🍍 sister-to-sister product review: ONE GREEK! 🍍

There’s a brand new APP launching soon that I think every sorority sister will be interested in! It’s called ONE GREEK and it’s a social APP JUST FOR “SOCIAL” GREEKS! Soon you will be able to enjoy a greeks-only social media platform that will be an awesome way to connect to other greeks nationwide. I had a chance to test a preview of this exclusive greek network and speak with company founder Gavin to learn all about it! This review is an exclusive inside scoop, just for sorority sugar followers!! 


As an undergrad, One Greek owner Gavin was a Tau Kappa Epsilon at the University of Arizona. He has been working on different ideas for an all-greek social media network for many years. After testing several concepts, he and his business partner hit upon the excellent idea of creating an exclusive sorority and fraternity social APP that connects verified NPC and IFC members around the country. Soon this new platform will be your “go to” source for greek photos, information, sharing and communicating, right alongside your Twitter and Instagram. 


The revolutionary idea behind One Greek is to establish a network which is a dedicated place for sorority sisters and fraternity brothers to connect especially with each other. You must be “Invited” to join and be verified as an authentic member of the NPC or IFC. This will keep non-greek critics off the network and gives the members freedom to be themselves without interference. You can connect with other people who live the sorority/fraternity lifestyle and share the same interest in greek activities that you do. The roster of members is democratically organized. Over time the numbers will grow and grow though the unique One Greek referral system. It’s all about connections to join and connections within the APP as well. 

I went through the steps to join and it was super simple. You can be invited to participate by someone who’s already a member, or you can request an invitation through the One Greek website. You will register your first name, last name, organization and chapter. The network is not anonymous. That helps keep the site legit and free of anonymous negativity. When you sign up, you will also provide 3 sorority sister references from your phone contacts and they will receive invitations to join. It’s an easy way for chapters to get involved with One Greek. 

I found the look of the APP to be really attractive, simple and classy. The logo bow tie is the “like” or “voting” mechanism and it’s gender based. Blue for fraternity brothers and pink for sorority sisters. it’s a fun way to see who likes your posts best! I also LOVED the ability to automatically share my One Greek photos on Facebook and Instagram. No more time consuming duplicate posts on each social media. Share your greek photos with interested greeks first on One Greek and they’ll be auto shared on your other sites without extra time and effort. Fantastic!  


You may be wondering how this “invitation only” social media will start in the beginning… One Greek is inviting sorority sugar followers to get involved early and to be part of their inaugural launch! They already have Official Greek Life Reps in place to help verify and invite greeks to come on board. And they have a goal of reaching 1,000 founding members by the time they go live in about two weeks. One Greek should be available in the APP Store on Sept 15th. NOW is the time to PRE-REGISTER, get your name in the system and start inviting your sisters to join. HELP One Greek kick off their new concept with a bang and request an invitation today! You can be a special founding member of the One Greek APP! 


I love the idea of an exclusive greek APP. One Greek is fun, entertaining and specialized. I really like the idea of being on a network that’s dedicated to my specific lifestyle. Other large groups could do the same thing. It’s a niche and that’s just what I like my niche sorority sugar blog. It’s adaptable too, which I also like. If a member disaffiliates, 3 active sisters/brothers can monitor their chapter roster and have the departed former member removed from One Greek. That will ensure the participants online are all verified greeks. I hope you will apply for an invitation and give this new idea a try. It’s totally FREE and you can make it what you want. It will be interesting to see how One Greek develops!! Can’t wait to find out. 


http://www.onegreek.org/ {Go to their website and request to be verified!}




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Fraternitas L.V.X. Occulta is Latin for “Fraternity of the Hidden Light,” and refers to that Hidden Light resident in all Life, the Spirit within. Through application of a Qabalistic Numerological System known as Gematria, “Hidden Light” equates to the phrase, “The Stone which the builders rejected” and refers to the legendary building of King Solomon’s Temple, where the rejected Stone became the Keystone of the Temple, the Temple of God and indwelling place of the Holy Shekinah.

Chi Phi: Allow Trans Men To Be Brothers
The current constitution of Chi Phi limits the eligibility for membership to “males of the age sixteen years and upwards”. The constitution does not reference gender or define “male”. We are trying to change that:

This cause is very important to me. It concerns the fraternity which I was going to join before my bid was retracted because I am transgender. Please, sign this petition to support the efforts of the brothers from my chapter to make Chi Phi an inclusive organization and to help me be with my brothers. Please, SIGN and REBLOG to spread the word.

Trans rights are human rights. It is an act of violence against trans men to ban them from spaces for men.

The current constitution of Chi Phi limits the eligibility for membership to “males of the age sixteen years and upwards”. The constitution does not reference gender or define “male”. We are trying to change that: we want Chi Phi to define “male” as an inclusive concept based on self-identification regardless of the sex they were assigned at birth, rather than having specific genitals as a prerequisite to be considered a man. By doing so we hope to open the door for any male to be eligible to join Chi Phi provided that they meet all other requirements set out by the Fraternity. Being a man is not determined by one’s genitals. Instead, it is a personal concept which can have a variety of forms.

Every individual is assigned a gender at birth based on their external genitalia. A transgender person is someone who does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. In other words, they feel that when the doctor said “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”, the doctor was wrong. Trans individuals may choose to undergo gender reassignment procedures that help them feel more comfortable with their bodies. Regardless of whether they undergo such procedures, it is one’s gender identity that matters and should be respected.

In the Spring of 2015, the Alpha-Chi chapter of Chi Phi at Ohio Wesleyan University extended a bid to a transgender man who was very happy and proud to accept it. The brothers worked with the university and the Chi Phi headquarters to make sure that this is legally possible, under University and Chi Phi by-laws. The university was completely on board with the idea and at first it seemed that the Chi Phi headquarters are too. The new member, who comes from a country which is very hostile towards LGBTQIA+ individuals, felt immensely honored to have had his identity recognized in such a way and to be a part of such an accepting, supportive group of men.

Two weeks before he was to be initiated into the brotherhood, the Chi Phi headquarters contacted the chapter to inform them that this person cannot be initiated – there had apparently been a miscommunication along the line. The bid was retracted and the reasons stated were that the person is not male according to his documents. The initial statement even referred to him as “a female student”. The Chi Phi headquarters referred to the fraternity’s constitution in justifying the retraction of the bid, even though the constitution does not define “male” and does not mention a requirement for one’s legal documents to state that the person is male.

Title IX, passed in 1972, is a fundamental article in American law which aims to ensure the equal access to educational opportunities for all sexes. It states that: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation, in be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” Fraternities are defined as single-sex organizations and are exempt from the Title. This means that fraternities can be inclusive to all genders, regardless of their single-sex status.

Furthermore, a number of fraternities and sororities already have inclusive membership policies. The largest national fraternity in the United States, Sigma Phi Epsilon, recently changed their constitution in order to make it gender-inclusive. Other organizations such as Delta Gamma, Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Alpha Tau, and Tau Kappa Epsilon all have gender-inclusive policies to various degrees, with the list of Fraternities and Sororities with gender-inclusive policies growing as each month passes.