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BTS & GOT7 Reaction: When their S/O giving birth and finding out that she’s having twins

OMG THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE DON A LONG TIME AGO!! I’m sooooo sorry this took so long! IDK why doing this reaction took forever, but I finally manage to do it! Thank you patient Nonnie! I’m sorry if this fully didn’t match your prompt. I was a bit clueless as to what dialogue they should have since I’m pretty sure that most of it would be S/O screaming her head off as a second baby was coming out of her.

Hi! Can I ask for a got7 & bts reaction being with their S/o during labor and meeting their first child although it happens to be twins and they didn’t expected that since doctors have missed it

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game of thrones preferences - what being with Robb Stark would involve

  • Meeting Robb’s direwolf Grey Wind for the first time. At first he would be hesitant, but after recognizing how much Robb cares about you Grey Wind starts to love you and follows you around when he can’t find Robb.
  • Coming to him after he’s been outside in the freezing Northern winter all day, and cuddling to warm him up.
  • Getting approval from Catelyn and Eddard about your relationship, seeing as it is one of love and not an arranged one. Catelyn would be wary at first, but she agrees once she sees Ned is immediaty on board.
  • Having to get used to being called “Lady Stark” and “the Queen in the North,” and Robb chuckling at your confused looks when you forget.
  • Chatting with Robb’s siblings, whether it be talking with Sansa about the new dress designs, discussing with Arya and Jon the advantage of having a longsword as opposed to a blade when fighting, and telling scary stories to Bran and Rickon when they can’t sleep. Robb constantly jokes that his siblings like you far better than him.
  • Helping Robb with his military plans, and him finding no shame in telling everyone that his wife assists his battle endeavors; in fact, he’ll proudly tell people of it regardless of if they’ve asked.
  • Walking into the throne room every morning and smiling at the sight of the Stark direwolf next to your own sigil.
  • After a close victory in a battle where Robb almost lost his life, Robb comes back and kisses you hard, telling you that he loves you and how he needs you to never forget it.
  • Always kissing Robb before he leaves to a distant kingdom. You joke for him not to lay with another woman while he is away, but he firmly insists he would never dream of doing such a thing when he had the most beautiful wife in the world. 
  • Robb encouraging you to do whatever you wanted. If you wanted be a housewife he’d give you the North’s finest dresses and the best handmaidens he could find; if you wanted to be a fighter he would order the greatest smith in the kingdom to make you a sword and armor that fits you perfectly. He never forced you to do anything you didn’t want to do.
  • Having two beautiful children with Robb; fraternal twins with the girl looking just like your husband and the boy looking just like you. Robb insists they take first names from your family, seeing they already have the Stark last name.

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Okay so I have reasoning for why Cheryl acts bitchy. So my friend and I connected it with the Lannister twins on game of thrones. Both twins are known for their hair (Lannister blonde and blossom red) but they're both fraternal twins and the girl is capable of doing what her brother can do, if not more but because they don't have that extra part they get looked over and in both cases their parents tell them they love the son more because they can carry the name

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  • he runs a blog where he posts all of his short stories/prose
  • he somehow always ends up doing kai’s laundry
  • he loves to cook and bake
  • he has nearly two bookcases full of books
  • he’s a bit of a closet sadist
  • it’s very hard to get close to him, but once you do…you’ll probably regret it; he gets extremely possessive
  • since he knows how easily and how hard kai falls into relationships, anyone new that he sees getting close to kai will probably be subject to his mistrust; he’s just tired of watching kai get hurt
  • he’s been known many a time to cockblock and hold kai’s hand/flirt with him to run off fuckboys
  • he has a black belt pls don’t start a fight with him
  • he loves soft colors ( light neutrals, pastels )
  • he reads an embarrassing amount of shoujo manga ( yes he reads junjou and sekai heck off )
  • he has 3 siblings: 1 younger sister and two fraternal twins ( one is a girl and the other is a boy )
  • he keeps a journal
  • he has a habit of sneaking food from the campus cafeteria for kai when he falls into a depressive slump
  • his favorite colors are pastel pink and peach
  • he keeps a planner and often checks kai’s to make sure he’s staying on track with his school work

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What would all the suitor's kids would be like if they had a child with the Princess!? :D

Albert: He and the princess had a son who looked exactly like him sans the glasses. Everyone who saw the child would really never mistake his father for someone else, though they were all in for a surprise the moment the child spoke for he got none of Albert’s personality but took all of the princess’. Nico found it hilarious that a mini Albert was cuddling a fluffy bunny in the garden with an equally fluffy smile on his chubby face. “It was like I was sent into a parallel dimension,” he told an amused princess and a semi-flustered, semi-annoyed Albert later.

Nico: Their first kid was a daughter with curly light pink hair always tied into pigtails. She was an adorable child who loved dolls and playing teatime with them along with her father. She’s also in some sort of a competition with her mother when it comes to getting Nico’s attention, which he thoroughly enjoyed. It was also her habit to give her parents occasional bites ranging from nibbles to chomps whenever she felt being affectionate, something that she got from Nico himself.

Giles: They had a daughter who bore a striking resemblance to Giles, looks and personality-wise. She is pleasantly strict who likes to give orders here and there. She was also a brilliant child who’s enthusiastic in her studies. She loves to spend more time with her mother saying that her father is a workaholic and absolutely boring her. The princess would only laugh at that while Giles would scowl and tell her that it takes one to know one. Playful banter then ensues.

Alyn: It was like seeing a young Alyn who was trying to become nothing like his father. Yes, you read that right. Alyn and the princess had a son who looked like him. His personality was a combination of his parents’ and his uncle, Leo. He was quite adept in the art of swordsmanship and equestrian arts just like his father but his interests lie more in court politics and international relations thereby making him spend more time with his uncle who was his personal tutor on the matter. It was bizarre for the people of the palace, especially for the princess, to witness a mischievous-looking Alyn with glasses on and talking about diplomacy and geopolitics. “Now I know what I would’ve looked if I became a bureaucrat,” Alyn commented one time while he and the princess were watching their son discussing something with Leo at the garden.

Leo: “I always knew I look good in an armour,” Leo said, his eyes trained on his son sparring with the captain of the royal guards, his very own uncle, Alyn. By some hilarious twist of fate, his son wanted to be a knight, a kingsguard*, to be exact. The boy, who resembled him so, showed no interest in politics and being the Heir Apparent to the throne. Though he got the princess’ gentle personality, his son was just like Alyn who was serious most of the time. His son got a part of his mischievousness though when one time he decided to prank Giles which ended him getting punished. “What do you say you start training for the position of queen now, sweetheart?” he asked the little girl who was seated in his lap. She looked like the princess, a bite-size version of her actually, with his crimson eyes. “But don’t find any prince consort, okay? Papa will be your prince.” “Leo!”

Sid: Of course, Sid’s son looks like him as well. The boy took after him as well personality-wise. He was the most mischievous creature in the palace ever since the arrival of Sid. He would always play pranks on the servants, on Giles, and on his own father. Only his mother was spared from them. Of course, the informant-turned-king won’t let ‘his little brat’ get the best of him so he would retaliate with another prank. Not long enough, the whole palace residents have become cautious whenever the two are around. Despite his mischievous side, the boy also has a sweet side in him as often seen when he’s around his mother. He also often competes with his father when it comes to getting the princess’ affection, with him winning almost everytime much to Sid’s frustration.

Robert: The princess and Robert’s offspring was probably the most gentle child the kingdom of Wysteria has ever seen. She was a prim and proper princess with her mother’s beautiful face and her father’s soft smile. She was also a talented painter just like her father and extra protective of her loved ones like her mother. There was also quite a mean streak in her and political savviness which, everyone believes, she inherited from her father.

Louis: His daughter with the princess was actually the most beautiful baby ever born in the kingdom that year. As time went by, they all realised that despite having Louis’ magnificent beauty, she, by all means, took after the princess. She was a sweet kid and an open book that was easy to read. She has also a knack of getting into trouble by sneaking out in the middle of the night just to wander around the palace. And also, much to Louis’ dismay, and to the princess’ amusement, their daughter had suitors all over the world.

Byron: Much to everyone’s surprise, Byron and the princess had fraternal twins – a girl and a boy. The boy resembled Byron while the girl looks a lot like the princess. Personality-wise, it became reverse. While the boy looked really much like his king father, he was a cheerful and lively one. He also loves to read and spend time with his father. The girl, on the other hand, was more reserved and serious. She likes to play chess with her father or Albert and go shopping with her mother. The twins also love to stargaze with their parents. In the end, it became a bit of a problem for Byron and the princess since the two, despite showing potential in the political arena, didn’t really fancy being the next rulers of Stein. Instead, they wanted to be astronomers and be able to explore the known and unknown in the outer space.

Bonus: Having learned what his children would want to do, Byron then suggested to the princess they make another heir which earned him the much expected blush and the less expected, and desired, scolding.

Nico and Will children HCs

•They adopt fraternal twin girls
•They are both daughters of Apollo
•One of them loves to fight, much to her fathers’ dismay
•She’s a natural born fighter
•the other one is a healer, she doesn’t really like fighting
•She is always scared when her sister fights
•she is always the first one to heal her when she gets hurt
•Will teaches her how to heal and Nico teaches her sister how to fight
•When they were little they forced Nico into flower crowns
•When Nico comes home after long trips they are the first ones to greet him
•When Nico has nightmares the twins sing to him when Will isn’t there.
•They are the cutest family pretty much ever

Have a pairing you want me to make children HCs for? Send me an ask!

The Signs As Twins (Fraternal or Identical)














Life Changes

They had a pretty nice wedding actually, Angel was the best man, who at least twice in the span of twenty minutes tried to convince Wes not to marry her, and Wes didn’t listen of course. As much as Angel and Lilah loathed each other it was entertaining watching him try and dance. Wes had also somehow convinced or probably paid Angel to walk her down the aisle To this day she still doesn’t know which it was.

About two years later they were greeted by the arrival of their two fraternal twins, a girl Samantha. Lilah calls her Sam for short solely because she knows it drives Wes up a wall. They also have a boy Lucas who goes by Luke for short. Both the kids take after Wes and Lilah fairly equally in most circumstances.  Sam is a 16 year old version of Lilah in looks and shopping habits. Luke looks a little like Wes and takes after him in curiosity.
They still both work for our respective sides, which has earned their household a few ground rules.  They don’t talk about work, unless it’s in general terms, such as ‘how was your day?’ and the word demon in this house is not taken lightly either.
It took a full year before Lilah finally agreed to let Wes bring the kids to the Hyperion, now the twins spend more time there than at home most days. Today was no different, Sam and Luke walked into the Hyperion lobby. Luke hopped up onto the reception desk and Sam leaned against the desk next to him.  “Dad, Aunt Cordy, Aunt Fred anyone here?” Luke called out to the empty lobby.

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