“I need feminism because… I’m tired of being one of 3 women at my Fire Department!”


I’m tired of third wave feminism being so obsessed with equality in every single aspect of life… that they are compromising the safety of others. Did you know that the Australian Fire Department has relaxed its fire service strength and fitness tests just for women because most of them could not even complete the bare minimum required for acceptance? That’s right. Women wanted jobs in the fire department, but because they couldn’t pass the required strength tests they threw a temper tantrum and as a result the government relaxed the entry conditions.  

Do you realise what the implications of this are? Imagine a Fire Brigade being forced to hire a number of women because they qualified under the relaxed strength and fitness test (and not hiring them would therefore be discrimination). Now image that same Fire Brigade being called out to a building that is on fire. If there were unconscious occupants still in that building, the only chance of survival for them would be if a fireman pulls them to safety. Now what if one of the female firemen finds two, middle aged men unconscious on the second storey? What if she was one of the many women who could only pass the relaxed strength test because the original was too tough for her? After a long struggle she’ll eventually heave maybe one man out of the building before the fire consumes it… in the same amount of time it would have taken her male colleague to bring out both men.

The Fire Brigade strength and fitness tests weren’t designed to exclude women… They were designed to ensure the safety of those in danger! They were designed to ensure that the rescuers were physically capable of rescuing!! Do you notice how men have little hips and big shoulders? Not only is it cute, it makes them 1000x more efficient at lifting and carrying heavy loads than compared to a woman of the same height and weight. That isn’t a result of patriarchy, that is the result of biology and human anatomy, so go sue Mother Nature if you think it is sexist.

Lowering the strength standards has put innocent lives in jeopardy. It has nothing to do with real equality, and everything to do with something as trivial as male:female ratios in certain fields of service. Guess what? It is all because of deluded third wave feminists who consistently fail to look at the bigger picture and are so consumed by their victim complexes and their delusion of being oppressed by the patriarchy that they can’t comprehend the harsh reality of any given situation. 

- fraudulentfeminist

*Edited for Clarification*

1. I never said that women shouldn’t be fire fighters. My whole point of that post was that they shouldn’t drop the standards for women. 

2. If that test was unreasonably hard, and even other male fire fighters thought so, I would inquire about the similarity of that ladder compared to the ones used in service. I can’t guarantee that all fire department services have integrity. I don’t know about everywhere else, but in Australia we have a Commonwealth Ombudsman that takes action against places that are involved with malpractice.

3. I never said that women couldn’t be as strong as men, I said men had a more efficient build for lifting, hence why I believe there are more men in the job. 

4. Okay, so being a fire fighter isn’t all about pulling people out of fires. BUT it is a job with a lot of physically demanding roles, and everyone in that job has to be prepared to at least be available physically to do that job. Don’t lower the standards.

5. Like was mentioned by the poster above:
You know why the (equally strong, equally smart) women on my dad’s force are such an asset to the team? Because they tend to fit places that men can’t—like through a schoolbus window last month that was inaccessible to almost every firefighter present.” 
They can only be equally strong if they don’t lower the strength standards

6. Besides, why is everyone here talking about different builds? I was talking about strength. Being small =/= being weak and I never said such thing in the original post. I was a skinny scrawny kid growing up and I was ridiculously strong for my size, I know small people can be strong from my own experience. The reason I didn’t mention size of build in the post because that wasn’t the point. The point was not lowering standards just for women.

7. So I made a mistake with my analogy, but the reason behind it still stands. If a women who could only complete the relaxed strength standard reaches people, she will still drag them out at a slower pace than someone who is more physically stronger. There are plenty of small strong women out there who can fit into small spaces, don’t compromise them with small weak women. Don’t lower the strength standard.

8. I never said ALL men were stronger than ALL women. All I said was that they had a better more efficient build. I don’t put certain disclaimers in because I thought it was just common sense that there are always exceptions regarding weight/gender. We’ve all seen that weak lanky guy or that strong kickboxing chick. Or do I need to disclaim everything so you don’t accidentally misinterpret it? 

9. My point was that the strength standards shouldn’t be lowered. I never said anything about the quality or suitability regarding women fire fighters.

10. I NEVER SAID WOMEN SHOULDN’T BE FIRE FIGHTERS. Seriously, what part of the original post made you think that? Go back, read it again, comprehend what is actually being said.

In response I would like to say this: Good job with twisting my argument and getting offended over things I never said. You’ve all displayed some top quality comprehensive skills right there.


“I need feminism because… [underarm hair]”

Yesterday, while my boyfriend and I was watching Game of Thrones, he had his arm around me and I began to snuggle into his shoulder. He immediately pulled his arm into his side, and when I asked him why, he said he felt a little bit embarrassed because of his armpit hair. He was worried that it would’ve smelt and repulsed me, which is why he pulled his arm in. I asked a few more questions and he eventually he said that he thought it looked repulsive, it caused bad odor, felt a little bit itchy, and simply made him a little bit self-conscious. I tried telling him that most men had it and that it looked perfectly acceptable, but he kept his arms down and just said it was gross.

Yes, my boyfriend hates his underarm hair.

So I asked him why he doesn’t just shave it off. As embarrassed as he is by his armpit hair, he still feels pressured to look like a man. He said he didn’t want to shave it off because it wasn’t the manly thing to do. He NEVER said that he would look like a woman, because the difference between men and women is obviously a bit more complex than just a bit of hair under the pits. He simply talked about the pressure that he felt as a male to live up to certain expectations.

Now feminists will insist that de-stigmatising female armpit hair will magically make men feel better about shaving their pit-hair. They are wrong. They are simply making an excuse to prioritise female issues while justifying their discrimination by saying that the second-hand benefits will solve the mens issues too. Those sort of excuses are disgustingly manipulative. 

I absolutely abhor the fact that many feminists will blame certain male behaviour on a “deep-rooted hatred” of all things feminine as the underlying cause of their issues. For example:
- Men don’t wear dresses, because they hate feminine traits.
- Men don’t shave, because they hate feminine traits.
- Men don’t wear the colour pink, because they hate feminine traits.
- Men don’t sew, because they hate feminine traits.

Could we then insist that females do not shave their pits because of a deep-rooted hatred of men? For example: 
- Females aren’t hairy, because they hate masculine traits.
- Females aren’t dirty and unkept, because they hate masculine traits.
- Females aren’t bulky at the gym, because they hate masculine traits

Of course not, because as soon as you apply that exact same logic to women, it is suddenly invalid. As soon as you suggest that women shave their armpits because armpit hair is masculine and they do not want to look like manly men, feminists will go into defense mode and talk about the patriarchy and being oppressed. It is a double standard that they use, again, to promote and prioritise their own struggles, while ignoring the alternative struggles that men face. 

Does it ever occur to anyone that sometimes, men don’t like the gendered stereotypes society has placed on them either. Or are we going to continue to presume that only women are affect by armpit hair related stereotypes?

- fraudulentfeminist

“I need feminism because…. never having experienced STREET HARRASMENT shouldn’t make me feel UNATTRACTIVE”

Wow, firstly what a shit way to trivialise the experiences of people who have actually been harassed. Using the unfortunate experiences of others to pity yourself because you have low self esteem is selfish and insensitive. People don’t get harassed because they are pretty, that’s downright victim blaming and you are feeding into that mentality. People get harassed because they were the unwitting victim of some shit stain who needs to be imprisoned depending on how severe the harassment was (e.g. more than just cat calling).

No, seriously. So you want to ban cat calling and the like, but not until you get cat called yourself because you can use it to gauge how pretty you are? I will never understand feminists. They don’t need men to feel attractive, remember… But then, they need men to harass them to make them feel attractive.

To recap:  It is men’s fault for harassing ladies and making them feel like shit, and then it is a men’s fault for not harassing them and making them feel unattractive. Oh god you just can’t win, can you?


“I need feminism because… too many of my friends believe in equality but don’t think they are feminists”

This is probably because too many of your friends have a better understanding of what real equality is. I will say it again, in developed societies we already have equal rights and opportunities and are protected by law, and if either gender feels like they are being discriminated against they have equal right to take action by law. But feminism isn’t content with just equality and is actually spreading some really damaging propaganda…

I will start from the beginning: Every single early human society that has been documented or observed has followed the same pattern: Men hunt and protect, women care and nurture. That isn’t a coincidence. That is human nature. Those are our hardwired instincts. Those instincts (and other biological reason) are what give men and women their own physical and emotional differences. There are certain traits, behaviours, thoughts and actions that are typical of the male gender (typical, but not exclusive). Likewise, there are certain traits, behaviours, thoughts and actions that are typical of the female gender (again typical, but not exclusive). These all came from our instincts that helped us survive through the early stages of the human race.

Obviously the human race has progressed far enough to no longer need or rely on such a system of gender roles to survive, but that doesn’t mean we have evolved out of that instinctive set of behaviours. The majority of men are still going to want to be bread winners and protectors to support the family. The majority of women will still have that maternal instinct to care and nurture for their family. It isn’t because either party are oppressed or oppressors, it’s just how female and male genders have been hardwired.  

The thing I dislike about new wave feminism is that it demonizes these typical male and female dichotomies and calls them evil. The only evil is in the individuals who choose to judge each other based on gender stereotypes (For example, those who laugh at men who bake, or those who undermine women in the construction industry). 

Feminism is going so far as to pressure women into feeling that they need to be in male dominated areas of study, work and politics otherwise they are somehow being oppressed. It also guilt trips those who want to be stay at home mothers and tells them that their desires are the result of male oppression. It then shames men for simply being the gender majority in certain areas of study, work and politics. Feminism is spreading the ideology that being a woman in a male dominated area is feat deserving of more respect than an equally competent man in the very same situation.

My view on gender is much like the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang: “Yin and Yang are actually complementary, not opposing, forces, interacting to form a whole greater than either separate part.” Yes we are equal, but for beautifully different reasons. Stop telling me I have to be more like a man to be more of a woman.

*Please don’t misinterpret this and presume that my argument excuses males who abuse females because of their “instincts” (I know someone is going to try bring it up).  That is taking my argument out of context and twisting it to fit your own agenda. 

“I need feminism… so that I can stand up to the next guy who jokingly tells me to go make him a sandwich in the kitchen.”

I’ve just come home after meeting up with two of my male friends. At one point we were just bantering around when this happened:
Harry: “Fuck it, just get back in the kitchen where you belong”
Me: “Only if you mow the lawns when you get home from your 9 hour day at work, before buying me that dress I want and taking me out to dinner and paying for it”
Harry: Ah! Fuck you.
John: Ooooooh… burn, Harry! BURN!!

Did you see what I did there? Instead of internalizing a stereotype that was made as a joke against me, instead of feeling oppressed and belittled, instead of playing victim to everything that may have potentially offended me… I rose above it. Instead of playing dead, I played back. He used a stereotype against me and I had every right and privilege as a woman to use a stereotype against him. Guess what? It was funny. We laughed about it because we knew that they were stereotypes.

Being told to go back to the kitchen was an actual problem around, say the 1950s. It wasn’t a stereotype, it wasn’t a joke, it was a common held belief that women actually belonged in the kitchen. Women who did break the mold back then were often criticised and held with contempt by men and other women. They were ostracised by family and friends because they didn’t fit societies gender roles and were thus an embarrassment.

Fast forward to the 21st century and If you tried to belittle a woman for doing whatever she believe in, you will be pounced on and ripped to shreds. People will hold YOU with contempt for having such narrow minded and misogynistic views. Society doesn’t put up with that shit anymore.

So when you try to promote feminism by using antiquated stereotypes, you are failing to recognise the advancement society has made regarding gender roles… for both men AND women. You are also highlighting how many feminist followers have an inability to use logic or reasoning. 

- fraudulentfeminist

I have so many issues with this, on so many levels. Especially considering I used to think this way myself.

I used to look down on the Indigenous Communities of Australia, as they too receive all of the above benefits yet the majority of them still seemed to be going no where with their lives. I was constantly hearing of the chronic problems in Alice Springs where the handouts were spent on copious amounts of alcohol, and just the issues that arose from those specific entitlements. I very rarely see Indigenous youth around the city or my area who aren’t walking in packs and trying to be gangster. A majority of them, from what I have seen, have quite consistently ruined the reputation of their culture by being poorly behaved, poorly dressed, foul mouthed and bad mannered.

Then one day I had to catch the train during peak hour to get to class. The train was fairly packed, and I chose to sit in a 4-way booth (two seats facing towards two seats opposite). The other man sitting in the corner of the booth was a very tall, burly looking Indigenous fellow. Instead of sitting opposite him, as my knees would have overlapped his, I sat on the adjacent corner of the booth. 4 seats, 2 commuters, peak hour.

As we continued towards the city, making more and more stops, the train very quickly began to fill. All the empty seats were gone, including the priority seating, and people were resorting to standing up in the aisles and holding on to the rails above.  

The only two seats left available on our entire carriage, were the two directly opposite and adjacent to this man I shared a booth with. Eventually I ended up scooting along, giving up my leg room, and sat opposite the burly Indigenous man. It didn’t take long for someone to swoop down and take my original seat, yet the one remaining seat, the seat adjacent to my fellow commuter, was empty for the entire journey into the city.

Meanwhile, I had politely apologised when I had moved and invaded his leg space with my own legs, and when I had finished the puzzle on my newspaper, I offered the paper to him with a smile and he seemed quite happy to receive it. I had noticed the other passengers behaviour towards him, so I made sure he received at least one kind gesture on his trip. Other than that we spent the rest of the journey in silence.

When we reached the main city station, and as the train mostly emptied, I got up to leave. My back was turned but I heard the guy I was sitting with call out to me. I turned around and I will never forget what happened next. He looked at me with an incredibly hurt look in his eyes, and he politely nodded his head and said, “Thank you, it means a lot to me.”

I don’t think he was talking about the newspaper, either. 

All my prejudices and judgements regarding Indigenous people of Australia sort of crumbled instantly at that moment. I finally realised how despite their special treatments from the government, they never really get treated right anywhere else. Probably because many people, like the one who very thoughtlessly threw the above image together, still have many lingering racist and prejudice behaviours, even if it is unintentional. 

I was bullied as a child, by my elder sister. She was never punished because my mum said she was older (could be seen as a privilege), which made me bitter. I began to lash out at my other siblings in the same way my elder sister lashed out at me, yet I ended up getting punished for the same crimes my sister was inflicting on me and getting away with. The injustice of it all really screwed me up, and I grew more and more resentful, angry and destructive.

The man I encountered that day on the train reminded me of my issues as a child, and the injustice I felt. Except he was a victim of a large scale social problem, fuelled by racial prejudices and privileges. Coloured people may be equal under written law, but the way they are treated on a social level still screams with the agony of racism. 

If you agree with the sentiments of the person who generated this meme, you are probably unaware, and unintentionally part of the problem.
- fraudulentfeminist

I don't need feminism because... It is a close-minded, one sided, biased movement that demonizes innocent people.

I am so fucking done with seeing feminists blame the patriarchy (aka men) for essentially causing poor body image issues in both women and men. I don’t understand how they can’t understand that both genders face equally unrealistic beauty standards, and that both genders are equally guilty of perpetuating these standards.

The fact that feminism often implies that only women suffer from poor body image, and that it goes as far as to blame it on men, is incredibly ignorant, bigoted, and hateful. It completely ostracises an entire gender from a movement that is meant to be about equality, because of the way they guilt trip men into thinking that it is always their fault.

Take a look at this very interesting study. All four of these amalgamated human images are examples of unrealistic beauty standards. Here’s the kicker: which gender is behind the more extreme thinspo triggering ‘perfect body’ example for females?


Bother genders are their own worst critique. Stop blaming men. Stop excluding men. Stop claiming to be about equality when you still try and justify that these standards are still completely mens fault. Both genders face beauty standard pressures. Stop making it a solely female issues.

Just stop it.

- fraudulentfeminist

“I need feminism because… Every single human being deserves respect”

No. They don’t. Nobody deserves respect for simply being human. Respect is something that is earned and unfortunately feminism is spreading the idea that all women are deserving of respect for no reason other than being female. 

Any decent human being is going to treat everyone they come across with respect, because that is how they earn their own respect. It’s what decent human beings do. That doesn’t mean that the people being respected deserved that respect in the first place. You treat people with respect up until the point when they prove that they don’t deserve it. 

As much as I agree that there are relevant issues that western/third wave feminism tries to address (stereotypes, beauty standards, treatment in the industry e.g. not real oppression but issues none the less), I cannot for the life of me respect it as a movement. It does not deserve respect. Feminism uses hypocrisy, manipulation of statistics, defamatory and derogatory statements, double standards and male blaming for every single problem women face.

For example: You see hundreds of girls on Tumblr proclaiming that their use of makeup, beauty products and clothes are for their own personal empowerment. They wear it for themselves, so they say, and not for men. With the same breath they will turn around and blame the patriarchy (aka male privilege) for pressuring them to conform to beauty standards.

They hold up signs that say, “every human being deserves respect” yet in the same breath they turn around and declare, “our problems are the fault of the patriarchy. If you are a man you are part of the problem by default. We won’t judge you on your merits, we will judge you according to our own stereotypes regarding the male gender”

I am not an MRA and in no way do I believe that blaming the patriarchy causes male suffrage, but I relate this all back to the way they regard men to show the hypocrisy in feminist arguments and reasoning. It highlights their inability to show respect to anyone other than themselves. It is easy to blame someone else for your problems, but you can’t resolve an issue if you refuse to acknowledge the other half of the problem.

“I need feminism because… I definitely deserve to get PAID as much as (or more than) anyone else.”

- If you are a casual worker, you do not deserve to get paid as much as the store manager. 
- If you are a high school teacher, you do not deserve to get paid as much as a university professor.
- If you are a nurse, you do not deserve to get paid as much as a doctor.
- If you are an apprentice chef, you do not deserve to get paid as much as the head chef.
- Just because you are a woman, doesn’t mean you deserve to get paid as much, or more than a man (and vice versa).

No one deserves anything, especially if the only factor contributing to that entitlement is your gender. You earn your pay. Simple as that. If you choose a lower income job, then you need to realise that you will earn a lower income than someone else who has chosen a higher income job. 

How about an example to make this more clear:

Now, is it reasonable to call that discrimination towards children? Should we stage protests and demand an intervention to ensure that parents are forced to pay their kids $11.45 for every hour that they stand at their shitty homemade lemonade stall? No, because in the situation involving the children/adults wage gap, it is so blatantly obvious that the statistic involved doesn’t disclose some really crucial information such as:
- How often do children work, compared to adults?
- How much time off do children take, compared to adults?
- How labour intensive is the work children do, compared to adults?
- Do the majority of children actively choose lower income jobs to accommodate their lifestyles, compared to adults?
- Do the majority of adults sacrifice a larger portion of their time and lifestyle to take these higher income jobs, compared to children?

So when we spew around this statistic about women earning 77c for every dollar a man makes… Why isn’t it is so blatantly obvious that the statistic involved doesn’t disclose some really crucial information such as:
- How often do women work, compared to men?
- How much time off do women take, compared to men?
- How labour intensive is the work women do, compared to men?
- Do the majority of women actively choose lower income jobs to accommodate their lifestyles, compared to the majority of men?
- Do the majority of men sacrifice a larger portion of their time and lifestyle to take these higher income jobs, compared to women?

Is this really so hard to comprehend, or are we going to blame the patriarchy again?

- fraudulentfeminist

(PS. Most modern countries have some sort of legal watchdog that prevents and punishes discrimination in the workforce. In Australia we have what is called the Fair Work Ombudsman that gives out information and advice and informs you of your legal rights for those who find themselves in situations that involve discrimination. If you are being discriminated against in the workforce, including payment issues, these institutions will help you out. You don’t have an excuse not to ask.

“I need feminism because… A sexy watermelon is not a Hallowe'en costume!”

One of feminism’s biggest critique is the sexualization and objectification of women in society. So if Feminism has such a problem with “sexy costumes”… Would calling it a “slutty costume” fix the problem? How about a slutty watermelon? As far as I’m concerned, dressing like a slut is totally condoned and encouraged by feminists! 



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Feminism: 10/10 for hypocrisy and double standards

I need feminism because… I don’t want to choose between having a family or having a career”

You need feminism because you can’t make your own life decisions? Does that mean you want feminism to make your choices for you?  Sounds rather backwards to me. Either way you have an ability to make a choice. Regardless of whether you are a lady or a gentleman you will need to choose between having a family, having a career, or having both or having neither. I have compiled a few options for you to choose from: 

- Have a family, be a stay at home parent.
- Have a family, be a part-time worker parent.
- Have a family+career, have your partner look after the kids.
- Have a family, have a career afterwards
- Don’t have a family, have a career.
- Don’t have a family, don’t have a career.
- Have a career, then have a family.
- Have a career, have a family at the same time.
- Both partners have a career, hire a nanny.
- Boarding school for your family.

Never mind feminism, I’ve got it covered for you. 

“I need feminism because… This should really not perturb anyone.”

Women shave because it exaggerates their femininity. They shave because they do not want to look like hairy men. We equate being hairy with being manly, and most women do not want to look manly. Of course, any true feminist will tell you that the patriarchy is oppressing you and forcing you into female gender expectations. Truth is, those expectations are perpetuated by everyone. We are at a point in society where shaving is so common that it is basically expected of all women… by both women and men. Women will judge you just as harshly for not shaving as men will and placing all the blame on men is unfounded and ignorant.

Do you know why hair is associated with men? Do you know why hair is more acceptable on a man than a woman? Please don’t say ‘patriarchy’ because the answer is…Testosterone! Men have more of it (unless you suffer from PCOS or FHD)!! Testosterone is just one part of what makes a male, a male. It promotes the development of the male reproductive system in foetuses and in adult men guess what else it promotes? Hair growth!
Why do men have facial hair? Testosterone. 
Why do men have hairy feet? Testosterone. 
Why do men have thinned out pubic hair? Testosterone. 
Why are their arms and legs hairier than women? Testosterone. 

People equate excess hair with men, because men have higher levels of testosterone that promotes excess hair. So when women have too much hair, although it is still completely natural, it makes them look more manly and less feminine.

That is why female armpit hair perturbs people. People make assumptions about gender based on physical characteristics. When a woman shows male characteristics (like excess hair) yet identifies as a woman, it gets confusing and off-putting for others, hence the disturbance towards it. Besides, does anyone else find it ironic that feminists claim that men hate looking like women is patriarchy/oppression/privilege, yet they completely ignore the fact that women dislike being compared to men just as much?

Double standards?

“I need feminism because… I want to live in a society where this: <insert riddle> is not a riddle.”

Do you know why this riddle works so well? Notice how every single gendered pronoun and noun in this entire riddle is male-based? In order of appearance:
- Father
- His
- Son
- Father
- Son
- Boy
- Boy
- He
- Son

This entire riddle is diverting you away from any words, pronouns or nouns that may remind you of any female character. Even the way they used the word ‘surgeon’ is diverting you away from thinking about genders (either female or male) because it is so arbitrary. Take for example these few words:
- Physiotherapist
- Physiatrist
- Surgeon
- Dentist

None of these words have any gender stereotypical connotations surrounding them. When you hear these words you don’t picture a person with a specific gender so it becomes background information. Just because the riddle is purposely excluding any words that may have female connotations doesn’t mean it is sexist and is perpetuating stereotypes. 

Besides, what if the father was gay and his husband was the surgeon? Does that mean anyone who didn’t come to this alternative conclusion is a bigoted homophobe? Of course not! There is nothing wrong with presuming that a doctor is a male. It is only when that presumption turns into bigotry and prejudice against doctors who aren’t male that it become a problem. There is no harmful anti-female doctor propaganda behind this riddle at all. Make the distinction before labelling such a riddle as sexist.

As a woman, I would like to confess that this riddle stumped me when I first heard it, and it did not offend me in the least. It is a very good riddle and very cleverly executed. 

- Fraudulentfeminist

“I need feminism because… I’m tired of boys thinking the worst thing they could ever be compared to is a girl.”

Insulting a man by calling him a woman is like insulting a lesbian’s sexuality by calling her straight or hetero to undermine her. It is offensive to her because it is not who she is and it is not what she identifies with. But it goes both ways! When you call a straight guy a gay or homo as an insult, it hurts! They don’t like being compared to gays because they aren’t gay. It isn’t because gays and straights hate each other. It isn’t because being either gay or straight is better than the other. It is because they don’t identify with each other.

Men don’t like being compared to girls using the same rationality as above. More often than not, they don’t identify with the traits, be that physically, mentally or emotionally, that are typically associated with your average female (typical, but not exclusive or binding). Key point here: just because they don’t identify with those characteristics, doesn’t mean they hate them. Likewise, females don’t like being compared to men for the exact same reason. Not because they hate men, but because they don’t identify with them. If you want to make a girl upset just tell her that she looks manly and butch like a manly man and not feminine at all. Ouch.

The same rationality can be applied anywhere. Zara Hartshorn is a young girl but is called an old woman because of a rare genetic condition that causes her to age so-many-times the normal rate. It is an insult to her because she doesn’t identify with being an old woman, not because she hates old women.

Although I am only a half-caste I identify strongly towards my fathers Indian heritage, as opposed to my mothers European heritage. In fact, I grew up with people asking my mum if my siblings and I were adopted. When people call me white it is offensive because I am a WOC and I do not identify with being white, not because I hate white people. 

Comparisons affect everyone. As I have already pointed out, it comes in the form of sexuality, gender, age, race and a whole lot more. There is this amazing thing called logic that is sadly neglected by far too many people, a prime example is the lady above. She has taken an issue that affects everyone from all walks of life, zoomed in on a small component of it, and then used it to generalize and undermine the entire male gender for a movement that benefits her.

Good job feminism. You’ve bred some really intelligent and thoughtful followers, who look at issues from an unbiased perspective and who use reason and logic to come to their conclusions, without manipulating statistics or evidence. Not.

- fraudulentfeminist

I need feminism because… with a new person and a new world to introduce, the default way to do so is still “It’s a girl”. (Parents, thanks for raising a person)

Yes, that little baby is a person… It is also girl.

It has XX chromosomes. We use feminine nouns and pronouns to describe people with  XX chromosomes. Is their anything inherently bad about that? What do we call humans with XX chromosomes? Females. What do we call humans with XY chromosomes? Males. They are non offensive words that we use to describe people… not to oppress, conform or control them. The fact that people think feminine and masculine words are offensive, is offensive in itself. Is being female, or being male, so appalling that we no longer want to identify with them through the use of common language. 

When the doctor says, “It’s a girl” he is communicating a number of things. He is really saying, “It is a human, and unless the baby goes through some sort of hormonal treatment or surgery to change gender, it has a vagina, and nipples that will later develop into breasts, it will have periods once it hits puberty and it’s voice won’t break suddenly, but instead it will gradually change as it gets older.” 

But of course, it is much easier to say, “It’s a girl”.

We use the word girl as a means of communication and description. Until that child grows up and identifies as anything else other than a female, then it will always remain a girl. 

(P.S. this post is about feminism trying to affect the english language, not about social constructs or gendered stereotypes.) 

I need feminism because I shouldn’t have to worry that my gender will stop me from being successful in the male dominated games industry.

Do we really have to keep doing this? I hate how we completely dehumanize the majority of people working within the games industry by labeling it as a “male dominated games industry”.  The way we use words can be so incredibly manipulative sometimes. When you use words such as “male dominated” it completely removes any sort of human context and replaces it with negative stereotypes because we are throwing around the word “dominated” which will always invoke negative connotations.

When you say words like “male dominated” you are almost implying that all the men in that particular industry are women-hating bigoted sexists who want to dominate over all of the women. That is a shitty and hurtful generalization to make. I’m going to slightly re-word the above quote:

“I need feminism because I shouldn’t have to worry that my gender will stop my from being successful in the games industry where 80% of the workforce happen to be really passionate and genuine men who are doing what they love.”

Yes, I understand that there are still people out there who are still inherently sexist towards women, to the point where it could be considered bigotry. These people are the minorities. There really is only a handful of people who will look at mind blowingly awesome work and deny the applicant because all they saw was the female gender of the creator behind the design.

Do you know what will actually stop you from being successful in the games industry (or any creative industry for that matter) 99% of the time? Lack of motivation, passion, talent, ambition, and creativity. You need all of this to succeed. We are all on tumblr, and we’ve all seen those amazing images, videos, music clips, or art… Yet the people who created them are absolute nobodies. It goes to show that just because you are insanely talented doesn’t mean you are going to make it if you don’t have the motivation and the passion to dedicate most of your life into getting your work out there and recognized. You can’t expect to have everything handed to you on a silver platter. 

Saying things like “I can’t be successful because there are lots of men” is a really copout way of giving up. Don’t make excuses. Stop blaming others. 

- fraudulentfeminist

note: I would like to add that I don’t believe the women picture above is actually very big at all. She seems like a fairly healthy weight to me. The issue I am addressing here is the message written on her card, because it is something that is commonly circulated by many people. I am not attacking her personally at all, I am analysing the message that she is relaying.

“I need feminism because me loving my fat body is apparently a radical concept. Smash patriarchal beauty standards!”

I personally find weight issues a really delicate topic, so I am going to try tread lightly. Before I begin I would firstly like to say that I find it extremely important that people are able to accept their body regardless of their weight. Feeling guilty about yourself and wallowing in self hate is just as unhealthy mentally. Saying that, I also think people need to accept the reality of the dangers and issues their body weight can cause if it is too small or too large. There is nothing positive about ignoring health facts.

You loving your fat body IS a radical concept, because loving something involves taking proper care of it. If you truly loved your body, you would nourish it with healthy, nutritious meals because that is what bodies thrive on. Likewise, for those who don’t eat enough, loving their bodies does not involve restricting their intake and running on low fuel constantly. You can accept your body the way it is, but loving it means so much more than that. I don’t believe you should feel guilty about the way you are built or the way you let yourself go, but I also don’t believe you should promote unhealthiness by parading it as loving yourself. Accept yourself the way you are, but don’t justify poor lifestyle choices. 

External image

[source] Fat doesn’t just lie under the skin (subcutaneous fat), it can also accumulate around the internal organs (visceral fat), creating a myriad of health problems. 

The biggest problem I find with this issue is the fact that this body shaming issue is credited to patriarchal beauty standards. When you blame the patriarchy, you are essentially blaming men. When women struggle with weight, it is somehow acceptable to presume that it is because men hold them to such shallow standards. Yet when men face the exact same struggles it suddenly becomes unreasonable and almost offensive to suggest that women hold men to such shallow standards. It’s a disgusting double standard, it doesn’t address the real issue, and it doesn’t actually help anybody.

I personally believe that the biggest problem is the huge stigma surrounding diets and dieting. It almost seems like unless you are naturally or effortlessly slim/healthy, than being on a diet or healthy eating plan is something to be ashamed of. Instead of encouraging people to eat well, we shame them because they are trying. They are trying to be healthy and people just sit there and think, “hah… look at that fatty eating a salad, they’re probably going to go home and raid their fatty fat collection of snickers bars from their cupboard.” We raise our eyebrows at those who turn down slices of cake for the sake of health, and we give off such an air of superiority about it we’re basically mocking them because we believe they are destined for failure. Both genders are guilty of this. Not just men, not just the patriarchy.

It is easy to simply brush off issues with ‘the patriarchy!’ but can you see how it doesn’t adequately address the underlying issues? Can you see how to ostracises an entire gender out of an issue that affects everyone? Can you see how it unfairly lays blame on one gender? 

Simply put, this is one of the reasons why we don’t need feminism. We need a genderless movement that addresses the behaviour of both genders, because both genders are at fault for fat shaming, and both genders are affected by fat shaming. 

- fraudulentfeminism

“I need feminism because… Science toys shouldn’t be in the boys section”

The fact that we even have segregated toy aisles for boys and girls is the biggest problem here. Whether you realise it or not, these separate toy sections are in some ways subtlety promoting and encouraging gender binaries in our children. The thing is, instead of addressing this issue in its entirety, you are taking only one facet of the problem [science toys are only in the boys section] to further promote your need for feminism. This is wrong, this is misleading, and it doesn’t help anyone.

Have you noticed the type of toys available in these gender targeted toy aisles? Girls have access to large amounts of friendship based toys, visually creative toys, child minding toys, and personal appearance toys. Boys are targeted with science toys, mechanical toys, construction/demolition toys, and fighting toys. Fast forward a few decades in these kids lives and we see work fields such as engineering, construction, and military being dominated by males, while the stay at home roles, nurses, and beauty therapists are being dominated by females. 

Can you see the correlation I am trying to make? What people seem to forget is that kids have impressionable minds. If you are supplying your child with these gender targeted toys before they can walk, talk, or make decisions for themselves don’t be surprised when they grow older and begin to choose for themselves toys that are stereotypically girly or boyish, and when they grow older still they are choosing stereotypically female or male careers. Although it is genuinely an act of free will, there is an element of preconditioned preferences and behaviours that we as their mentors, parents and guardians implemented. 

Can you see where we need to focus on change? Prevention is the best medicine. Today we have so many issues of females being part of male dominated areas and being belittled for it, while men in female dominated areas are also ridiculed! The problem is that both genders are facing unfair struggles for going against the expected gender roles. When people complain about science toys being in the boys section, they are implying that the boys have privileges and girls are being denied important educational products. They don’t care that boys alternatively don’t have child-minding dolls and are being denied learning important nurturing behaviors because that isn’t part of their agenda. Complaining about only boys toys is taking it out of context.

When I urge people to choose gender-neutral toys, the context is directed towards early childhood development where the parent has total control over the toys and products the child receives. Obviously when the child is older it has more freedom to choose, but until then it isn’t beneficial to constantly reinforce gender stereotypes with gender-geared merchandise when it is so easy to give them a less biased start to life. I really don’t care if you daughters or sons are playing with or choosing their respective stereotypically toys or not because that isn’t the point I’m making here. All I ask is that we ensure our kids can grow up in an environment where they can play with anything they like without being influenced by our adult conceptions of what is appropriate in regards to gender roles.

Quotes like the one above is just one of the many reasons I disagree with modern first wave feminism. Like I said before, it consistently takes single symptoms of bigger problems to promote its own agenda.