Okay so the holidays to me are a super nice time to spend time with the people you care about and just to be happy so this is people and things that make me really happy :)

-my mom and step dad ❤
-the opportunities I’ve been able to have this year as a whole
-one direction

-music in general really

And now some extremely important people in my life:

Alicia: girl you are one of the most amazing friends I love you so much and if I hadn’t met you in the 6th grade I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today so thank you :) I don’t honestly know where I would be without you like I wouldn’t even be here on tumblr making this right now if it wasn’t for you that’s for sure haha I will love every single second that I get to spend with you bc you are just that amazing and ily oh and the concert with you is going to be so freaking fantastic I’m so excited for the sweat and eyes and muscles ahhh yay haha ily girly <3

Kate: kate seriously I know we haven’t known each other for a long time but you honestly are one of my best friends now it’s crazy like snap chatting and texting you is a highlight of my day bc I can fan girl with you like I did on 1D Day and you will be in that exact same boat sailed on the Niall/ziam ship and I love it :) I love you so much and I’m so happy that we are friends now like its one of those things where it’s like what the heck was I doing before I met you and yeah i love you so much you’re amazing :D

Becca: because you are probably the first person who I befriended when I started this blog of mine and I remember being so shy and like reserved and just blogging here in silence until I started talking to you and then ahh it was just so wonderful and you’re super pretty and amazing and I’m really glad that I had the chance to become friends with you I love you:)

Kyra: so Kyra honestly becoming friends with you and fan girdling over AHS and Niall with you is just amazingly amazing and I couldn’t ask for someone sweeter to talk to :) you are so nice and just an overall sweet person and I’m really happy that we started talking bc it would’ve been so different for me if I didn’t have someone to fan girl about Evan with haha

Katy: Katy omg name twins! Okay so honestly you are one of the nicest people like you’re so sweet and I absolutely love talking to you weather it is about Niall or the boy you went on that adorable date with or just anything really is just so wonderful and by the way next time I come to California girl we are meeting up it’s happening just saying haha but I love you and you’re super amazing :)

Kat: omg so I remember the first time I talked to you was when I tagged something with your url by accident and you found it and messaged me omg I was so embarrassed but it was so funny at the same time and then we started talking and it was just really fun haha you’re so nice and I’m so happy that I screwed up my tags bc it led me to talking to you so yeah :) ily

Taylor: Taylor ahhhhhh I absolutely love it when I’m on tinychat with you and the others it’s just perfect you’re super nice :) even something as simple as snapchatting with you is so much fun because you’re super pretty and all the pictures of niall that you post into the group haha it makes my day even though the ones you choose make me crazy haha i love them and you <3

these are just some specific people who have made me so happy and I couldn’t be grateful enough to have each and every one of them in my life in some sense <3 I’m sorry if i forgot you on here this is just one of those things that I put together really quickly bc i was thinking about stuff :) 

as always I love every single person who follows me bc you are so perfect and wonderful and thank you so much for putting up with my randomness and crazy obsessiveness haha ily<3

I just wanted to take the time to recognize all of these amazing blogs and I thought it was appropriate to do it today cause I hit 13K! Without you guys tumblr wouldn’t be the same! There are a lot of people this time around because I just can’t leave people out! You guys are all amazing and thank you so much for being some of my best friends! <3

First of all I am making this section dedicated to my best friends on here:

Harrehstlys ; Gtfozayn ; Frattynialls ; Macrelstyles ; Louiswillam ; Adoresboys ; Fucknialljames ; Whorannaround ; Maybe-ed ; Quiet ; Idiothoran ; Snowlingar ; ilreland 

You guys are literally my best friends and I don’t know what I would do without you! Thank you guys so much! I love you all!!! <3

Now for my favorite blogs yay!

Hazzanolife ; Juicyziam ; Jizzyhaz ; Adoreharold ; Britishary ; Zouispls ; Liltlebirds ; Dublincraic ; Niamfornia ; Damncara ; idkmans ; Niallar ; Seductivelou ; Stylinstagran ; Niallhurans ; Misltetoezayn ; Hardziam ; irelland ; Wildniam ; Itsgottabelou ; Stylonston ; Purrhoran ; Literallyrad ; Niallersspecialclover ; Suspenderlouis ; 5sos-love ; Bradfordfratboy ; Snazzyhoran ; Jumpernouis ; Storanscurls ; Megapotterheadforever ; Frozenpetalls ; Whoranation ; Snuglou ; Carastop ; Fvucktheniall ; Lovelypayner ; Plaidlouis ; Snowsash ; Adoresluke ; Indiestyels ; Lilzouis ; Screamharry ; Winterzayns ; Ziamdirtbag ; Ufostars ; Zarrryyy ; Tommothetease ; Mullingow ; Niallbros ; 9inch-nialls ; Hmulou ; Hypedharry ; Leilahemmings ; Lixrry ; Narrycanhitthis ; Pleasezarry ; Titanliam ; Ziallbums ; Zaynjmalilk ; Tylounol


Since it’s the last day of the year, I just wanted to thank everyone for making my dashboard amazing. I love you all.

bold -people that i consider my friends (idk how you feel about me but) (hover over your url for a message)

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the piece of shit edit was made by me lol

So this is my first follow forever. I want to thank everyone i follow for making my dash and blog so much prettier i love you all 

but i have two people i need to specially thank first 

Tat: Seriously you are the tumblr friend i have always wanted. You make me laugh with your rad crazy self and i always find my self glaring through my phone whenever you text me dude. I want to thank you for putting up with my lame ass self for so long. I love you so much and one day we will meet and go to wendys with zayn and stomp it out. 

Nicole: You are such a great friend. Actually a sister in some ways. I come to you with all my problems and secrets and you always make me feel better and give me great advice. And i just know if we lived in the same place we would be inseparable. I love you and i really dont know what id do with out you im so glad we became friends and i cant wait to walk around in Eskimo jackets with our cardboard cutouts 

if you are bolded that means i love you and you mean dearly to me if you are in italics that means i stalk your blog from afar 

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if i spelt your url wrong i am so sorry and if i forgot you i am also sorry.