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The Liking Game

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jackson

Genre: Fluff / Angst

Prompt: “Life is a highway, and I’m always drunk. So I’m not driving.”

Rating: PG-13 (college partying, drinking)

Word Count: 2,023

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Sigma Chi Boy (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: It seemed like frat boy Grayson couldn’t get enough of you. And quite frankly, you secretly loved the attention.
Word Count: 2,061
Warnings: Drinking, parties, mentions of sex.
A/N: Wrote this a while back and just found it in my drafts. Who doesn’t love fratboy!gray, though? :’) Let me know if you liked this and want a part two! (Already written!)

It seemed like he was everywhere. It was secretly pleasing me, but I refused to let it show. Instead, I acted like it was bugging the hell out of me because I’d rather get hit by a bus than give him the satisfaction of knowing that he had any kind of effect on me whatsoever. Simply because he was a frat boy in the Sigma Chi fraternity house, where every guy who lived there was a douche bag.

Grayson and I had slept together twice, and at first it was nothing but hate and annoyance radiating through us both. We’d had too much to drink, and it had ended up with both of us in his bed and we were pretty good at ignoring it and pretending like it had never happened. But then we ended up together again and I swore to myself that it would never happen again because even though I had some feeling for Grayson, it would never happen. He was too much of a player and God knows how many girls he’d had in his bed before me. Sure, there was a certain sexual tension between us which I refused to even acknowledge and it had him running after me like a little puppy, craving my attention and I basked in it, because it was fun teasing him. That didn’t mean I liked him though.

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ask : ❝ 2P! germany college au headcanons. ❞

1. super, super lazy.

• literally all he does is sleep. and, of course, he has classes but that does not keep him from dozing off 24/7, duh. he never tries to hide it either. actually, he’s secretly proud that he can just take a nap whenever and wherever he wants.

• that said, he hardly ever goes to any of his classes. none of them really matter to him all that much. it’s a surprise that he isn’t flunking all of them. wait … he is, actually. huh, no wonder. never does his homework, never studies - nothing.

• it’s a possibility that he just doesn’t want to go to class. he isn’t that lazy. he’ll do stuff when he wants. but, if attendance is mandatory, he will probably be in there. if there’s a sign-in sheet, he’ll get one of his friends to put his name down.

• sure, he’s failing all his classes right now but - don’t worry. he’s got it covered, he will definitely cram the night before the final exam and rush to get his essays turned in. he’ll just borrow some notes from his buddies, they’ve got his back.

• ends up getting c’s ? i mean, you’re right … he doesn’t really deserve them but whatever. he got a good enough grade on the final, i guess. it always kicks his ass, too. studying like that. but, guess what. he’ll never learn, it’d seem. 

2. reliable with the ladies.

• seriously, though. this guy’s probably the most sexual on campus. he’s always flirting and he’s always making moves on girls. i mean, obviously, he doesn’t get them all but - a lot of his pick-up lines actually work, believe it or not. so, yeah. 

• constantly, constantly trying to get girls’ phone numbers and, half the time, he does. only thing is, though, he rarely ever calls or texts. i think he just sort of gets them to prove that he can, y’know? doesn’t even bother getting involved.

• he’s had a ton of girlfriends before and, because of that, he’s sort of known as a total heartbreaker. never, ever stays in a relationship for more than a month, he says that he hates commitment and, well … that’s pretty true, if you ask me.

• i mean, even though he’s labeled as a player, he still somehow always scores a new girl. usually tries to hit on freshmen or girls that probably haven’t heard of his reputation. he goes for the easy ones, doesn’t have time for the hard-to-get.

• never in a real relationship, in all honesty. and, you might not like what i have to say but he’s only in it for the sex. and, it’s awful but he would probably dump a girl just and only because she wouldn’t sleep with him. yeah, he’s a big jerk.

3. big on parties.

•  oh, my god. trust me - he is such a party animal. he throws them all the time, 24/7, in his dorm. day or night, it doesn’t matter. and, if he isn’t starting them, he’s going to them. it’s one of his all-time favorite things about college - parties.

• picks up a lot of girls at them. that and he’s an awesome wing man. he knows well that he’s more likely to get most of the attention than some of the other dudes there. and … a lot of the time, he will help them out and talk them up.

• drinks like there is no tomorrow. seriously, he doesn’t stop. i’m willing to bet that he could out-drink anyone, anyone at that party. super talented, it’s crazy. i don’t throw that word around a lot but let’s say, he’ll win every drinking game.

• school night? does not matter. a least … not with him. and actually, most of the parties he throws are on a weeknight. well, his logic is, going 5 days without messing around a little ( a lot ) is a total waste of time, you know what i mean?

• you’re right, he’s definitely not a lightweight but he’ll still be way hungover in the morning. knowing him, he will probably beg his roommate to swing by a coffee place to pick him a little cure/remedy to help him get through the day.

4. everyone loves him.

• really, really popular. but only with certain groups of people. i mean, obviously, not everyone is going to like him. but he’s actually friends with a lot of guys in fraternities and such. he’s not in one himself but - boy, he sure does act like it.

• when he isn’t in class ( which is never ), he’s usually hanging out with his buds. they’ll stay around the courtyard or cafeteria, just waiting for someone to come along that they can pick on. it’s never harmful, of course. just playful bantering.

• i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again. girls love him. and with that comes a lot of drama. he will act like he hates it but, in reality, he totally digs it. do not let him fool you - he loves, loves rivalry between two chicks, maybe even three.

• only has a couple good friends, you know? sure, a lot of people want to be his pal but he usually just stays loyal to his old buds. but don’t get me wrong, he’ll still hang out with a ton of people but that doesn’t mean they’re close to him.

• so, so sweet, though. like - if he hasn’t talked to a good buddy in a long while, he’ll probably skype them or just phone them. “what’s up, man? i haven’t heard from you in forever.” honestly, he’ll end up talking to them for two-five hours.

5. so disorganized. 

• don’t ask him about the homework last night, he didn’t do it. or anything about the lecture, he definitely was not listening. just … do not bother him with any questions, honestly. i will save you the time and effort, he wasn’t tuned in, at all.

• his room is a literal pigsty. he has dirty clothes and garbage everywhere. even beer bottles. ( god forbid the dean walks in. ) the only time he’ll tidy up in the slightest is when a girl is coming over. but still, it isn’t much of an improvement.

• does the smell-test on all of his clothes before he wears them. yeah, it’s gross but he’ll wear his clothes a few times without rewashing them. i mean, after all, that’s what cologne is for, right? ( oh, my god. wrong. don’t do that, please. )

• other than that, though, he stays pretty clean. hygiene-wise, anyway. he’ll take a shower and shave, all that jazz. sometimes, he’ll forget and have to douse himself in deodorant. it’ll be enough to get him through the day but he hates it.

• forgets where everything is. that one shirt? yeah … he hasn’t seen that thing in forever. phone charger? he’s been borrowing from someone else for months! not the most organized, not at all. honestly, i’m not quite sure how he makes it.

Fraternity hookups

Wondering if guys would be interested in reading stories about my encounters on campus with other frat guys- let me know.

You Are My Song (Pt. 2)

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Summary: You meet Kihyun in psychology class and can’t stand him.  Outside of class is a different story.

Disclaimer: All of the things mentioned in this story are all works of fiction and have been made up by me, the author.  I did not intend to make anything based on real life, and any coincidences to real life are purely coincidences.

Members: Kihyun x Reader

Rating: PG-13/R (mature content to come in future chapters)

Length: 2,357 words

Notes: Y/BF/N = Your best friend’s name

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So I went to a fraternity formal with this guy he asked me like 8 hours before it started, so i went with him. He bought me a bunch of booze and beer, I got drunk then hooked up with one of his brothers in the shower while he slept in our room. Then I went to a different room and hooked up another one of their brothers and woke up and didnt speak to the guy i even went with.. even on an Indiana to Michigan bus ride..