fraternity blues


Townes Van Zandt - Fraternity Blues

monicaspeaceofmind I never associated you with Townes Van Zandt before now but this came up on shuffle and it seems like the sort of thing for you.  This is for you.

Fraternity Blues
Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt- Fraternity Blues

Said kid, we don’t much like the way you walk
And you gonna have to change the way you talk
They said your dress is kind of sludge
And your attitude is mighty grudge
Said you got to learn to bubble
You got to bubble with enthusiasm I started bubble
Most important thing you can’t forget
Is learning the entire greek alphabet
I never did really understand
That that’s gonna make me anymore a man
But I learned it
I can whip through that son-of-a-beta backwards in five seconds
Then they hit me with some pretty bad news
Concerning the payment of monthly dues
I never did know where that money went
I never was sure it was well spent
But I paid it
I’m no troublecauser and besides I figured that’s life
If you want good friends it gonna cost you