fratboy niall fanfic

Fratboy!Niall oneshot (smut)

- yea, took me MONTHS, im aware
- 3.5k
- written from Y/N’s pov
- can’t find a title. sue me.
- SMUT. just in case you didnt see.
- i don’t find this that bad but i prefer to warn ppl, name calling, dirty talking, blablabla.
- i didnt proofread. i never proofread. i hate to proofread.
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I Carry Your Heart With Me (I Carry it in My Heart)
By Organization for Transformative Works

“This is the part where you say thank you because we’re going to get you a much needed boyfriend to go along with your essay, you can have study dates in coffee shops and make out under the bleachers at football games, it will be adorable and disgusting.” Louis says, nodding to punctuate his sentence.

“I’m not going to say thank you.” Zayn deadpans, “And you can’t get me a boyfriend in three days, that’s impossible.”

“Romeo and Juliet did it.” Liam says.

Zayn snaps his head around to look at him, “They all died at the end Liam!” He cries and Liam flushes,

“At least there was romance?”

“Oh my god.”

Written By:  sunnybun

oneshot + university/au + fluff

Note: If that summary conversation couldn’t convince you of all the hilarity, the switch of Niall being an english major and Zayn being a frat is a good change of pace. Them both being intelligent woke people is what I am always here for.

Not to mention Zayn being all flustered due to endless blond flirtation is the epitome of adorable.

:: i really like you,  what if

- Kendra