boy is taking one for the team (whatta man!). Is this a distraction being put in place anticipating the end of babygate, maybe? Stay tuned. And speaking of 1DHQ, somebody over there clearly has a “type”. We have ourselves yet another model/student in the grand tradition of Eleanor and Sophia. Creative.

This line from Dan’s latest fanfic made me laugh: 

Niall and Celine spent the entire weekend together and partied on Sunday night at London’s Drama nightclub.

How appropriate. Welcome to the drama club.

And I do wonder what’s next? An exclusive with The Sun about golf and his girlfriend that will then be used as an opportunity to shit on Larry, the fandom, maybe even Zayn’s solo career? There’s more where this came from I’m sure. This is just the beginning.

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I'm gonna be honest with your gay ass. Carly's first album was alright I loved the black hair and sour candy. Kiss was horrible, horrible, and horrible because she was trying to become artificial strawberry flavored bubblegum pop with a hint of dub step and it was terrible! Emotion is good tho, glad she surpassed her last era mess.... Warm blood is terrible but the album itself is good

okay no offence but please don’t message me again thanks i’m a scorpio and Warm Blood literally created me and also how dare you come into my house saying those things about KISS like are your parents like…proud of you, where do you even get off being so fraudulent and messy. I’m not sure where you’re from but in Canada a hearing test is covered by most of the country under basic health care so get those ears checked and then never disrespect Carly like that again


Just outside the Quicken Loans Arena at the Republican National Convention In Cleveland is a Donald Trump Pop-Up Museum (soon to become an online museum) that tells the story of The Donald’s failed business ventures and more. The liberal political action committee American Bridge set up this exhibit to “expose…a man obsessed with money and publicity at the expense of his employees and working families, using his name to sell tschotchkes, hawk apparel made overseas, and market fraudulent get-rich-quick schemes.” Um…that was way harsh, Tai.

The gallery, located in a 6th-floor loft space above a bar near the LeBron James mural, is full of Trump-branded items like his suit and tie line (made in Mexico), golf merchandise, shirts from his failed football team the New Jersey Generals, a Trump board game (made in China), mementos from his failed airline Trump Shuttle as well as dozens of books, articles and photos about him and his career. Most of the products were bought on eBay. There’s also a collection of documents from the for-profit real estate program Trump University as well as a map called “Trumpsourcing,” which pinpoints all the locations outside of the United States where Trump-related products are actually made.

(Image and Info Source 1 & 2)

PLLProposal Theory

In 7x04 at the end Mary Drake came in and told Allison “I’m in charge now.” Which in the case of her marriage being a fraud would be true. The decisions that her fraudulent spouse would make would be passed on to family and the only way to get her out would be to have someone marry her. Spouse trumps weird estranged aunt every day of the week, so I’m holding out hope for that #Emison proposal yo

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@Regrann from @i_am_oc4 - Wolves in sleep clothing. They tell lies that sound true so they can CONvince u to believe lies. The Media Is Also Used To Brainwash
Black People: The white media’s constant negative depictions of its Black population (that amplifies the negative to the point that it distorts reality) is actually a demoralizing psychological warfare program. Whenever groups in power want to brainwash a targeted population into thinking and behaving the way they want them to the first step is to heavily demoralize the targeted group. This is precisely what is being done to Black people virtually everyday by the white media. This Black racially demoralizing psychological warfare program is deplored like a massive media marketing campaign that constantly inundates Black populations with fraudulent and demoralizing misinformation about themselves. Within this program fraudulent black racially devaluing disinformation and misinformation are being constantly pumped into the unsuspecting minds of Black people without being challenged or counterbalanced by an equal amount of Black self loving messages. Its constant daily negative depictions of its targeted Black population are designed to disrupt, confuse, and undermine their collective Black unity and cohesion. It also molds the character of Black self-hatred, and engender self-doubt, and self-loathing among their ranks. No group can be constantly subjected to seeing only the fraudulent worst about themselves and not suffer some adverse effects.

This psychological warfare program also misleads the Black population to believe that the core problem they face are themselves. This is designed to turn the Back population’s collective aggressions away from their white oppressors and turns it inward towards themselves. “The oppressed will always believe the worst about themselves.“ –Frantz Fanon
This program also conveys the message that Black people should admire, respect, and trust only Whites. Moreover it engrains the myth of white superiority into the subconscious minds of many Black people while conveying the falsehood that Blacks need whites to govern over their lives. This is designed to make Bla #Reg

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I was nominated for the Bellarke Fanfiction Awards in the following categories:

Bloodstains and Innocence: A Clarke Griffin Mystery for Best Modern AU

Take Me By The Hand for Best Fraudulent Relationship

The Life He Chose  for Best Crossover (with ASOIAF)

Don’t Let The Days Go By for Best Smutty Fiction

As well as in the Best Clarke Author category.

I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of this Awards series, and my sincere thanks to the dedicated souls who are running this operation.  You can vote (for me, or for any of the other incredibly talented authors because seriously you guys, this fandom is absolutely stuffed with talent) once per day here.

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