why the signs are in jail: pairs

aries + pisces: vandalising the skate park. they did some pretty great designs but pisces decided to write their full name and aries started kicking the trash cans around, alerting people around them. it didn’t help that it was only 8pm.

taurus + aquarius: poisoned the food at a restaurant because the owners were mean to them and the service was bad. taurus decided to eat a few goodies before leaving and proceeded be sick on the street whilst aquarius freaked out and went to to police for help.

gemini + capricorn: fraud. everything went to plan but then gemini decided to tell someone about it who told someone else about it who told the police. capricorn was pissed and decided to choke gemini and that’s when the cops walked in.

cancer + sagittarius: speeding on the highway. sagittarius was going 200 in their new sports car and the cops started following them in an epic chase. cancer freaked out and tried to stop the car and ending up almost killing the two of them.

leo + libra: shoplifting out of a high class store. libra uses their charm to talk to the security guard at the front whilst leo steals the goods and brings them out. what they didn’t expect were the security cameras since these two didn’t think things through.

scorpio + virgo: murdering the president. the plan was calculated and efficient. scorpio and virgo then turned on each other later on as they didn’t want any witnesses and were caught fighting by the police a few blocks away from the crime scene.

Rachel Dolezal and Andrea Smith: Integrity, Ethics, Accountability, Identity
The politics of racial shifting in anti-racist feminist organizing has been made anew in recent debates over the cases of Rachel Dolezal (formerly known as Black) and Andrea Smith (formerly known a...

“Why does Smith’s fraud get excused on the grounds of “her good work” but Dolezal does not? […]

Meanwhile, we’ll all fail to ask why, as Dolezal and Smith present themselves through such complicated personal stories of childhood abuse and family dysfunction, we respond so differently to Dolezal’s blackface and Smith’s redface. We’ll avoid the opportunity to think out loud together about why it seems the entire nation demands accountability of someone pretending to be Black–of literally altering her physical appearance to conform to racist expectations of Blackness–but doesn’t seem to give one iota of concern about those who pretend to be Indian.

Is this because, at the end and beginning and middle of Smith’s fraud, “we” would all like to claim or have already claimed to have been raised in tipis, hunting for our food, feeling Indian since we were kids, shifting out of ourselves into the Indian’s pains and successes? Is it that “we” all, secretly, want to be Indian like her? Or perhaps that “we” all, secretly, already claim to be Indian ourselves?

A jury just declared gay conversion therapy to be fraud.

On Thursday in Jersey City, a jury returned a unanimous verdict declaring that Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH) committed fraud by promising four young men and their parents that the non-profit could change their sexual orientation from gay to straight. The jury also ended the question at the heart of nearly every debate over gay rights.

I really hate to do this but idk what else to do. My card information has been stolen and is being used in Maryland. I live nowhere near Maryland. I was able to put a hold on my account, but only after them taking almost $350 from me. I can’t afford food or to pay my bills now. The $45 left I cannot even use as my account is now locked. I called my bank and they said they will help but it usually takes about a month to get everything proceeded and then 90 days for the investigation. I can’t afford to be out $350 at the moment. I am a 20 year old LGBT full time college student and I don’t have a job but I am looking for one. I’m going to keep this short so I don’t bore you but if you could spare even a little bit of money I would be so happy. If you can’t and you could reblog this I would also be happy. Any help will be amazing!
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  • Girl on Tumblr dot com:Why can't I get a boyfriend? I'm so lonely and I feel like nobody will ever care about me
  • Feminists:no n onon o darling, you're absolutely PERFECT!!!1 if a boy doesn't like you, KILL HIM!! You're too good for all of them anyway uwu u wu
  • Boy on Tumblr dot com:Why can't I get a girlfriend? I'm so lonely and I feel like nobody will ever care about me
  • Feminists:wtf the fuck? What are you complaining about? Girls don't owe you anything?? Why don't you get your pathetic fuckboy ass away from them? The FRIENdZONE doesn't EXIST lmao maybe nobody likes you because you're a MISOGYNIST who HATES WOMEN

It was brought to my attention that Jai Grier has been stealing my artwork and claiming it as her own. 

The first photo is taken from my archive to show when I originally posted my collage, which was March 2nd. In the second photo, you can see that she posted my collage to her Facebook March 5th, 3 days after I originally posted it. In the third and fourth picture you can also see where she blotted-out my signature that I originally put on the shoulder of my collage character.  

It’s really disheartening to know that someone wants to steal something you worked hard on and call it their own. I’ve been working on my collage work for the last 5 years or so and it’s upsetting that someone would do this to me for their own benefit. 

SHE IS STEALING OTHER ARTISTS’ WORK AS WELL. On her facebook she has denied stealing other people’s artwork even though multiple people have called her out on her fraud. She has also been known to print out other artists’ artwork and claiming it as her own. I’m doing this post to expose her fraud and warn other artists of people like her, who think they can steal other people’s work and get a way with it.

Jai Grier’s facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaigrier

The government will finally help student victims of financial abuse and fraud.

Originally posted by learningcurveed

On Monday, the Department of Education made an extraordinary announcement: It’s creating a new system for debt relief for students who have been the victims of abuse and fraud. The laws that were previously keeping students from getting loan forgiveness have been changed in their favor. 

Am I not, Black?

It is widely spread that Rachel Dolezal, president of Washington’s NAACP chapter has recently come under wide scrutiny after her parents accused her of being a phony. Mr. and Mrs. Dolezal say that their daughter decided that she wanted to be black around 2006/2007 and this my friends, is the result.

From this:

To this:

And this:

And this:

And if you’d like to hear her response to the question, “Are you African American,” click this link:


Rachel teaches African American Studies classes quarterly at Eastern Washington University. Her parent’s say that she has told more lies to enhance her blackness like, she lived in a tepee in South Africa and hunted for her own food, was abused by her step dad, has a black son (who in actuality is supposed to really be her adopted brother), etc…

I’d love to hear what you all think. Please comment, re-blog and BOOST this story. 

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Mulcair: Conservatives have cheated in every election

Here’s some proof:

2011: Former Conservative staffer found guilty in robocalls trial

2008: Ex-Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro guilty on election charges

2006: In and out scandal

I am pissed.

Watch out for this seller on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/wendyjewelrysupplies?ref=pr_shop_more


If they send the wrong item, they will make you pay for your own shipping to have it sent back and if for some reason because it is international and they get a custom fee, they will refuse to pay the fee to retrieve the package ( OR ASK YOU TO PAY THE FEE FOR THEM ) and refuse to refund because they did not get the item back. BULLSHIT. Not to mention the most TERRIBLE customer service ever. They will not take any responsibilities for their mistakes. 


A man claimed that he would build a skyscraper 480 feet tall. He labelled all the plans as 480", and had the skyscraper built 40’ in keeping with the plans, pocketed the money and won a court case because, technically, he did not defraud anyone. The “skyscraper” is located in Texas, and is called the World’s Littlest Skyscraper.

The Federal Trade Commission and all 50 states on Tuesday accused four cancer charities of being “sham charities,” charging that the groups had deceived donors, misspending more than $187 million in donations, in one of the largest charity fraud cases ever.

In soliciting donations through telemarketing calls and direct-mail, the F.T.C. complaint says, the charities described specific uses for the money they solicited, like transporting patients to and from chemotherapy or purchasing pain medication for children. “These were lies,” the complaint says, and much of the money went to the people running the charities for expenses like gym memberships, college tuition and dating website subscriptions. “Donations have enriched a small group of individuals.”

The charities — the Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services, Children’s Cancer Fund of America and the Breast Cancer Society — were created and controlled by the same network of people and led by James Reynolds Sr., the F.T.C. says.

Together with attorneys general from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the F.T.C filed suit against those organizations on Monday in the United States District Court for Arizona, also naming Mr. Reynolds and some of his relatives and associates as defendants.

According to the complaint, Mr. Reynolds devised the fund-raising scheme in 1987 and recruited his son, friends and members of his church congregation to participate in the years that followed. The F.T.C.’s finding of $187 million in misspent donations reflects the charities’ activity from 2008 to 2012. In that time, the charities spent less than 3 percent of donations on cancer patients.


Boris Skossyreff — The gigolo king of Andorra

Boris Skossyreff often fancied himself an adventurer and world scholar.  In reality the Lithuanian born Skossyreff was a con man and fraud who bounced from country to country passing forged checks and getting involved in all sorts of unsavory business until he was eventually arrested and deported.  In the 1930′s Boris settled down in Mallorca, Spain, and passing himself off as a powerful Dutch noble courted the wealthy American yacht club ladies of the city as well as various other European women of means.  Making a living servicing the wealthy women of Europe was certainly lucrative, as he lived a very luxurious lifestyle leaching off of his handful of wealthy ladies.  

In 1934, Boris was ejected from the country by the Spanish government, so in order to continue his profession he moved to Andorra, a very small but wealthy nation that straddles the border between Spain and France.  Andorra is a principality, with the President of France and Bishop of Urgell being co rulers.   A year before Skossyreff’s arrival the tiny nation had rebelled against France, a short and small rebellion which was foiled by 60 French policemen.  When Boris arrived, many Andorrans still supported local self rule. Using his fraudulent claims to be a member of the House of Orange, Boris was able to convince the Andorran Council to name him King of Andorra.  Amazingly the French President approved of his nomination as well.  King Boris immediately set about reforming his tiny kingdom, most of his plans involved transforming the country into a large gambling and casino resort as well as a tax haven.  The Bishop of Urgell, a staunch Catholic who disapproved of gambling, decided that Boris had to go.

The Bishop of Urgell declared Boris rule to be illegitimate, and ordered the local Spanish police to arrest him.  King Boris responded by declaring war on the Bishop and Spain.  Without a military, however, there was little Boris could do to prevent Spanish authorities from invading his country.  The monarchy of King Boris I lasted only 10 days before he was arrested by the Spanish police, and extradited to Madrid.  He was immediately deported to Portugal, who then immediately deported him to France, who then deported him to Belgium.  For the rest of the 1930′s he bounced from country to country, eventually being deported for fraud and petty crimes.  During World War II he was forced to join the German Army where he served on the Eastern Front and was made a POW by the Soviet Union.  He was released in the 1950′s taking up residence in Germany until his death in 1989.