fratty or not

how come when black girls meet white guys, they always have to basically announce that they’re white? “i know i’m a white guy but…” “this white boy knows how to dance!” “i can’t dance. i’m white. what can i say?” “do you like white guys?” 

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Geno is so used to calling all his frat brothers "bro" and "dude" that something's it will slip out while he's fucking Sid. Sid immediately stops moving whenever Geno does it. They've developed a system where Sid tallies how many times it Geno says fratty things to him in bed and when it hits 15 Geno has to take Sid out for ice cream

“What’s that board?” Jake asks, looking up at the whiteboard hanging in the kitchen. There are tally marks on it, accompanied by a drawn >:( emoticon face.

“It’s the ice cream chart,” a pledge says. “When it hits 15, Geno and Sidney takes us out for ice cream.”

Jake thinks, Wow, joining this frat was the best thing he’d ever done.

Two weeks later, they’re at an ice cream place and Geno’s feeding Sidney a bite of cookies and cream from his spoon, looking very embarrassed, when Flower says, “I love sex ice cream.”

“What?” Jake asks. He wonders if he somehow forgot English.

“Sex ice cream,” Flower says again. “Whenever G accidentally calls Sidney ‘bro’ or ‘dude’ in bed, Sidney keeps a tally. And then we get ice cream when it hits fifteen.”

Jake stares at his cone, then at Geno making puppy dog faces at Sidney while feeding him ice cream, and he feels slightly queasy. Conor gapes and freezes, his Rocky Road falling off his cone and onto the table.